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Massive Fire at Universal Studios!

6/1/2008 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A huge fire has erupted at a sound stage at Universal Studios in Burbank.

UPDATE 9:14 AM PT: Hot time in the old town tonight! The MTV Movie Awards are set to go off today at Universal. An MTV rep tells us, despite the fire, "The areas we are utilizing for our production were unaffected and the 2008 MTV Movie Awards will go on as planned. We're working closely with authorities to make sure everything operates smoothly."

UPDATE: 7:04 AM PT: Captain Brown from LAFD has just said the fire is contained to four or five buildings on the back lot and that there are no injuries as of yet. There have been explosions during the fire due to propane tanks. They are trying to keep the fire from spreading to the outlying brush, and water supplies are low.

UPDATE 6:52 AM PT: The fire has gotten worse! A TMZ reporter says the fire just got a lot bigger, despite firefighters efforts.

UPDATE 6:26 AM PT: A TMZ reporter on the scene says the fire is being contained, as firefighters and helicopters continue to attack the blaze.

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UPDATE: TMZ spoke with LA City Fire Department, who told us that although the fire is under LA County jurisdiction, they have sent roughly 40 companies to try and contain the blaze. The fire started around 4:45 AM PT on the New York sound stage, and is continuing to spread. There are no reports of injuries.

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VERY SAD. TO ANSWER #12''s QUESTION "Will they be closed for awhile?"
No dear, go there about noon today and have fun. Of course there will be ashes floating around, firemen working and some smoke....but have fun!
# 27 = Do you know what a VAULT is??? A steel re-inforced concrete area. They keep film there because it is safe from FIRE!!!

2305 days ago



2305 days ago


Oh darn. I'd hate to think of all the "quality work" these people do going up in flames. Maybe now they can go out, get a real job, and do something productive for a change. Hopefully no firefighter gets hurt trying to save this trash....

2305 days ago


That is really sad.. I hope the "Psycho" house and the "Bates Motel" are ok. Just saying..

2305 days ago


Wow, Universal Studios has added a REAL "Backdraft" special effects exibit !! Those Western town sets were old, tired and ancient. Here's hoping that "Wisteria Lane" is intact.

2305 days ago


It look slike it burned through the NY area and at least one big prop house by the water tank. It appears the court house is ok ans studio 747 is ok. I saw reports of the "Cyclone" ride being damage...has anyone ever heard of that ride before? I never have. I believe the King Kong ride is behind the burning prop house, but it would have fire sprinklers. I could not see back there in hte CNN live feed because of the smoke.

2305 days ago


It now appears that the King Kong ride was destroyed :(

2305 days ago


Is this... KARMA? lol

2305 days ago


Here is the best video I was able to find online to make up for the crappy self-made ones I posted earlier. Love the digs on the studio!!!!!!!!! Priceless comments ... luv them!!!!

2305 days ago

Dorky Dori    

this is devestating news!! i was there 2 years ago.. omg it saddens me to hear and see this.. now lets just hope picutures of king kong and the following areas are going to have a pretty price tag.. cuz i gots me some!! well i hope all those rich stuck up people arent okay!!! hey they can afford health care!!! i hate celebs just because they are so stuck up and act like oh they have such hard lives. eh try living in the real world where higher prices affect ur living expensive!!

2305 days ago

Illinois person    

Universal Studios has always been my favorite place to visit when in the LA area. I can't believe the "Back to the Future" set is gone. That was a major attraction on the tram ride. Between TV & movies, there's major history there - as far as entertainment value goes.

2305 days ago


It's a shame that all those memorable items were ruined and that there's a danger of the fire spreading. It's sad when things are lost forever. I know this comment is lame, but screw it, it's all I've got right now.

2305 days ago


Did anyone click to see the fire footage and have to watch ad for Hershey's chocolate bars touting how wonderful they are with graham crackers and marshmallows roasted over a toasty fire?

2304 days ago

Janice R. England    

I was not surprised at yet another Universal Studios fire. Highly explosive and highly flammable gases continue to be generated in several old dumpsites (landfills) located on the lot. The Wisteria Lane neighborhood (Desperate Housewives set) is on top of one of the landfills and the Gibson Amphitheatre is on a portion of another. Until Universal Studios can control landfill gases from migrating, fires and explosions may occur over and over again.

2304 days ago


Oh gee, what a loss. How can we ever go on with our lives without Universal Studios?

2303 days ago
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