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Big Brown Shows Clay Who's Hung Like a Horse

6/2/2008 6:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When it comes to getting chicks pregnant, size really does matter.

Superhorse Big Brown will reportedly make as much as $50 million in stud fees if he wins the Triple Crown. That's as much as $100K per mare.

Not sure how much Jaymes Foster had to pony up for Clayken's swimmers, but we're guessing he didn't command quite as much -- especially for being such a long shot.


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Clay????? Aren't there any good looking guys left in Hollywood? Women are having to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get sperm... God I'd rather be childless than have a baby as ugly as him.

2332 days ago


Okay, Okay, Time to leave the guy alone. He's not the first to do this kind of thing, nor will he be the last. Your wasting space with this kind of junk.

2332 days ago


Feet size don't mean anything. That's a myth.

2332 days ago


I'd rather be pregnant with Clays baby than OLD HAGGARD down in the Pitt faced Brads twins! Clay is a CUTIE!

2332 days ago

love them    

please try and stop comparing him with one of the sexiest man in the world, it's just not right Wait' i think i threw up in my mouth.

2332 days ago


You'all are just jealous of Clay's gorgeous good looks, immense talent--and yes, those size 12 feet. So you feel the need to attack him because you are so sm--excuse me inadequate! Boohoo, maybe you'll grow up to be men someday.

2332 days ago

Melissa Sue Anderson    

Clay has nothing to be ashamed of, he is hung like a horse...sad but true. There are pics on some Clay boards from Aiken on stage, and lets just say he likes to go commando. And he gets very uhm, excited on stage.

2332 days ago


Are there any people out among this bunch that want to make the world a better place? Is your life so spotless, that you can so easily make fun of others? If you want "trash", why aren't you attacking the women beaters, the cheaters, the adulterers, those lying to their families, the robbers (just got robbed a few weeks ago),? There are so many people that hurt people - even ones they don't know. Don't you know that you will be giving account someday? to someone higher than you? Don't you know that your life is not your own? That anyday you might be killed in a car accident, caught in a tornado, earthquake and then you will not be able to apologize for your wrong doings? We are all humans with many imperfections. Are we throwing away our humanity to be like animals? I really want to know. Enlighten me.

2332 days ago


To all the little people of the 'TMZ staff'',

Clay has been highly praised by the incredible, late Merv Griffin. Have you ever been praised by a major celetbrity?

Last night Clay sang for the President and First Lady. Have you ever been invited to such a function?

Tomorrow Clay will be honored for his first role in a major Broadway play. Have you ever been honored for anything?

I thought not.

Maybe that is because you have never done anything with your lives that is honorable.

2332 days ago



2332 days ago

love them    

the people on here, defending hmm...clay are the same people that run down every body else, he is an unwed father, and let's face it, all his fans are old dried up grey haired bitties, that feels sorry for him, he might can sing a little , nothing special, but first and for most you have to endured that ugly mug to get through the singing, without throwing up. and so what if he is hung like a horse you still have to get close to him to find out, what a task that will be, i would still pick the horse .

2332 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

This is a cart before the horse story, isn't it? Go BIG BROWN! we're ready for a Triple Crown Winner!

2332 days ago


My Dad would love to see Big Brown bring home the Triple Crown...

2332 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I don't like Clay and the prissy way he sings and acts. The BEST American Idols are David Cook and Carrie Underwood. They both are college graduates, which shows they have brains and will have long, successful careers. Clay is an ugly twit.

2331 days ago


JJ, no asked you to like Clay Aiken. But, you might trying showing a little respect and good manners. Chances are many people would not like whatever singer you like.

By the way, Clay does have a college degree. Where have you been for the past 5 years?

2331 days ago
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