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Sloppy Dick Yanked from House Party

6/2/2008 6:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just when you thought Andy Dick couldn't do anything to make you think he's a bigger douchebag -- he did this.

The walking rehab patient Andy Dick hit up a Hollywood house party yesterday and got so wasted he threw a beer bottle at a guy and then had to get carried out to a car and thrown in the front seat.


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He got lucky the party wasnt a few miles east or else the homies would beat him down good, like most of use know he deserves.

2336 days ago


Look at his face during the entire thing, he is completely apathetic. When this guy is drunk he is a danger to himself and the people around him - as displayed by the hurled beer bottle. He is lucky no one was more seriously hurt. Dude needs to be in rehab or jail. And what IS up with all the queer looking frat boys? I wonder if Andy got shot down and that was why he was pissed :)

2335 days ago


This isn't funny. This grown man, as you say, is a serious addict. He is going to kill himself or someone else if he doesn't get help. His behavior is a cry for help, he's obviously lost and has no one around him that cares. He may be in Hollywood but he's no different than an addict laying on a city street. TMZ should be asking someone to help, not make fun of him. He's sick.

2335 days ago

Dawn Day    

Talk about drunk and disorderly!!

A loser is as a loser does.

2335 days ago


This is so, so sad, especially all of those pathetic partygoers who are laughing at him. Thank God a few carried him out and got him into a car that, hopefully, was taking him home. I pity those critics on this board who can not muster an ounce of compasion for this completely messed up guy. Addiction isn't a joke and although he made the bed he lies in, it doesn't make his situation any less sad. I hope he gets some help (and anyone else who is in this situation).

2335 days ago


It also makes me think that LA is a truly poisonous atmosphere for most ex-celebs. Move away from constant reminders that ones is no longer as famous as one used to would drive almost anyone to drink.

2335 days ago


yes, I would just like to thank the guys at the party who seemed to use restraint and did not retaliate. Also, thank you for humanely taking him out to the car. Your mothers did well by you. xo susan

2335 days ago


stories like this make me sick. i am so tired of the cleb shows and magazines pointing out these poor souls misfourtanes. these people have problems and most also have internal demons that they wrestle with daily. unless you can honestly say you have or can walk a mile in his shoes then dont judge him. as a wife of a recovering acolohic i have seen just how bad this disease can get and the fact that andy has been in and out of rehab so many times only means he dosnt have a grip yet on his addiction and the sad thing is he may never have it either. find something better to report or hey heres an idea get a real job and leave the celebrties alone they are people to.

2335 days ago

Me myself and I    

Sheesh......even the guy giving his butt a ride home gets splashed with water. At least they put a sealt belt on him.
Yeah.....I would agree with the other posters that he is a bit too old to be partying with college kids.
Must not be doing any work right now or he's just desperate to drink.
He must be Z-lister to be treated like crap by college boys.

2335 days ago

Shane in TV    

You guys are probably being set up by one of those reality shows that tries to fake out the Paps. When they are putting him in the car you can see him crack a smile on his face. You also cannot hear enough audio to hear his speech. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys were set up....again. Anybody can fake doing what he did. The fact that the guys didn't beat his ass should be the first clue dummies.

2335 days ago


Poor Andy. Those guys at the party are retards. I wish them all the same treatment someday when they most need it.

2335 days ago


How more set up could this possibly be??

2335 days ago

jojo lewis    

andy is a real funny bastard this is real life action that has the whole world laffin loud! id party with the man anytime! we all have had drunk days or party years!! andy rules!!

2335 days ago


There but for the grace of God go I. I am so sad to think no one loved /liked him enough to tell the people laughing to shut up. Addiction is HELL!!!

2335 days ago


this was mentioned on the HOWARD STERN SHOW, disturbing video...

2335 days ago
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