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Tony Romo Goes for Seconds

6/2/2008 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson have overcome their daddy issues -- as in Joe Simpson -- and are back at it again full-time.

The pair hit up the grand opening of the Palms Place Condo Hotel in Las Vegas this weekend, then landed in San Diego yesterday.

That loud crash you heard was every Cowboys fan smacking their heads on their desk.


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Im just sayin'...    

does he play football or basketball??? Sheesh! He is TALL!!!

Nice farmer's tan

2332 days ago

UH HUH    

GOOD LORD!!!! HOW tall is he?!!??

2332 days ago


I like them together. She's pretty, he's handsome. They make a nice couple. I wish them every happiness.

2332 days ago


LOL! Why are some of you so shocked by his height? First of all Jessica is NOT tall at all, so he looks huge next to her. Check on his profile stats and you'll see he's around 6'2". So he's tall, but not like HUGELY tall, you know. 6'4 and 6'5 are mostly what you would consider a really big guy.

2332 days ago

brazen weep    

Jesus, he's huge compared to her. His peepee is probably bigger than one of her arms. Can you imagine the damage he does to her? Man.

2332 days ago


I think Paris Hilton is better looking than Jessica Simpson any day and you don't have to put up with the stupidy or Joe either!!!!!!!!!!

2332 days ago


Fans here in the D/FW metroplex were very high on Tony Romo and what we felt was his strong future here in Dallas as our quarterback. In fact, most felt he was the best we've had since Aikman retired! Now all we feel is a big letdown because if he isn't smart enough to stay away from airheads like Jessica Simpson, we can't have much faith in his common sense! Romo, dump the dumb blonde before your fans DUMP YOU!

2332 days ago

white woman    

That look on her face epitomizes just how dumb she really is. Her "success" with her acting/singing/business ventures proves it even more.

2332 days ago


Let these two alone. Enough is enough of the crap. This couple is makinf it very obvious they want to be together. While it was fun for the haters for a while it has now becaome obsessive in nature & that goes for all these frggin tabloids. It's there life. Let them live it. you want a happy QB for next season then leave the guy alone. What one man finds in a woman another may not find it's life being a human. Jess is a great girl for Tony. Both are goofy as hell. They both love there familes & as the poster above said you hear of Jess in the tabloids but it is never anything like the Britneys, Lohans or Paris's. Give the girl a break. For those of you living in the past as in Newly Weds that is ancient history. Nick was never perfect as so many seem to think. Another note most people mature & move forward in there lives something Jess is doing & doing quite well actually. Let her move forward with her life. Your not doing Nick any favours or Jessica or Tony or Vanessa by holding them back from the relationships they want to be in just because you want to see Newly weds again. Get a friggin grip. TMZ it s about time you laid off this too. If it works for them it works. Your not living with either of them.

2332 days ago


# 20!!! Some lady talking like that!! LOL What pedestal did you put yourself on anyway. The more you beat your QB the more you take responsabilty for his fall. Give it a rest & let the man live. It's his choice. You don't have to live with either of them but what you do want is a happy QB so deal with it.

It's not looking like Jess is going anywhere if she is moving to Dallas so many of you may want to leave before she gets there. God forbid you may have to walk past her on the street. Oh my word how tragic.

Get a life people & move on

2332 days ago


Paris Hilton also uses Valtrex. So if u want someone who needs the valtrex dosage everyday then thats fine. If u want someone who doesn't have any problems with her vaj, everything's all clean down there, then Jess is the girl for u. Paris Hilton is no competition to Jessica.

2332 days ago


You people are haters. Jessica Simpson isn't bad. I highly doubt she will lead to the demise of his playing skills. She is cute, funny in an airheaded way, she's not a whore, and I think if he's a good guy he will be able to appreciate her. TX Lady, how would u like it if u met a guy u really liked and so many people talked sh!+ until he had to leave u due to the pressure? To the douchebags who say shes a dumb blonde, leave her alone, shes a cute girl and most likely you guys are fat beer guzzling, bar hopping, idiot meat heads like the majority of football fanatics. U fools would never be able to have someone like her and if ur a lady, u'll never be able to be like her. Red Necks.

2332 days ago

how dumb    

I wonder how humiliated she is... and how long this relationship could possibly last... knowing that she practically had to BEG for him to get back with her again.. how publicly humiliating. I'm not normally for having to explain yourself in the media, but if it wasn't true, she should really make a statement and save a little face. She just looks pathetic.. (if this was all true)

2332 days ago



2332 days ago


leave this couple alone already. they totally like each other so let them be. jessica's a great girl!

2332 days ago
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