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Witness -- R. Kelly Loves the Hardwood

6/3/2008 9:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

That bombshell witness finally took the stand in the R. Kelly kiddie-porn trial -- and she said he's a baller!

Lisa Van Allen testified she and the Prince of Pee got down and dirty on film with the alleged victim on his personal b-ball court in Chicago when she was only 17, and she added that they did it in his log cabin-ish basement.

Of course, Van Allen's testimony took a big blow when she revealed that she sold the tape they made back to R.'s business manager for $20K. The defense gets its turn today.


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The Big One1    

1st haha. Anyway, this chick is just tryin to get her 15 minutes in the spot light. She's a hoe just like the rest of them.

2279 days ago


I keep thinking more girls or should i say kids will speak up and tell thier stories. Once he got a whiff of that hershey stain he had to have more.

2279 days ago


I really hope he gets a long sentence, he has been free way too long.

2279 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

They showed the video in court and freeze-framed to show the mole on his back in the video. All the lies about "it's not me" and now gone. The only quesstion left is: will the jury let another popular Black star off like they did O.J.? All it takes is one to say "it's the man putting us down" and refusing to send this child abuser to prison." Look at the hate-speach coming out of Obama's Chicago chucrch and you get what I'm talking about. Wrong is wrong no matter what color people are.

2279 days ago


"Popular black star", i don't think that would describe this of trash!

2279 days ago


R. Kelly did not rape these girls. They spread their legs willingly. He may be a pedophile but these girls are also total SLUTS who should be embarrassed by their behavior. I'm totally against men having sex with underage girls. But, I'm also against underage girls consenting to have sex with grown men and not being held accountable. Who agrees to have sex with a grown man while being underage and then also allows him to videotape the act as well? They're just as sick as he is! Where were their parents while they were doing this? The law should be fair and punish the men and the slutty girls who screw them.

2279 days ago


R Kelly's history with young women also marrying Aaliyah(RIP) shows he's a common run of the mill pedophile that needs to be locked up.....furthermore he needs some kind of pshychiatric help! This trial is not judging his music but him as a person this goes to show you may have a talent and be a star but if you suck as a person you can loose it all.

2279 days ago


The state rested their case yesterday right after this witness. There is no court today, the defense starts tomorrow. The prosecution never established exactly how old the girl in the tape was, but if the jury believes numerous witnesses she was between 12 and 15. The defense screwed themselves over by throwing so many different defenses out there... The mole, the laughable 'R. Kelly's face was digitally added to the body', etc... Too bad the prosecution couldn't bring in any other past sexual encounter occurances into the case, and too bad the Florida prosecutors had to drop the charges because they acted without a valid warrant.

2279 days ago

sloppy seconds    

I think I believe all the witness' in this case. I heard that he was having a relationship with Alliyah when she first came on the scene long ago, way before she died When she was like 15 or so. HE LIKES YOUNG GIRLS. They might have been willing, But is still wrong. VERY WRONG. He just got caught.

2279 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

VC: Who agrees to have sex with a grown man while being underage and then also allows him to videotape the act as well?

I think you answered your own question in the same sentence. The girls should not be punished like an adult either. They are not adults. They may spread their legs like one, but they think like a child. Their parents should be held accountable for their childrens behavior.

2279 days ago


Unbelievable that the black community,the hip hop people,can defend the despicable actions of this lowlife piece of crap.

2279 days ago


why is r.kelly sleeping with underage girls any different than the men in Texas? Oh yeah they are doing and claiming
religious freedom.

2278 days ago


Why would AOL/TimeWarner/TMZ/Levin make a joke about an underage girl being molested??

2278 days ago


personally i think that R. Kelly needs to be smarter when messing with these gold diggin females all they want is the money how are you goin to sell the tape back to his company and then wanna take him to court is it because you didnt get as much money as you wanted he should of had her sign an agreement stating that she would accept the money for her services and that she was willing to participate and if she were to try and take him to court she would get nothing. Also i dont believe that its fair to knock him for liking younger females just for the simple fact that there are many men in this world that have the same attraction to the younger females also i dont believe that peein on people is cool either but do what you do. All in all when your famous you just have to be better at the game and always remember that someone is out there tryin to make an easy dollar at your expense

2278 days ago


hey VC - the bottom line here is that R Kelly is supposed to be an adult and therefore is accountable for his actions. That makes him a pedophile. Young girls or boys will do things to make people 'like' them, especially someone in a power position - they are not gold diggers. That tape was sold as hush money and to hide the evidence not for profit. meecher you should be ashamed of yourself - thank god you are not famous, who knows what you would try to get away with.

2278 days ago
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