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Brangy Baby Pics Will Fetch Fortune

6/2/2008 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bidding for the Brangelina twins pics has reached a whopping $15 million -- and will probably go a lot higher.

Our magazine spies tell us only PEOPLE and OK! are left standing in the bidding war. One spy says the pics are so valuable they would "print blank pages" the rest of year to get them.

Can a weekly mag actually recoup all that cash? Probably not, but it doesn't matter. The prestige is what counts.

No deal has been inked yet. Brad's peeps didn't return our calls. A PEOPLE rep says, "We'd love to see the photos in PEOPLE. We wish the family well" OK!'s rep refused to address a dollar figure, but admits they'd be "foolish" not to make a play for the photos.

We're told the $$$$ Brad and Angie get will go to charity.



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Paris H.    

As long as people continue to waste good money on these celebrity "rag" magazines, the magazines will do there best to get the most outrageous pictures of celebrities and their kids. So stop buying these supermarket "rags" and they will disappear and we won't have to be subjected to any more group shots of cellulite, bad cosmetic surgeries, drunk and DUI photographs and just the utter nonsense of these "celebrities" day to day craziness. Money talks, so stop the money flow to these despicable "rags" and they will disappear. Celebrities who sell the pictures of their babies and kids hopefully donate that money to children's causes.

2299 days ago


Just another case of PROSITUTION......The big thing in Hollywood is pimping your newborn babies out!!! HEY SHARON STONE, SUPPOSE THE UNIVERSAL FIRE WAS KARMA!!!!

2299 days ago


10. I'm with Kay. Stop the insanity!! I love babies but holy cow, wouldn't the magazine be better off just donating that money to the charity of its choice so they can claim it on their taxes? Couldn't we end world hunger with that kind of money? WEIRD.

Posted at 3:22PM on Jun 2nd 2008 by WTF???

Yeah.."WTF" 15 million would end world hunger...everyone could have a cracker.

2299 days ago


They better donate it to charity, other wise wouldnt that be whoreing their kids out??? Cant stand these two. Angie really didnt win anything, I have never thought Brad was hot, and these days he cannot compete with all of the great looking guys in Hollywood. Johhny Depp is way more fascinating and hot that that bulbous nosed Pitt!!!

2299 days ago


Who cares who prints the first pictures? We all know how People and OK work, we will be inundated by pictures of these children in every single issue from now until the end of time so what diff does it make if we see them at birth or the next week? They're still gonna look the same. This insanity needs to stop.

2299 days ago


Uhh, 15 mil for a picture of a little pink martian-looking newborn???? I'll show you something really interesting, the mole on my left butt-cheek for only fifty-grand.

2299 days ago


With their lavish lifestyle....they need to reconsider the charitable givings ...better start keeping some of that money. There's no guarantee they'll always make 20 million a movie.

2299 days ago


They donated the mnoney fir Shilos pictures too . They don't need the money like J'lo and her husband apparently did.
Say what you will these two people give lots of money away to charities and helping people. They bother no one. they are not hanging out in bars and showing off their bodies or doing drugs. They are having a family and enjoying those kids.

2299 days ago


Lmao @ brad's face.

this is because of the publics fascination with Angelina Jo. She has SOOOO many people who hate her and love her and both sides spend way too much time researching her past and waiting for the next move she makes with her family. her haters made her even more famous/rich. hahaha they've been trying to do the exact opposite since she started dating brad. 3 years and counting and she's the HBIC on the Celebrity list. #1. oh my stars and garters!15 million + for her wonder twins pix.

2299 days ago


Sandykay, what do you call the millions of their ownmoney they have given to help Katrina victims? DO you do their taxes? NO? Then how do you know they do not give to kids here state side?
Do these kids over seas need it more than ours do here? YES because those kids do not have welfare programs over seas. They don;t have a free ticket to health care or free clothing. I cannot believe people do notknow how other countires are so much poorer than the USA.
The mortality rate is 80 percent higher in these countries than here and it is because they starve to death. The only kids that starve to deasth here are from parents who are NUTS.

2299 days ago

Educate BEFORE you procreate!    

Hey cripe-- If you read the article under the picture, it states "One spy says the pics are so valuable they would "print blank pages" the rest of year to get them. Can a weekly mag actually recoup all that cash? Probably not, but it doesn't matter. The prestige is what counts."

That is why I said WE would pay for them. The magazine "pays" nothing, so despite what they might say they really don't worry about whether the pictures cost 6 million or 15 million... because magazine buyers are the ones that pay in the long run.

(Although, I usually get a fast peek of these "exclusive" types of photos while waiting on the 20 minute line at the supermarket, then promptly return the rag back to the shelf!)

2299 days ago


i don't care what it costs !! one of you outlets PAY THEM NOW !!! don't pretend it's too much and no one cares because you know it's a lie !! i can't wait to see these kids!! me and brad have waited along time for these kids and i can't wait !! they are doing their craft to entertain me and if seeing their lives up close and personal then count me in!! :0)

2299 days ago


Forget the babies, for that kind of money I want to see Brad's weenie and Angie's vadge.

2299 days ago


Did I miss something.....are the babies born?

2299 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

They are worth it. The money goes to charity. George Bush is a moron. Nothing to do with the topic..but just thought I would mention it.

2299 days ago
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