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"Real" Kid Real Busted

6/3/2008 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Waring, the wayward and oft-troubled son of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Lauri Waring, was busted late Sunday night for possession of heroin and ecstasy and intent to sell.
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Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Waring was hanging out in front of a Comfort Inn in Laguna Beach when he was approached by police cruiser and took off running.

When cops caught up with him, they say he was high as a kite. Cops executed a search warrant at the hotel, and allegedly found a large amount of drugs in his room.

He's currently cooling his heels in the Orange County jail, charged with two felony counts of possession and intent to sell both heroin and ecstasy, a misdemeanor count of unauthorized possession of a hypodermic needle and being under the influence of heroin -- also a misdemeanor.


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Truth B Told    

How does Josh's arrest due to his mothers bad choices in life, coming back to bite her in the ass, have anything to do with the X? Sounds like a jealous current Mrs. Peterson's trolling this site to me! Lauri, why don't you tell the TMZ viewers how you took him out of a drug rehab program that his father put him in, for the purpose of filming on that train wreck of a show. Maybe had you left him where he was getting the (obviously) much needed help, he would not be in this mess. But, what the hell, it worked out for you didn't it, and really IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU! isn't it?

2335 days ago

Get over it.    

Brilliant statement, Denial.
Laurie MADE her son get hooked on heroine and sent him down to the Comfort Inn so that he could get popped so that season four would be more interesting.

2335 days ago

Karen Debarre    

That's right Lauri. You don't get child support for Josh anymore, so show your tough love and do NOTHING! You're not getting paid to be a "mother" anymore. Hey, weren't you at the Sex in the City event getting your picture taken the same night Josh was strung out on Heroin? Hope you enjoyed the attention you got.

2335 days ago

Karen Debarre    

What can Lauri have Sophia do to top Josh for season 4? Sophia does child pornography! Forget the other housewives!

2335 days ago

Ice Water    

My heart breaks for this kid...he has a sweet soul. You could see it in him on that horrible show. I hope his Mom rots in hell for the pain she's caused him.

Is Matt Keough still in jail? Jeana and Laurie can carpool to jail visits between Botox appointments!

2335 days ago

Karen Debarre    

Bottom line is, if this guy's mother wasn't such a famewhore, this would not be news on a national gossip rag! So, now she may reap what she sows! Public humiliation. She will ALWAYS be responsible for THIS. Can't blame the FATHER now, can you!!

2335 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

Congratulations Lauri, this is the outcome of NOT raising your children.. you think you're such a winner after knabbing some lonely wealthy man .. and you love him because of him? Should of spent time with your children.. now look what you spawned.. and it's not his fault. I blame the so-called parents like Lauri and whoever his daddy is.. really sad and feel for Joshua.

2335 days ago

Karen Debarre    

Are we going to see those fake tears streaming down her plastic face and over her hairlip while weeping "How could he do this to ME"? Just like last season. How dare he DARE he!

2335 days ago


Hey, INTERESTING...Why are YOU here trolling TMZ's forums? And please tell me why the former Mrs. Peterson is always to blame for any negative Housewive's press?....I'd really like to know the real answer to that one. Nice way to deflect and point fingers.....again George and Lauri!

I, for one, feel very sad today for Joshua since he obviously has a monkey on his back that is too powerful for a young adult to kick alone. I hope both his mother, father, and new step father will look at this as a serious wake-up call and set their lives and differnences aside and do whatever it takes to save this kids life. If that means foregoing particpating on a stupid reality show, then so be it. However, being the famewhores the two of you are, I doubt that will happen. Instead, once again, you will use Josua and this particular instance just like you did on S-3 to attempt to garner sympathy from the viewers and boost ratings.

It is obvious Joshua is in way over is head and needs help. So INTERESTING, why are you compelled to point fingers at someone who had absolutely nothing to do with his arrest or drug issues!

2335 days ago


Please give that kid a damn comb. Teach him how to use it!

2335 days ago

Truth B Told    

This poor kid has been screaming for help, love and attention from his mother since he was a toddler. Lauri has left him and his sisters to fend for himself for years. Ask the old neighbors, they know the real Lauri Waring/Peterson. He is now a product of his mothers choices. She has thrown him under the rug, under the table and to the wolves. Of course he's made bad choices, look who he's had as a roll model. Can't blame the father anymore, look in the cracked mirror lady! Who's the mama?

2335 days ago

my two cents    

It always bothered me that Laurie Waring was more interested in finding a rich husband and then planning her wedding than taking care of her most precious asset her son. Yet, she is not to blame totally because where is his father ?

2335 days ago


Let this be a lesson to all people who carelessly bring children into this world. Un-wed mothers! Un-wed fathers! Kids raising their own parents! Instead of parents being parents - they make poor choices such as making their career a priority, leaving the responsibility of raising their kids to daycare centers, schools, rehab institutions, computers and televisions. Kids need to be kids! You guys will toast me over this, however, I believe that children need to be at home with their mother or father or grandparents for the first six years of their life. They have a whole lifetime ahead to socialize with other kids and people. Those early start kids do not excel any better than late start kids. No kid should be under so much stress and pressure to be an attention whore. This boy has lost his childhood. This boy has been demeaned to jailbait. He will be lucky to see his 25th birthday.

2335 days ago



This is not your fault. Don't let the negative comments get to you. This could happen to anybodys family members. You are not to blame. God bless you and your family. Josh will get the help he needs. Good luck!

Long Island, NY

2335 days ago


I thought it was telling when Lauri said that Sophia (or whatever her name is) is her only child that has never disappointed her. What is she, like 7 years old? I said out loud "give her time". I think what happened here is that Lauri had children and expected that they would be able to take care of themselves, like she has done for herself over the years quite nicely. The trouble is, she got a tough one. There were obviously more serious things you can do as a parent to deal with your children's drug problems (like being there before they develop one to begin with). All I ever saw was a kid that seemed desperate for his mother's love and he knew he was never going to get it. That look on his face when he and Lauri met with that psychologist broke my heart, he had such intense pain written all over his face. I think he has to make a break with her and put it behind him, get help for his addictions and build his own life with some good role models. He appears to have had none in his life.

2335 days ago
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