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Candy Spelling:

What a Slot!

6/4/2008 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy Spelling isn't gonna just sit there with her zillion dollars in Bev Hills. She's just hit the jackpot -- again.

As TMZ Vegas spies tell us over the weekend, Candy Dandy was playing the high limit slots (up to $1,000 a pull) at the Bellagio Hotel when she cleaned the clock of a one-armed bandit to the tune of $180,000. To put this in perspective, $180 grand to her is like $8 bucks in our world.

So you think lightning only strikes once? Exactly one year ago in Vegas, Candy -- whose fortune is estimated at $600 mil -- won $200,000 at -- yes, the Bellagio. And yes, on the slots. She was actually up $350,000 at one point but couldn't walk away.

But wait, there's more. Days after her 2007 jackpot, she held a charity raffle and won a car.

Meanwhile, Tori is scrounging on hot dogs that could put her fetus at risk.


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LA Critic    

LA's answer to "mommy dearest." She gives new meaning to bitchy.
Wench should lay off the silicone and give some of her husband's millions to Tori.
Do the right thing Candy --

2299 days ago


I live in Reno, trust me, it takes money to make money! You won't win sh*t playing nickles.

2299 days ago


This is exactly why I don't enjoy playing the slots... I've never even won $8 bucks.

2299 days ago


#14, your obviously a C#$%. Lay off Candy, you don't know what the F*%k your talking about. It's Complicated.

2299 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

I can relate to Tori feeling the way she does about her mom. My Dad passed away 1 1/2 years ago & left millions to my step mom & in return, she denied any and all monies to me & my brother. (i lost 2 brothers during losing my Dad). The only one she will help now is my little step brother (age 33). Because he is her natural son, she would rather forget about me & my brother and give to her only natural son.

People w/$$ suck. They only think about themselves & not on trying to do the right thing. I believe Hell has a special place for people like that.

God Bless you Tori

2299 days ago

just here    

i am curious as to how much she spent to win the money she won?

2299 days ago


Considering that hot dogs are okay for pregnant women as long as they are steaming hot (it's on my list as something to be careful of if it's not steaming hot), why are you making such a big deal out of Tori's eating habits, TMZ? She was eating one in a restaurant, so it was most likely hot enough to be safe, and she was probably hiding it because she didn't want people seeing her bite into something phallic. Good investigating, TMZ.

2299 days ago


Ha - she is sooo damn happy that the old koot finally kicked off she's partying Vegas style! But you'd think she'd start with a face lift - or another one cuz she is one Fugly beatch - now we know where Tori gets her looks from.

2299 days ago


She should share some of that wealth with her daughter!!!

2299 days ago


money comes to money, magnetic money is magnetic to poeple who have money

2299 days ago


DANG - I wish I had this lady's luck. LOTTO please. It doesn't have to be millions - can I just get a couple of hundred thousand like CANDY. Congratulations

2299 days ago


she was up 350 thou and couldt walk away- folks shes gambling addict,, how long do u think her LUCK will hold out before she spends all her millions? dont kid your self,,,, she may have won a lot, but wonder how long this will keep up? i hope she gave her winings to her daughter for their kids and her son the other half,,, cause she doesnt need it! my guess is shes a gambling whore,, hope she doesnt waste away her kids/grandkids inheritence,, that would be a damn shame!

2299 days ago


I think this woman is disgusting for the way she worships the almighty dollar and for not dividing that money out to his children. It was their father's money anyway not her's. What kind of mother would live like this while her children went basically without. I know they got a chunk of money but it was nothing compared to the value of his estate. I don't believe parents owe their children any inheritance, but for her to sit on that fortune and not share it with her children is just glutteny and I think she doesn't deserve to be called a mother or grandmother. I hope Tori keeps her out of her children's lives, they would be better off. Really they probably will end up better off for being raised without a part of that fortune too. How pathetic too that she spends her life sitting in front of a slot machine hoping for that little bit of happiness from winning a buck or two. I agree with others that gamblers very seldom come out ahead, she has probably lost a huge amount of money compared to her winnings.

2299 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

this woman disgusts me

2299 days ago


Greedy wench...give some to your kids!!!

2299 days ago
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