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Clay Aiken E-smack-ulates

6/2/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay Aiken showed a flair of masculinity last night as he went after our D.C. photog who wanted some info on the Claby.


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Kitty Angel    

Nice to see ... and if more celebs would just push back when the camera is right in their face, maybe the paps would calm down a little!!!

2303 days ago


Good for you Clay!
Maybe next time TMZ will get the story correct.
TMZ correct...NOT!
Ambush journalism at its worst.

2303 days ago



"Who are you to say who deserves a baby and who doesn't?"

It's not me, it's nature. Man+man or Woman+woman will never result in a baby. I think people like Clay want it all, be gay and have kids. May be nature made them gay for a reason and this reason may be means that nature does not want their genes to persist in the gene pool.

2303 days ago


You go Clay Aiken!

2303 days ago


Good for Clay! To #2.., there's a lot of decent people in this world,that've had their child/children, the same way. There's a lot of single people/straight people out there, that have chosen the same method as Clay and his friend. Wake up!!! It's the yr. 2008!! Doesn't matter if they're gay or not, it's their choice.

2303 days ago


I see TMZ has a new vendetta. Clay has stated he is not gay. He no longer cares what you think of him. I gave birth at last because of artificial insemination and it makes me sick to read some of the comments here. .

I really, really hope that photog needs a dentist this morning.

2303 days ago


Hey Pimp, for your info, this is a man and a woman making a baby! And when did Aiken ever say he was gay?

2303 days ago


Clay doesn't know how to handle any amount of fame and his ego is way too large. I'm against invasion of privacy but the photographer wasn't even being aggressive. Having them stand outside of doors is part of being a celebrity. Would it have been so hard to ignore him? Clay needs to relax a little.

2303 days ago


YOU GO CLAY !! And for all you gullible folks that keep wanting to buy what the media is selling and not what Clay is saying .......He stated TWICE that he is NOT gay and his impending fatherhood is NONE of anyone's business .....I don't blame the dude for being good and PISSED , especially the 'way' TMZ and other media are reporting the story . He and Jaymes are two consenting and loving adults who care about each other ..........because of her age , a child could not be conceived , so they went the "INVETRO" route .........a lot of people do ya know !........but TMZ being the sesspool of info that it is , chose to sensationalize the "ARTIFICAL" aspect and play up the 'gay' thing yet again..................YOU GIVE THEM HELL CLAY !!

2303 days ago


LOL Let's hear it for Clay Aiken!

As is the TMZ way of doing things, something tells me we will be getting TMZ posts every day for the next several months...much like Lohan, Britney, Larry Birkhead, etc. The TMZ is method is pick one person, stalk continuously to come up with something/anything...ooooooooo here he comes out of a restaurant; let's ask something dumb...and never get their questions together (LOL thanks, Ellen DeGeneres...THAT was funny). Then come up with filler from D-listers. I mean, Tori Spelling? Really...who cares about Tori Spelling besides her husband? Tori ad nauseum? Uh, no one cares. How people look now? Ok, swell...but you're doing that more and more because you have precious little. Do you think no one NOTICES the downhill slide?

2303 days ago


Clay is nuts. All the guy did was ask him if he'd picked out a name for his baby. There was no reason for him to go ballistic. DIVA!

2303 days ago


You know your stoires and beliefs are two sided. You say all gays are equal and can do what they want and we shouldn't bother them. Then again why are you bothering Clay, if in fact he were gay? If TMZ bekieves all gays are equal and have the same rights as everyone then leave them alone. Would it be headline news if a heterosexual fathered a kid? Make up your mind which way is right and if it is okay to poke fun at gays then let me know and I will be the first to do so.

2303 days ago


Didn't Rosie O'Donnell out him during that Kelly Ripa incident?

2303 days ago

Boston Kate    

TMZ - you people still suck.

2303 days ago

Beulah Mae    

Bitch'll claw your eyes out!

2303 days ago
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