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'GGW' Lawyers

To Grill Spitzer's Girl

6/2/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned lawyers for "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis have subpoenaed Eliot Spitzer's favorite midnight caller Ashley Dupre to testify under oath and on video about her shady and sordid dealing with a prostitution ring.

Following her spectacular rise to fame as Spitzer's call girl du jour, Dupre filed a $10 million suit against Francis and GGW after the company offered her -- and then rescinded after they discovered video of her in their vaults-- a $1 million deal. She claims "GGW" ruined her reputation.

We hear lawyers for GGW plan to grill Dupre on a litany of topics, hoping to prove that her previous use of fake names, fake IDs and fake web pages will shed light on the alleged shady lady's credibility. GGW's lawyer says after they're done with her, they're confident "any jury will view her claims as frivolous."

For his part, Francis says, "Now that we are calling on her to testify under oath, the world will learn the real truth about Ashley Dupre." Bring it on!

Dupre's New York lawyer Don Buchwald responded to TMZ: "To the extent her testimony is needed, she will of course comply with whatever the rules are in Florida courts."


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TMZ, did you sign an endorsement deal with Joe Francis?

If not, why are you advertising them, complete with logo, for free?

Why have you allied yourselves with this rapist and pornographer?

Why do you allow paid shills to promote Francis on this site and to tear down anyone who tries to hold him responsible for his many crimes? Karma is a bitch and it's coming for you.

2341 days ago


I think all the girls that are on thoughs movies are the clear def of TRASH but this Ashlee Duprie charactor is going overboard. LOL she says "they ruined her rep" COMMON YOU KID! Since when does a prosti ever have a nice rep? She is just a street whore trying to cash in. It's ashame what a woman will do to get her name in the papers. Girls like this don't deserve to live and breath our air. What is 10mill going to do for her anyways she probably has every STD there is and will die within 2 years.

2341 days ago


"She claims "GGW" ruined her reputation."

I'm outraged, outraged, I say. How dare GGW besmirch the reputation of this fine youing women -- this paid whore who violates federal law by traveling across state lines to fu*k in exchange for money? This stellar young lady who fu*ked any stranger who would pay her? This classy individual who was known to do drugs in NY clubs to the point of passing out? Why I was just about to nominate her for a Nobel Prize. Ashley, dear, I say take those GGW scoundrels for all they're worth. How dare they try to ruin YOUR lily white reputation!!! LOL!!!

2341 days ago

Kitty Meow Meow    

We're over her.

2341 days ago


What difference does it make if they put her under oath? Do they think she will tell the truth? Clearly, principles and morals AND ABIDING BY THE LAW FOR THAT MATTER are not a priority for her.

2341 days ago


Hahaha; like she'd tell the truth. She had already PROVED that she's lied before, LOL...

The quote of the week has to be: "She claims "GGW" ruined her reputation.".
Now THAT'S funny!

2341 days ago


She was 17, I hope they throw him in jail again. At least Playboy pays these dopey girls...............

2341 days ago


OCD all I can say is I agree with you, what a bunch of crap and trash!!!!!!!!!!!!

2341 days ago


Why does TMZ always censor our anti-GGW comments?

Every time we submit an appropriate anti-GGW comment, it is censored.

This has happened a dozen times. No anti-GGW comment has ever been posted.

Is TW in business with GGW?


2341 days ago


A whore is a whore anyway you look at it. She can use fake names, fake ID's but in the end she's still the same low life hooker. Even though I don't think much of Mr. Francis, Spritzer knew what she was doing. These young girls all think that showing their ass-ets will get them somewhere in Hollyweird and when it doesn't happen they sue.
She is nothing more than a common street walker so why are you giving her any attention at all?

2341 days ago


You post the censorship comment, but NOT the actual GGW critique!!!!!!!!!!!!

TMZ does this every time.

This site is filtered for corporate agenda

2341 days ago


Mr. Francis, I salute you sir. Keep on getting these nasty drunken slutbags to drop their tops! My only problem is that it's softcore, and softcore can sometimes be a waste of time, ya know?

2341 days ago

jen jen    

the girl is as much a moron as francis. i hate the whole girls gone wild concept. it sucks that there are sooo many skanky drunken broads out there, thanks alot joe francis pulling them out of the woodwork and exploiting them for all to see. even the commercials are obnoxious. uugggg just make it go away!!!

2341 days ago

jen jen    

dear censorship,
tmz seams to attract a very Jerry Springer type crowd. sensable, inteligent comments condeming ggw are not exceptable because they ring true, and might almost, kind of, in a way make tmz appear respectable. and that would not attract the right crowd. im sure at this moment some of you are wondering why i am here. sometimes i wonder that myself...the reason is; I simply want to keep up on a few celebs. and i use many sources to do so. tmz is definately NOT one of number one sources. as for joe francis, well sex does sell but why must he do it at the expence of a girls reputation? does he ever wonder what children are thinking when his commercials come on tv?

2341 days ago


Actually, I think these two make a good couple. I predict them getting pass all of this and enjoying life together.

2340 days ago
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