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Claby's Sex Unveiled!

6/2/2008 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay AikenWe broke the bizzaro story in the first place -- that Clay Aiken is having a Claby -- and now we know the sex! No, not Clay's, the Claby!

He's having a boy! Multiple TMZ spies say when the kid takes his first bow in August, there will be gonads attached.

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Bad Joke Tellet    

Oh goodie! One more tid-bit of nauseating Clay-info that no one really cares about but the rapidly dwindling pathetically dilusional Claymate crowd. Let's see how they all try in vain to spin this one to convince themselves yet again that their precious Clay is a big bad burly straight man. Nothing even remotely funny about the blind, but ya gotta chuckle at these morons who call themselves Claymates.

2334 days ago


Clay Aiken, today you are a man. Fathering a male heir & punching out the slimy paparazzi. You seriously rock, brother!

2334 days ago


LMFAO... That was funny! Gave me the laugh of the day!

2334 days ago


This is SO sad. Poor baby.

2334 days ago


LOL! TMZ you kill me! You guys are sooooo mean but it's soooooo funny!!

2334 days ago

slimon is a jerk    

GROSS........what woman would actually want to have sex with him....and willingly at that ??????

Umm, ME, in a heartbeat! I think he's very sexy and sensual looking. I don't understand why some people can't see it but oh well, whatever, different strokes....

2334 days ago


TMZ staffers,, please let an adult proofread anything you post on the internet. "gonads attached"? Both males and females have gonads. Male gonads are the testicles, female gonads are the ovaries.

2334 days ago

love them    

ha,ha,ha,ha, tmz are funny, but, what in the world is this world coming to?, really!!! this is not good news people, while i hope things turn out well, and people are entitle to their happiness, it is indeed sad, please don't encourage this kind of behavior, our country has gone down the tube, that's not being manly, that;s being a coward, stand up to what you do and be proud of it, only in clay's case he didn't have to do any thing , where is the man part to be proud of?

2333 days ago


I'm another woman who's not even really a fan of his music but there is something about him that I find extremely intriguing. I have to admit that given the chance I would probably jump his bones because I find sex with unlikely partners to be all kinds of hot. I feel the same way about David Letterman.... old, not really good looking, but funny as hell & uniquely interesting, therefore very sexy to me. I'd love to find out what both Clay & David are like in bed. The contrast to their public images is what would make it steamy for me. And would I carry either of their children? You bet! They're rich, sweet men & would probably be amazing fathers! Not ready to settle down with kids yet, but Clay, David, if you need another child in maybe 5 years or so, call me - I'm also a tall, lean redhead, so our genes would match!

2333 days ago

Helga Voith Ganguly    

What makes all you geniuses think women want big burly men? Oh-that's right. That's the kind of guy who reads this and makes fun of Clay. Well his fans-and there are millions of us, don't care for big dumb burly men. We prefer gentlemen with talent,wit,a sense of humour,patience, kindness, -qualities you wouldn't be caught dead exhibiting. Who would find him attractive? Millions of us. And we're out there married to you and you don't look so good. But that's why you're angry,isn't it?
Yeah. We know. So shut up. You look pretty foolish already.

2332 days ago

i hate trashy reporters    

To Kartloff: you are beyond GAY. If you don't care for what we type here then LEAVE OUR BLOG>Cry me a river tit baby.YOU'RE THE ONE WHO LOOKS FOOLISH HERE,CHEW ON THAT MAMA'S BOY.(I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST GAY PEOPLE MY MOTHER IN LAW IS.)

2330 days ago

Big Bear    

Clay Aiken and Britney Spears look just alike. I'll bet if you put the two side by side it would be nearly impossible to tell them apart. The only difference is Clay still has a music career and Britney's career in music is long over.

2329 days ago


He will raise it so its homosexual no doubt.

2328 days ago
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