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Linda Hogan Parties With Manboy

6/1/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an effort to make the Hogan family look even worse, Linda Hogan took her 19-year-old Nick-a-like boytoy to the opening of Palms Place last night!

Llinda Hogan: Click to view pics!Charlie told us they are just friends -- because friends are typically all over each other at the Palms.

Of course classy Linda made sure Charlie-poo had a drink.


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The last thing a mother should be doing when her son is in jail for several months is dancing! It's not like he went to jail forever and she has to get on with her life. Imagine how Nick would feel if he saw these pics- he (a minor still!) was suffering in jail and his mom was out dancing! Not to mention John's poor parents. But then again, having empathy for anyone else is foreign in the Hogan family. How enbarrassing.

2301 days ago


There is nothing worse than an old has been lady still trying to be young and sexy.She looks like she has a beer gut,thats disgusting.For all the ladies saying go girl,blah,blah,i hopeyou feel the same way whenyour husband leaves you for a much hotter,younger lady. And another thing,what kind of women goes clubbing when your family is going through probably the worse crisis of their lives,a piece of gold digging trash.Linda go make your own money,quit spending hulk's.

2301 days ago

Media whores    

That is one dried up sleazy old bag of silicone!
She HAS to be padding his pockets! No way would a guy that young go for somebody his GRANDMOTHERS age!

2301 days ago


It's so sad and pathetic with this family. They are so addicted to "fame" and money they have lost touch with what a family is. Life, to them, is a reality show for money. Hulk used to be a "hero" to some people. He was always fighting for "good". Now he is a pathetic loser caught up in greed. They have raised their children to believe the same. $$$$$$$ at whatever or at anyone else's cost. It's a desperation cause for them. And it's very sad. I really hope that NO network will do another reality show on the Hogan family or any of it's members. But, we all know, $$$$ talks and they all just want ratings.

2301 days ago


How are there all these women posting on here,its Sunday why aren't you in the kitchen making a big dinner??The laundry is probably piling up too,get off your computers,and go serve your man,wenches.

2301 days ago


They're not messing around with people who look like their kids. That guy looks and sounds like the young Terry Bollea. They like blondes you dumb asses. Terry's gf looks like a young Linda. They are older version's of eachother's type. I think its sick because of their ages. That kid is young enough to be her son and its disgusting that a mom would mess around with a kid. Not to mention that its disgusting that he's messing around with an almost 50 yr old woman. For terry, its kinda normal now for older men to date younger women and his girl is in her 20s. For a mom is just disgraceful. Women are supposed to have that maternal instinct that tells them they wouldn't want their son messing around with a woman old enough to be a grandmother. Hey, wasn't everyone against Brooke's older "boyfriend" on the show?? Wierdos.

2301 days ago

Macho Man    

Oh Yeah! Uhh, Linda, you're looking a little thick around the middle. That's not a baby bump is it?

2301 days ago


He is sooo gay. Look at him. He is obviously just a ploy to get under Hulk's skin. Look at his hair. It looks like Steven Cojocaru's hair. We all know he is gay. Not that being gay is bad, but I dont think there is anything other than friendship here, if you want to call it that. Yeah, he is probably using her to get into the spotlight, but she is using him too to flaunt her boy toy in Hulks face just like he flaunted his girl toy.

2301 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

"78. How are there all these women posting on here,its Sunday why aren't you in the kitchen making a big dinner??The laundry is probably piling up too,get off your computers,and go serve your man,wenches."

I guess your minimum wage salary precludes eating out on the weekends or hiring help to do laundry and other household chores?

Maybe it's finally time for you to work on that GED so you can earn a few bucks more and at least move out of Mommy's basement?

Just a thought!

2301 days ago

Ya Think    

These people just sicken me. Linda's boyfriend looks like a younger version of Terry -- he even wears his hair the same way Terry did at that age. And Linda's spent so much time laying on her back that her ass is all flattened out. WTF? They're so self-absorbed it's just beyond belief. Linda probably went home and took it in the a$s in honor of Nicky the convict. DOH!

2301 days ago


Most women are whores.Hey # 81,actually i eat at some great restaurants,some of which you probably couldn't even pronounce.Men rule the world,thats why your girl hilary is about to drop out of the race.We don't need a whiny,weak women(who lets they're husband cheat on them numerous times) to run our country.

2301 days ago


I'm sick of these fake, insincere, heartless, selfish people. I want the whole Hogan clan to disappear

2301 days ago



2301 days ago


I see your "grieving" is taking a toll on you Linda. You must be right, John's mother certainly isn't grieving as much as you. Class act

2301 days ago


Linda is dating a much younger version of Hulk.

Hulk is dating a much younger version of Linda.

Doesn't look like their dating their kids' lookalikes at all. Looks like they're trying to relive their youth. They're each obviously still attracted to the same type as they were 20 years ago, and both Linda and Hulk look like they're trying to "prove" to their exes and to the world that they "still got it" and can still get the so-called hot type that they were attracted to and got years ago. As if anyone really cares!

Grow up, Linda.

Grow up, Terry.

Learn what REALLY matters in life, embrace it, then try to teach it to you adult kids.

In the end, how much money you have in your bank account, how white your hair is bleached, how blown up your body parts are with silicone, how botoxed your forehead is, how lifted your face is, which young person you're trying to bag next won't matter one bit. You'll realize this one day, hopefully before it's too late.

I hope you all get some kind of an inner spirituality, self-awareness, and humility to allow you to make the world a better place, not contribute to its downward spiral of unaware, self-absorbed, oblivious, narcissistic idiots that you obviously are now.


2301 days ago
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