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Mixon Bros. Not Big Enough for Club!

6/2/2008 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One played the fat kid in "Old School" and the other played the fat kid in "The Nutty Professor" -- but last night, both Jerod and Jamal Mixon played the fat kid who got rejected at Mood.


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Why would they want anyone that obese in their club?
It's not a good image, And they suck up all the air.

Sorry it's not PC of me, but obese people are not
fun nightclub people.

2332 days ago


just trying to stop the
white-on-white violence;

2332 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    


2332 days ago


I used to work at the CVS/Pharmacy in Carson, CA and these two knuckleheads and their equally obese Mom (who's in a motorized wheelchair BTW) used to come into the store at least once a week and flash their "bling" and remind everyone they were the fat kids from "Nutty Professor." Sometimes the Mom would come in by herself and she would need me to follow her around the store and grab all the items she needed (the feminine hygiene aisle was always great fun for me because I'm a guy. "No sugar, not the vinegar douche, the summer breeze scented one!") and then I'd have to carry her bags to the handicap van that was waiting outside to take her back home. Ugh, I seriously hated that job and that woman...her two sons were the worst though! They were so F'ing rude and arrogant, F'ing losers!

2332 days ago

VAN HALEN 5150    

i bet there are some places they can't reach with a wash cloth..

2332 days ago


I would have thought they would have gotten gastric bypass by now. I was expecting them to be a lot smaller the next time I saw them and instead they are bigger. That's very sad, because you know they are not going to live long healthy lives. At their current weight I don't imagine either one of them will make 40.

2332 days ago

He's Boring now    

Gee J-Dub I thought you would have told a story about them all coming in for their Type 2 Diabetes supplies and medications. Being that big isnt a laughing matter, even if the Nutty Professor was supposed to be funny.

When will some people finally understand, being obese, eating fried foods, not exercising, still smoking and around stress will kill you early.

God Help them all

2332 days ago

Pretty Ricky    

I heard they went to the KFC around the corner and ate every piece of chicken in the joint. They are way to obese.

2331 days ago


It's not nice to talk about people like that and I think it's messed up they didn't get in the club.
Big people don't want to be discriminated against because of their size, as well as skin in bones don't want to be discriminated or ANYONE for that matter. Although, it doesn't surprise me in SKINNY A$$ Hollywood.

2331 days ago

Color of Justice    

Yet another black celebrity that is on film being denied club entry by a bouncer. I have more important things to worry about, but that sh** is starting to get ridiculous. TMZ should start a log of every celebrity that gets denied at the clubs and I'll bet the majority of them are black.

2331 days ago

baby girl    

let me just say that i was at a party wit the mixon brothers at a club that is crakin way better then club mood and they are cool people they are not stuck up they took a pic wit me and all of my homegirls keep it crakin

2330 days ago


i understand that obese people are living very unhealthy lives. i understand that no one should live that way and no one should be living with obesity. i'm not talking down on people with obesity problems because that's just plain cruel, like, why would anyone wanna do that? But yes it may be unhealthy to live that way. but seriously people. Stop with the fat jokes. i don't imagine it would feel so good if someone bagged on you about your weight. Just sayin'.

1037 days ago

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