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"Real" Kid Real Busted

6/3/2008 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Waring, the wayward and oft-troubled son of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Lauri Waring, was busted late Sunday night for possession of heroin and ecstasy and intent to sell.
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Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Waring was hanging out in front of a Comfort Inn in Laguna Beach when he was approached by police cruiser and took off running.

When cops caught up with him, they say he was high as a kite. Cops executed a search warrant at the hotel, and allegedly found a large amount of drugs in his room.

He's currently cooling his heels in the Orange County jail, charged with two felony counts of possession and intent to sell both heroin and ecstasy, a misdemeanor count of unauthorized possession of a hypodermic needle and being under the influence of heroin -- also a misdemeanor.


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p.s......I really care about both sides and understand the resentment......Gina ur a good person...I can see u rreally do care....underneath all the hate.....I wouldnt want 2 be in ur shoes, and I dont know the 1/2 of it, but can tell u care.....ur special......just get over the hate it wont help!...good luck hon.....Lisa

2238 days ago

Sandy H    

This kid is so sad,,look at his Parents! hw was raised to not respect any woman,,how truly sad for Josh,,he appears to be such a needy kid looking for help from his Mother, she said she is using tough love? try NO he has really gotten into trouble and where is she? vacationing with her new Sugar Daddy? and people wonder whats wrong with our kids today> people like his Mother,,the world of plastic surgery and botox and denying her own age,,on the RHOOC she says George wants a child..Good God haven't you ruined enough children? and you are WAY beyond child bearing age any way you look at it,,Grow up Laurie and help your kids!! you are discusting!

2237 days ago


You know how they say the longer you are with someone the more you begin to look alike? In this case, George and Lauri were immediately attracted by the mere fact they are both horrible parents. God forbid that George come to Josh's aid. Look what he accomplished with his own step-daughter and how he and the media turned that whole thing into a barage of lies. Trust me, Josh would fare much better sitting behind bars. Behind George's smirks, and posturing for the cameras portraying his "Fairytale" millionaire life, there is a monster inside this guy that is is ugly as the heart of his new bride. In George's mind, and with Josh behind bars, it's just one more person he doesn't have to deal with. If there were ever two people who should have been prevented from ever populating, it is these two self-absorded, narcissistic sociopaths, who, like some animals, eat their young. God help all their combined kids. Brady Family? Give it up you two! Your adoring fans are beginning to see the truth and will soon know all the truth.

Anyone who wants to believe what Bravo throws out on your screens....stay tuned! All of Petersons money can't protect the facade much longer.

2237 days ago


nyc, you are right. All the women on the NYC cast can stand on their own. Lauri can't even use the toilet without George. Tamra is such a desperate, haggard wannabe with her husband who works at a car dealership. Ya, that's "high society"!

NYC kids aren't pigs like Jeanna Keough's sons, illiterate skanks like Ashley and McKenzie or druggie, alcoholics like Josh and Tammy's skunk daughter...can't remember her name. I'll take NY over the OC anytime. And the Atlanta cast will bury those OC hags even further. Bye OC cast! You've been outdone and outclassed.

2235 days ago

Real OC Wife.    

Can some one please help Joshua get out of Jail and get in to a rehab facility. Lauri stop with the tough love charade and start being a real mother to him. Use some of your" first i was poor then I was rich , then I was poor and now I am sooo rich" money on your son instead of on your self.

2234 days ago


Real OC Mom....There is no chance in hell Lauri will help her son now unless she bribes him again to boost rating for Season #4. Lauri, George, and all the other people on this show are amazingly shallow, self absorbed and they and their families are beyond dysfunctional. Even if they pooled all their money together, both credit & fluid, couldn't help them. Not even close. For some, including Mr. Money Bags, I beleive credit lines are being stretched to the limit.

Tamra not only has a tramp stamp but she wears it proudly because she is a tramp. No wonder her kid is so out of touch with reality. Jeana Tomasina? She sure set the standard for her kids in terms of what is important in life.....MONEY! Man, those kids are out of control with the exception of her daughter who I hold out some hope for. Vicki, don't even get me started there but her two kids are the ones I really feel for and that husband of hers - Donn?....So many women standing in line for ya honey! Tammy K was smart and caring when she left the show early but her kids have not gone unscathed and her oldest daughter has some serious issues. But, in my opinion, the ones who are the most dysfunctional are the Petersons. That story-line is waist deep in doodoo and rises with every season. Lauri showed her true colors with each passing season and George is just your ordinary fool who thinks he is cool. He had an extra room (walk-in closet) added on to their home just to house his skeletons.

2234 days ago


Susanne, I think most here realize addiction is horrible and it affects every member of the family. However, we are talking about how this young man was left to his own devices as a young boy while his famewhore mother left him alone and didn't give him the time of day. His mohter had much more on her mind than her poor kids who needed her time and attention. The only time and attention she did seem to offer Josh is when the show began and she used him as a subject matter. Oh, and the end of season 3 with the inervention episodes helped out ratings big time, likely boosting her pay checks for season 4. Period, end of story!

2218 days ago

Real OC Wife.    

Dont forget she took Josh out of rehab so he could be in the show. Do you think leaving him in there could of maybe helped him?

2218 days ago


At Josh's last hearing in OC Court, Mom got him in a Newport Beach rehab. Maybe they both saw the light.

2215 days ago

c foreman    

I did not think Laurie was on the show anymore...Is she back?

1506 days ago

Tim Adams    

C-Forman, Yes, Lauri will be back for S-6 - or so it is rumored. Most of the Brady's will not be featured. Josh is still in jail, the letter authored by George's only son listed below speaks for itself, and that leaves only 3 kids left "willing" to be involved. Of course, Ashley Zarlin, Lauri's oldest daughter, the one that didn't fall far from the tree, is first in line after George and Lauri screaming for attention.

THIS IS SLAYTE!!! Not an imposter, the Real deal! I am George's EX son. Lauri is nothing but a golddigging bimbo and none of our family members like her or want her around. She does nothing in our home but check herself out on the internet and is so full of herself. Both her and George think they are Real Celebrities! They are a joke! She is the evil step mother from hell and nobody can stand her. I ran away from home 6 months ago because of the abuse George has done to me and my SISTERS! Before that he had me sent away because I didn’t want to be beat by him anymore and wanted to stay with my mom. Guess what George and Lauri, I am 18 years old now and you can't keep me from being heard now. You made sure that our lives were miserable these last few years while you pretended to be the great people that you aren’t, boy do I have a story to tell!!!! I want the World to know the REAL TRUTH about your fake Brady Bunch and the way you cuss at us all and the monsters that you are. I am Free now, but my sisters aren't!! They don't deserve to live like this until they are 18!! Why don't you tell the truth about what you did to us and my mom! You had everything George and you lost it all because you are an evil control freak who beats his kids till we do exactly what he wants us to do.
Stay Tuned.

Another letter authored by George's son....

lauri you area lying HO. this is slayte georges EXson not a imposter! the real guy. you are a gold digging bimbo who cares if u make 400$ a months you suck the money from my dad and most importantly my SISTERS and me! get a real life s***bag and get out of our lives!!!! your the evil step mother from hell! no one wants you around the plastic surgeons even feel bad for you nobody cares about u or your life your not "famous" like you want to believe. your a nobody your a joke and so is george get out of my life stop threnatning me and my sisters. i ran away from you and george 6months ago and now iam 18 andfree and going to be speaking my mind and telling the REAL STORY about the "real housewives" so look forward to this.

Lastly..."ya this is slayte. i have psalms 28:4 on my left side and i was at mt bacholor. sage walk. and aspen institute."

1413 days ago


Another case of too much presents and not enough presence.

1294 days ago



1111 days ago
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