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"Real" Kid Real Busted

6/3/2008 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Waring, the wayward and oft-troubled son of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Lauri Waring, was busted late Sunday night for possession of heroin and ecstasy and intent to sell.
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Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Waring was hanging out in front of a Comfort Inn in Laguna Beach when he was approached by police cruiser and took off running.

When cops caught up with him, they say he was high as a kite. Cops executed a search warrant at the hotel, and allegedly found a large amount of drugs in his room.

He's currently cooling his heels in the Orange County jail, charged with two felony counts of possession and intent to sell both heroin and ecstasy, a misdemeanor count of unauthorized possession of a hypodermic needle and being under the influence of heroin -- also a misdemeanor.


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Who knew? Josh's problems with ADDICTION are because of the following.......

1. Because of "Karma or what" (FYI, this lady has spent alot of money on therapy/rehab trying to get Josh help,since the age of 6, let's blame the MOM right?)

2. Thomas thinks Josh's ADDICTION is because of Josh's mom having a "horse face" as well as all the manicures, and wanting to look her best. It's that 20 minutes that she herself is on the show each week that turned Josh into an ADDICT? Mrs. "Horse Face" IS giving her son the 'gift of time and love". Look, she doesn't work and board her kids like animals for 12 hours a day in daycare by a "caregiver" she knows nothing about. What a mean thing to say about a person. Blame the MOM right? Josh is trying to get well and he will read this one too. Have you no empathy? Josh is in big trouble Thomas and it has nothing to do with his moms face, surgery, manicures, or pedicure, That was such a hurtful thing to say.

3. K-Had makes the comment that the lady Josh is kissing is so "Fugly" and that "Im am sorry but plastic surgery doesnt always create beauty and especially not in her case". He then says "Be happy with what God gave you". First you make a totally out of line comment that I am sure Josh will read. Then you give a half-ass lame "appology" and then bring God in the picture saying be glad with what he gave you. That's Josh's MOM your talking about. He is in alot of pain right now. Why would you say something so hurtful about a kids mom? As if Josh isn't going through enough right now with his life you make a statement about his moms appearance? I am sure God wasn't happy with that comment.

4. Ozzman summarizes the story by just saying "loser".

There have been so many hurtful things said that have nothing to do with Josh and his situation. No matter who his mom and DAD are. Josh needs to get well before he ends up dead. He is a good boy and it's not helpful to bash his mother by making aweful hurtful comments. At lease make them constructive and not name calling. No ones kids deserved to be disrepected like they have been here.

2331 days ago


I actually knew one of the other Orange county wives. She lived in my neighborhood in the midwest for 2 years before she moved. She was so cool when she lived here. I thought she was a friend, and I totally expected to keep up with her after she left. I never heard from her and everyone in our hood was shocked to see her and her family on this show. She had gotten huge boobs and was now rich. She never wrote or contacted any of us midwestern friends. It was sad.

2331 days ago


maybe lauri should stop looking at herself int the mirror and about her new husband. she shouldhave given her son up to social services when he was younger. you are a failure as a parent laurie....i hope you don't repoduce

2331 days ago

Karen Debarre    

Bwahhh, haaa haa! Sounds like George Peterson needs to send this kid to his tough love Military School. Which Brady is a strung out Heroine addict? Greg, Peter, Bobby? No, it's Josh WARING!!! Wonder how George Peterson will pin THIS on his ex-wife? I'm sure this is her fault too! Perhaps it was George and Lauri Peterson's enabling with money that has allowed Josh to do this. Let's see. Season 4 is now shooting. Stupid Scott Dunlap BETTER include this!!! Lauri, you're a pathetic, ugly loser, and you SO deserve this!

2331 days ago


Well Lee, I don't think the people here are any angrier than anywhere else. These OCB's (for those of you who don't live here, OCB stands for Orange County Bitches) whore themselves out to anyone that has enough cash. They walk all over Fashion Island like they own the place and sneer at anyone that they 'see' and below themselves. They strutt around believing that they have the perfect world, with perfect children and a LOT of people take some pleasure out of seeing that they don't and they are no better than us commoners.... I happen to be pleased that this has blown up in her face since I have survived her 'sneers', and those of other OCB's.

Had Lori spend time with Josh a long time ago instead of golddigging he may not have had this outcome. Over 14 grams of heroin is a LOT.

Anyway you cut it, SHE failed her son, and she WILL pay the price, either financially or emotionally, hopefully both. Oh forget finacially, George will foot the bill for a couple of BJ's anyways......

2331 days ago


didn't she forbid him to go to her wedding....remember a a dr. wen to the house to talk to him. she loves her daughters more because they will be clones of her...she doesn't trust her son because of his father......way to parent are to blame because you didn't give him the attention he needs......just like the coutness of realwives of NYC.....her son wants her to stay home but she has to party with her neice......he will be and learn the money worth more then your kids???????

2331 days ago



2331 days ago


kick heroff the show.....

2331 days ago


"The know" , "Just Cruzin Thru" "Knowledge" and the rest that are sticking up for her probably go to the same school of parenting. This kid is a result of being raised poorly does not matter if he's over 18! So what, he's raised poorly and gets in to drugs but turns 18 and bam she's automatically off the hook?
Let me tell you as a man no boy wants to see his mother running around and dressing provocative and putting strange men in front of the kids because she needs a life. How about your life is now your kids since you made THAT CHOICE. If you watched the show this kid was having these problems from the beginning and he was pretty young.
She made a half attempt to straighten him out, as long as it didn't conflict with her happy hour. And yeah, where is his father? He's a jerk too. But even so, a mothers a mother no matter what, act like one when you make the choice to have a child and it doesn't stop when they hit 18.
I know it would have killed me if I saw my mom dressed like that ,acting like that, putting men above my needs. It's selfish. You don't just grow up and do drugs, drugs numb your pain. Thank God I got discipline, love, support and affection and had the utmost respect for my mother because she deserved it.

2331 days ago


joni...are you taking the drugs the son is?????

2331 days ago


What about the Orange County Housewife with the bleached blonde hair, crossed eyes, dimples and ugly nose. I thought she was the worst ... cannot even remember her name. Gosh, they really made an impression on me.

2331 days ago

Karen Debarre    

This is GREAT! The kid is a total loser. Yes, he's over 18 and responsible. But Mommy only wanted custody of josh when he was under 18 for child support. During those years she was out whoring around at the playboy mansion and looking for her next Amex gold card. When he turned 18 it was , oh well, you're an adult with it yourself...unless we can film it for TV. We're on to the scam that this couple is about. George and Lauri are meant for each other. They deserve this and SO much more. My only hope is this is JUST the beginning of Armageddon for them. BURN IN HELL!

2331 days ago

Trucker Lemonade    

THANK YOU PROP. 36!! dont even bother hiring a lawyer kid. You'll get diversion

2331 days ago

Karen Debarre    

Step daddy is so busy with his legal issues, his new wife's legal issues and now his step-son. I think season 4 will be filmed at the Orange County Court House. They better pitch a tent outside the courthouse doors! This is a GREAT story and couldn't happen to a nicer couple. All we need is the fat, fake boobed sister to show up at court. I think I'll go to the hearing and take notes!

2331 days ago


his moms face looks like a pumpkin 2 weeks after halloween......ready to cave in from too much plastic surgery
poor kid .........moms gonna regret when her new husband dumps her like a rotten pumpkin..........children are forever you selfish bitch....ass comes and go's

2331 days ago
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