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Grazianos to Nick -- Stay in the Slammer!

6/2/2008 4:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan has taken as much hot dog as he can stand -- baby wants to go home until he becomes a man!

His lawyer just filed a motion for Nick to be put on house arrest, but George Tragos, the lawyer for the family of Nick's victim, tells TMZ exclusively that they will oppose any such motion "with every fiber of their being."

Nick wants to get out and be with mommy until he's 18 -- which will be July 27.


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Wah Wah Wah....Poor little Nicky cant handle being in a cell with no window and hes afraid of the dark. He cant go to the beach with his mommy and get into the Escalade and go places with her. Well what about John you little bitch? He cant do any of those things anymore thanks to you Nick!

The Hogan's are just pure trash and hearing those tapes on Nancy Grace had my blood boiling. Trying to make money off this is just disgusting and evil. I hope they rot in Hell.

2231 days ago


Nick is a pure b****! You made your so-called best friend a half brain retard and you just got a slap on your wrist.( 8months) Nick your sissy a** should of gotten attmepted murder charges. After I listened to the calls I have no respect for Hulk or his Slutty wife or ex-wife whatever she is with her fake ta ta's dried up looking MIWLF .........Well maybe on a drunk night.

2231 days ago


Hey Grazianos - there are plenty of us who will be willing to sign a petition to back you up.

TMZ - you ought to start a petition for them.

2231 days ago

darkwing duck    

Nick you will get out when John walk and grow the part of the brain that missing.

2231 days ago

Susie Q    

Florida continues to be the illiterate inbred cousin of the United States.

2231 days ago


House Arrest? He didnt steal candy bars from a Circle K.....!! This kid needs to serve his time, without special treatment. If he was an "ordinary kid" he would be without question....but because there is money involved, he has the chance to go back home with mommy and resume his spoiled kid brats' lifestyle. The only thing that will be learned here is money will get you out of almost anything. The other guy involved will never be able to enjoy his life again in the same way,
Hulk and Linda need to stop parading before the cameras and pay attention to thier children.

2231 days ago

i hate trashy reporters    

Swallow the key?? Loved that comment on the front page comment. This kid just doesn't get it does he? Good god. If I was a Graziono and was in court I would have a hell of a time not reaching over and punching him right in the C**** sucking mouth. He's a murderer/ Rot in HELL You BAS****

2231 days ago


Nick's a worthless and useless human being......while John, a a vegetable

nice going Nick....NOT!

ps......Nick your sister can't sing ....your Mother..well we all know about her.

2231 days ago


Nicky boy is her favorite flavor of incestual sex, but she found a look a like and has already forgotten about your baby penis!

2231 days ago


You can't fix stupid...

2231 days ago

darkwing duck    


is this your drinking buddy

Michael Brendli, 25, better known to wrestling fans as Mikey of the Spirit Squad, was arrested on DUI charges late last night in Tampa, Florida

2231 days ago

lets hang her    

3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Nick almost kills someone and HE wants to go home? This poor young man that is going to be hurting for the rest of his life and not able to live life to it's fullest, what about HIM Nick! You should have thought about that BEFORE you almost killed him!!!!!!!!!!!! you got off WAY to easy. I think the judge should have been awake during the trial

to #3. that poor young man shouldnt have gotten into the car in the first place.
do you think he would want Nick to be in jail? nick should be punished of course.... however, is he a murderer, rapist, or felon? he's a kid (of a famous person) who made an awful mistake. I dont feel bad for him, however, every single person's comments how he's deserves jail are spiteful and without merrit..... If he wasnt a Hogan, would this be news?

2231 days ago


Nick doesn't get it that he is lucky to be in jail and removed from the cartoon freakshow of a family that hasn't given him a worthy moral foundation of a decent life. He has had more structure in his life in ths short time he has been in jail than he was given by the adults in his life.

2231 days ago


Hey raztaz - you must be the Hulk Himself. Only someone with his IQ would think Nick is not a harm to society. He already tragically injured someone he called friend. Imagine what he'll do next.

2231 days ago


This makes me absolutely sick. I think we ALL need to call, e-mail, whatever we need to do, and let the judge know exactly how we the public feel about him even giving any of this nonsense any thought. Let your voice be heard !!!!!

2231 days ago
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