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"Real" Kid Real Busted

6/3/2008 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Waring, the wayward and oft-troubled son of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Lauri Waring, was busted late Sunday night for possession of heroin and ecstasy and intent to sell.
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Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Waring was hanging out in front of a Comfort Inn in Laguna Beach when he was approached by police cruiser and took off running.

When cops caught up with him, they say he was high as a kite. Cops executed a search warrant at the hotel, and allegedly found a large amount of drugs in his room.

He's currently cooling his heels in the Orange County jail, charged with two felony counts of possession and intent to sell both heroin and ecstasy, a misdemeanor count of unauthorized possession of a hypodermic needle and being under the influence of heroin -- also a misdemeanor.


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player hater; game hater    

Here's another one to add to the list of 'Life on Wisteria Lane'. You ladies who strive for this look all look alike to me, plastic.

2299 days ago

Lesbian for life    

Heroin addiction is hell. Getting caught doesn't mean he is ready to kick it. With heroin either the user dies, a long slow alienated death, or by accidental overdose quite quickly. The fact that he had such a large amount for selling probably means it's a real mess and he owes a lot of bad people money. Getting caught means he owes them more now.

Familys usually don't give their heroin addicted children money to pay's a never ending downward spiral dragging all nearby down with them.

i hope by some miracle he can find the power and desire to lead a drug free life. very hard in a place like hollywood.
This is one issue I won't joke about...this kid will die from this if he isn't helped.

2299 days ago


She was too busy being a MILF and just generally whoring herself to be bothered with raising a son. When he needed a parent and mother most, while in high school, she was making the stupid show. Great choice "mom"! You reap what you sow.

2299 days ago

Black Teef    

Good. A pox on all of them.

2299 days ago

W. ZZais    

Hey, When your mother is busy selling her ass on TV, whoring with the Rich trying to find a man to take care of the
plastic surgery, who has the time for kids. The Boy's father apparently made under $100,000 so he's out of the
picture. Maybe when his mother gets off he knee's she'll see straight. MISS RUBBER-JUGSs

2299 days ago

Get over it.    

First of all, this kid is an ADULT and has to take responsibility for his own actions.
Laurie has done her best as a single mom and it's hardly fair to judge HER for the way ONE of her THREE kids turned out.
The girls are doing well and succeeding. This kid chose his road and now he's paying the price.

Laurie is a kind person who loves her family. All the haters out there need to examine their own lives before judging someone on television who they don't even know. Lame asses!

2299 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

Since when is having a life a crime? While this mother may have her own issues, she DID get her son into a program and if memory servers me correctly he called and begged to come home and abide by the rules of the house. Mom said no he is better off in treatment. Don't hate her because she is 'rich'. Just pray that this young man gets the help he needs.

2299 days ago


aw where's that perfect life you have, I guess you forgot to include your kids! Stop thinking about yourself for a change and think about your kids. idiots !!!

2299 days ago

Get over it.    

Those of you blaming the women of Real Housewives, Laurie in this case, get over it.
18 is the age of accountability here in AMERICA and this kid has to own up to his own mistakes now.
Laurie did her best as a single mom and her other two kids turned out just fine. He made his choices and now he's paying the price.

I know these women personally and I find it hysterical that so many people hate them so much. The term "reality" show is hardly reality and while you all KNOW this, you still find it so easy to hate and to judge. Get a a life and quit acting so jealous.

2299 days ago


Who's the tranny in the picture with him? A Montag impersonator?

Too bad he didn't caught selling out of his parents' home, the po po would have confiscated everything in it.

2299 days ago

just wondering    

The good news is he is in the "system" now and not dead. Hopefully , this is just what he needed to make sense of what his choices r and that there r consequences. All up to him to switch roads. Good luck to him for sure, the whole family suffers whenever one is off crse on many levels, financially, emotionally.

2299 days ago

corporate slave    

sounds like he needs to hire tatum o neal's lawyer - she gets a misdemeanor charge for two pockets full of cocaine - go figure!

2299 days ago

Me in DC    

I'm sorry that this happened to him and his family. But! The kid is an idiot!

2299 days ago


Sure are a lot of angry people posting here.

2299 days ago

mrs dana point    

Nice try in the know and knowledge....Lauri is not a nice person who loves her kids and neither is george. You cant put kids through hell and then expect them to be normal. I beg to differ on the girls. What is your idea of turning out well....How about georges kids? Yah they turned out great to. How about georges ex giving josh a home and then laurie and george using it against her in court. PATHETIC GARBAGE....How is SLATE doin anyways????

2299 days ago
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