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Brangy Baby Pics Will Fetch Fortune

6/2/2008 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bidding for the Brangelina twins pics has reached a whopping $15 million -- and will probably go a lot higher.

Our magazine spies tell us only PEOPLE and OK! are left standing in the bidding war. One spy says the pics are so valuable they would "print blank pages" the rest of year to get them.

Can a weekly mag actually recoup all that cash? Probably not, but it doesn't matter. The prestige is what counts.

No deal has been inked yet. Brad's peeps didn't return our calls. A PEOPLE rep says, "We'd love to see the photos in PEOPLE. We wish the family well" OK!'s rep refused to address a dollar figure, but admits they'd be "foolish" not to make a play for the photos.

We're told the $$$$ Brad and Angie get will go to charity.



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same same same    

Good Advice... I won't buy. I am gagggggging right now... Let them stay wherever it is they choose to go and birth their brood!!

2300 days ago


To all of you people that are so upset and figure we shouldn't buy Supermarket "Rag" magazines;
have you even thought about the fact that your reading and responding to a computer "rag"
magazine, but apparently that's ok. Good grief if they say it goes to Charity fine, if it didn't go to
charity what are we to say about it. It's all because the mags get bought. If the money goes overseas
fine, if it were to stay in the US that would be great but it's not up to anyone but them and again it's
only because people want to see them and the mags get bought.

2300 days ago


They can sugarcoat this crap all they want, but selling pics of your kids, regardless of whether it goes to charity or not is WRONG. It's disgusting, its tasteless. I wouldn't spend a dime to stare at some moronic celebrities kids.It's stupid....period. WHo cares what their kids look like? Hey look at my super rich kids! Be envious world..whatever. If she were so concerned with the plight of kids, she'd give them a stable home life instead of prancing all over the world like a gypsy, exposing those kids to 24/7 attention. I'm so sick of these two. Please enough with that anorexic and her pathetic boy toy!!

2300 days ago


Just because there's a bidding war doesn't mean the pictures are for sale. There was a bidding war for Halle Berry's baby pictures and she decided not to sell them. I don't know why but I don't feel like Brad and Angelina are going to sell the pictures this time. But no matter what they do they will be attacked for it. They are publicity whores for selling but will be bashed for being selfish if they don't since charities won't get the money.

2300 days ago


This is win/win
Everybody likes to show off pics of their kids, and lots of money will go to some people who need it.

In the case of poor little Suri though, the money went to fund one of Katie's shopping sprees.

What's more important helping to rebuild a devastated city or outrageously expensive baby clothes?

2300 days ago


Heck why not......that kind of money will help a lot of people and it won't be long before those babies are being photographed left and right anyway. It's not that big of a deal and they may as well strike while the iron is hot in terms of getting a good donation for their charity.

2300 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Every time you go on your computer, you leave a "cookie." Each website you visit, you leave a "cookie". Each story you click on, leaves a "cookie". Each comment you make, leaves a "cookie." These "cookies" are what make the internet run! The websites use them to track you and your viewing/purchasing habits. They sell this info to companies and to advertizers. And then, a site, like TMZ, uses your "cookie" information to sell advertising that pays their bills and their salaries. And the magazines buy this information from TMZ and all the other celeb sites. So all you haters and disgusted folks....well, you are upping the price of those pics as you post and evertime you post...whether you buy the magazine or not! I for one, thank you for giving to CHARITY by posting on BRANGELINA stories and fotos! SNAP!!!

2300 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And JLo is seething with jealousy that nobody wanted to see her kids and she only got 6 MILLION for them. And what did she spend her money on???? Brad's charity MAKE IT RIGHT will get ALOT of that money and that is for here in the US for those of you who are so closed minded that you only can think of America. What, so maybe you gave a couple hundred two or three years ago to the Red Cross after Katrina so you have a leg to stand on? Don't think so. I donate my entire weekend every other weekend to a local group and once a month I donate money. They give globally, good for them. I don't have a bone to pick with them because I do what I can in my own neighborhood. If what they do isn't good enough for you, then YOU DO IT!! You don't have to donate millions to give to charity. Find a small organization and give them $10.00 a week. You can find plenty in your very own town if you google for local charities!! SO WHY THE F AREN'T YOU DOING MORE FOR AMERICA???

2300 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And Angelina just went on record over the weekend with a European magazine saying she and Brad were considering opening a Foster Home for children. No, she didn't say where, but they are thinking of doing more for kids other than just the ones they adopt.

2300 days ago


It gets kind of old to see them get ripped on for not doing more for America. The US had the money to help those in need, but they blew it on stupid wars that couldn't be won, and a war on drugs that's been going on for years without any decent results. Not to mention the space program.. "Oooo loook.. its mars.. how uh.. helpful". Brangelina donate their money to the countries that have very little, they don't donate as much to the country that had it all but continued to blow it like a braindead idiot would. They also adopt their kids from countries that have an issue with poverty, the US only has an issue with poverty because it caters to the rich minority.

Some need to get their heads out of their #@$ and actually look up facts before they open their pie hole. As for these two getting married, why should they? 47% of first time marriages end in divorce, 60% of second time marriages end in divorce, and it just goes up from there. They're being decent enough role models without the need of such an archaic tradition.

2300 days ago


For the ignorant people don't know much about tax. First of all, the money they get from the pictures will be considerd as their incomes. This money will be claimed as donation to charities when they file income tax return. The net gain for them is ZERO. So who are the real beneficiaries? Non profit organizations. You get it?

2300 days ago

by me    

The moral of the story is ??????????????

2300 days ago

by me    

What morals are they showing there so called children show me the money and take a picture we are not for free




2300 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I am so, so happy for Brad...finally having the life, woman, and the family he always wanted!!!! And Angie told a european magazine over this past weekend that they will marry IF the kids ask them to...

2300 days ago


People, calm down. The best way for them to avoid the crush of pap's that will hit them after the babies are born is to publish a photo or two as soon as possible. Once that's done, the pap's will still harass them but the big payday of being the first one with a pic will be gone.

2300 days ago
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