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"Real" Kid Real Busted

6/3/2008 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Waring, the wayward and oft-troubled son of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Lauri Waring, was busted late Sunday night for possession of heroin and ecstasy and intent to sell.
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Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Waring was hanging out in front of a Comfort Inn in Laguna Beach when he was approached by police cruiser and took off running.

When cops caught up with him, they say he was high as a kite. Cops executed a search warrant at the hotel, and allegedly found a large amount of drugs in his room.

He's currently cooling his heels in the Orange County jail, charged with two felony counts of possession and intent to sell both heroin and ecstasy, a misdemeanor count of unauthorized possession of a hypodermic needle and being under the influence of heroin -- also a misdemeanor.


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Maybe if his mom would give him some of her time he would not be in this position. This is ALL his mom's fault. I watch her on the show and she makes me sick.

2333 days ago


Money doesn't buy happiness or class.

2333 days ago


Get a clue zsazsa,,,,,,,,he was abandoned by his father waaaay before George was ever in the picture

2333 days ago


Lauri is a poor excuse for a mother. Anyone who sticks up for her is jacked up. That woman was too busy to care about ANY of her kids -- since they were born. She used them for child support and that is as much as she cared. All she ever wanted was to find a VERY rich man and never have to work again,.

This is HER fault. She should have been raising her kids instead of dumping him off at a boarding school when he was 12 years old. He was in distress and had problems - they are probably genetic from someone peeing in Lauri;s gene pool (that lady looks like a monster with a horse face, so that doesn't seem out of the realm).

go get your son, Lauri! Help him out! You didn't help him out when he was younger and now he will either end up DEAD or in jail for a long time. Step up to the plate FINALLY!

If George doesn't want to get involved, then drop him like a bad habit. No amount of money or man is worth your child! NOTHING is worth giving up on your child.

If you would have tended to him when he was at an age where he could have gotten help 12-14 years old -- he might not have gone down this path.

Time to make up for lost time and lost PARENTING!! Get to it.. Chop Chop! You can afford the 30k bail!

2332 days ago

Karen Debarre    

Go to court Phil. Grab Sophia and run far away. Get her away from this hideous, f'd up family that is George and Lauri!! Gina, appeal and get those kids out of the stink hole that is the Waring/Peterson house! My thoughts and prayers are with you both...and may george and lauri burn in hell...together as a fairytale of course!

2332 days ago

Real OC Wife.    

Dear Sophia aka laurie, quit trying to blame this on Johuas dad, we all know who you are and what you have done to get where you are today. When you look in the mirror I know that you see the wretched, tortured sadness that you have become. Think of all the pain you have caused Joshua just to get beck at his father. Was it worth it? Are you happy with your money now? When Josh dies from his drug problem what will you spin on that story be? Wont it be great for the ratings? I imagine you in a black vera wang throwing yourself on your dead sons coffin screaming " why me! why me! what have I done to deseve this" meanwhile he is looking down on you from above asking what did he do to deserve this and to desreve you as his mother.Shame on you Laurie Johnson Zarlin Waring Peterson, shame on you!!

2332 days ago

m dennings    

Isn't he from Mormon stock? You know, the cult that looks the other way when their kids are in trouble. Too much pressure to be perfect and no help offered to them to deal with their issues and ridiculous church guilt trips?

This is a real shame to see.

2332 days ago

The Fuzz    

Conga-Dancer is that you?

2332 days ago

The Fuzz    

Let's get specific here. How exactly should Lauri "help" her son. As soon as somebody is foolish enough to bail him out of jail, his first stop will be to the local drug dealer for a fix.

I have learned from experience that unless you have been there, you have no clue. Has anyone here "been there". Anyone with first hand knowledge of a child who has fallen as far into the drug abyss as Josh and recovered? What works? Any success stories?

2332 days ago


Oh Kim and Phil....if you are so concerned about Josh why don't the two of you step to the plate and HELP HIM instead of trolling these boards. Oh and Kim, if my ex was that obsessed with his ex, I'd spend a little more time on my appearance. Just sayin' ☺

2332 days ago

Over It Already    

Some of you folks amaze me... (but why should you really?). Ms.. Waring aka Mrs. Petersen, did her best to raise this boy, but because he continues to make bad choices, although he's OF AGE... you still place all of the blame on his mother. She tried to intervene and get him back on the right track, but ultimately HE was the one to make the wrong choices. I'm pretty sure Lauri is not filling her days with Orange County ways right about now. She's most likely devestated and trying to help Josh again. Stop being so judgmental until you've walked in her shoes. Raising kids isn't easy... I'm sure 99% of the negative posts are authored by those righteous folks who haven't raised a teenager into adulthood. So take a step back and get off of Lauri's case.

2332 days ago


Pacific....there are plenty of success stories of people kicking the horrific addiction to heroin. Perhaps you should do your homework. A parent needs to want their child to overcome the addiction more than living the good life with sugar daddy number 3. Just so you know, Heroin can easily be obtained behind bars almost as much as it is living on the streets.

2332 days ago


Hey, Sophia.....You might want to call mommy and step-daddy and plead for them to come home from New York where they are there to promote S-4 for their Gawd awful realilty show!! Oh, mever mind, Josh has waited all his life, he is used to being the lowest priority. How are you going to spin this one Peterson's?!

2332 days ago

Karen Debarre    

The best part of this, is that if you do a google search, this story is EVERYWHERE! How can Pizza Girl keep up with her spin duties on hundreds of websites and blogs! Better stop delivering pizza's from Domino's in Trabuco Canyon. She has a full time job now!!

2332 days ago

mrs dana point    

George and Lauri walked out on both there boys when they hit about 14-15. George used his money to manipulate his dausghters,when his son could not be bought he cut him off..I saw a huge change in this family over 1 year. You have no idea what being abandoned by your parent can do to you....It destroys these kids and the parents just use them to make them self look better on TV.....If you want to get the real story ask the kids and ALL there friends and the parents of the kids friends....We know the truth.....These are hateful people who only care about themselves....

2332 days ago
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