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Kirstie Alley's

Diabolical Diet

6/3/2008 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Fat Actress" star Kirstie Alley clearly hasn't seen Jenny lately, but there could be a Machiavellian reason.

After losing over 75 Scientolopounds on Jenny Craig, Kirstie said she was planning to start her very own slim down system that she'd launch next year. But these days it's clear ... Kirstie isn't taking her own medicine.

But how's this for a theory -- she can't sell a weight loss program if there's no dramatic before and after fresh in people's minds. So she balloons up, then slims down, and then sells tons (you'll pardon the expression) of her magic weight loss stuff.



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victor juan    

look at those canckles!!! she has congestive heart failure

2295 days ago

That is NASTY    


2295 days ago


She'll have gastric bypass so she won't be able to eat much anymore. (Plus, she's already admitted that she loves food and hates to exercise, so she'll need something to jump-start a serious weight-loss regimen.) She'll lose a TON of weight (no pun intended) and will be hyping her diet the entire time. People will believe it and buy into it, even though they will lack the "active ingredient" - the surgery. She'll look great - very similar to what she used to look like in the '80s - and we'll hear about it ad nauseam, ad infinitum. Whether she keeps the weight off, I don't know - some people who have the surgery gain some/most of the weight back and, depending on which surgery they have, stretch the new "pouch" to a size that's comparable to the old one. If she's thin - "Cheers" thin (or maybe even "Star Trek" thin) - by next spring, I'm confident it'll be as a result of gastric bypass.

2295 days ago


If the way her lower legs look is accurate, I'd say she might have some kind of circulatory problem. Even for someone heavy that doesn't seem right.

2295 days ago

Sir Patty    

Oh, yeah, lose the weight, gain it back...lose it again, gain it back, yeah. Um, didn't some other dude do that and is now VERY DEAD? Luther somebody...

2294 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

I dun no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this looks like a very old picture to me, before Jenny Craig. You pulling our leg, TMZ?

2294 days ago

jane doe    

She is a great Actress who can afford to eat anything she wants. And old enough to do what She wants. But, If could afford a Chef and a Trainer I would go that route asap!! "risky" is right about the circulation problem.

2294 days ago


Yes, Here we go again....the Jenny Craig diet does work to lose weight; problem is after the "DIET" you have to make lifestyle changes. Many people spend big bucks on these quick fix solutions only to regain the weight plus usually more!
The newest big buck thing is now Bariactric Surgery...By the way its free for those of you on Wefare; free for you not the working tax payer. Same problem is still here; the weight should come off but, lifestyle changes MUST be taken! Under educated people don't seem to get it go ahead with the surgery only to fail in the end.....weight not lost, infections (sometimes death) There's no quick fix that works! Even those who make the changes needed will struggle their whole lives trying to stay on tract!

2293 days ago


Kirsty, I've been a fan for years. Keep trying, sweetie! Keeping weight off is the hardest thing to do in the world. And TMZ is no better than the Enquirer or any of those other trash rags out there. The saddest thing is, the guy who owns it USED to be a pretty good lawyer. I guess he makes more money trashing people than defending them. How sad you have become....

2292 days ago



2291 days ago

Big Bear    

Did anyone else see the calves on that fat pig?? How could she do that to herself?? When she was thin she was a hot number!!!! She looked great after she recently lost weight and was getting her body in good shape. The poor lady has lost the weight battle and needs some kind of help. Kirstie should not eat Ben & Jerrys ice cream by the 5 gallon bucket!!!!

2291 days ago


She is beautiful, successful, talented, and raising children by herself. Fat? In the end does that even matter?

2287 days ago


She s a mess with a big bad ass mouth..I NEVER liked her and she s a pig always will be..She does not love herself or something weird or does not give a rip..I hope she disapears

2287 days ago

BOEING 787    

I think Kirstie gained more than the 75 pounds that she lost, I mean look at those ankles,
the fat face, the big old gaping mouth. She is to lazy to start her own slim down program,
cuz she she is busy eating like the slob that she is. Being fat is not a way to live and that
ain't self respect, let's start of with a shower and a change of pants, then get back to Jenny

2285 days ago


Methings that the little alien lifeform inhabiting Kristie is a hungry one,...maybe even vaprozid aliens can have eating disorders,...I'll bet when you look at her e-meter ( B.S. device that scientolo-whacks say measures the negative alien energy) it reads "Please Add Butter".

2285 days ago
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