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Divorce Does a Body Good

6/4/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If this is what divorce does to a woman ... Elizabeth Taylor needs to take some lessons.

Just weeks after kicking her allegedly philandering hubby to the curb, Shania Twain, sans wedding ring, shows off the goods. Looking fantastic -- the ultimate revenge.


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Wow, she is hot and rich too. That idiot Mutt guy must be really kicking himself.

2270 days ago


Can anybody tell me where I can read about their divorce? Who was at fault?

I find it hard to believe Mutt would let go of her, was he really cheating?

2270 days ago

OK Mom    

Haters! I was lucky enough to see her in concert - front row - and she is amazingly talented - Mutt certainly wasn't on stage singing. She is an incredible force to be reckoned with on her own merits and certainly didn't NEED Mutt to achieve the stardom she has. I, too, look forward to any new music she'll be putting out...

2270 days ago


Yikes. Nevermind. Found an article in People magazine.

God god, he left Shania Twain for THIS??????,,20201677,00.html?xid=rss-fullcontent

2270 days ago


You mean divorce gives you bow legs? Gee, I never knew or i would've gotten divorced long ago!

2270 days ago


Shania is one of the richest,biggest and most successful stars of alltime and is not a media whore and lives a private life.
I read people magazine cover story this week and Shania is worth 450 million dollar on her name alone. Mutt is worth over 500 million. So they are both uber rich and have the power to do as they please.
I hope a classy icon like Shania gets over this breakup fast and releases new music. She has taken a long hiatus ad her fans around the world love her.

2270 days ago


D, the seperation of Shania and Mutt is this weeks big cover story on People Magazine. There is a 6 page article in People Magazine with Shania on the cover.

GETTO WHORE, your jealousy is quite laughable. It is the way Shania is standing.
Shania has always had a drop dead gorgeous body and stunnin face.
It must be that cleaning living and living in the alps in Switzerland
Shania is a many levels above the low lifes in Hollywood these days.

2270 days ago


Sure looks ike she has a wedding ring on in this pic....

2270 days ago

Ya Think    

Never could stand her bubblegum pop music wrapped in country twang. ICK. Every single song sounds alike. Wonder if she'll be able to sell her CDs now that she's not boning the record producer to get a deal? Oh wait...

2270 days ago


The jealousy of some of the losers here make me laugh.
Just remember it was Mutt Lange who pursued Shania and made tons off of hertoo.
They have a billion dollar fortune together.
Shania is a brand name worldwide now and has the money and power to make any music she wants.
She even knows all of Mutt's tricks in the studio and Shania writes all her own songs.
I expect her to produce her next cd herself and for it to be one of the top sellers in the world like all her cd's are.

2270 days ago


She has and will always look fabulous!

2270 days ago

Ya Think    

Mandy, do you write Eileen -- I mean Shania's press releases? Don't forget, even her name is fake. Let's not forget that she wrote all of her songs WITH Mutt, and it's Mutt who was the ultra-successful composer/producer years and years before Eileen left her little shanty in Ontario Canada. He was wildly successful in the music business before she came along and HE made her career, she didn't make his. Hopefully her new stuff will sound different than all the other music she's put out there in the past, because it's all sounded like cookie-cutter copies of one another.

2270 days ago

Ya Think    

And Mandy -- clean living in Switzerland???? It always seemed like a slap in the face to a lot of her fans that Eileen -- I mean Shania -- took all those billions of dollars that people shelled out and then ran off to Switzerland. What? America wasn't good enough for her? It's good enough for her to take everyone's money, but not good enough to live here? It's OK to come here from Canada and take money from US fans for CD sales and concert tickets, and then run off and spend billions to build & maintain a sprawling chalet in Switzerland? She took billions from the US fans and gave it to -- Switzerland? Because she didn't want to pay property taxes in the US? She's too good for us? Pffffft. She took from us and spent it elsewhere. Now things got tough for her so she's back to take more from us? She can just put her azz back on that plane and head back to Switzerland. She's a user. Put that in your next press release.

2270 days ago


#41, with all due respect, who gives a hoot if Mutt was the greatest rock producer of alltime before he married Shania in 1993. The facts are that he pursued Shania and wanted to work with somone who wrote their own songs like Shania.
The facts are that people buy Shania's music because it is Shania they love,and her name in front of all the cd's.
Mutt's sound was getting old. Shania is a music icon now and a brand name, she could re invent herself and make the music she wants to now.In fact the rumors are that Shania was disageeing with Mutt on the new direction of the album when they went into studio last year.
So Mutt may be the greatest producer of alltime but Shania is now one of the richest and biggest music act of alltime and does what she wants.
It is time to shania to be more sociable and not live that reclusive mutt lane lifestyle anymore.
She has tens of millions of fans worldwide who love her.

2270 days ago



How are things tough for Shania?
Besides the divorce, she has it made.
She is one of the richest and successful acts of alltime and could retire and live like queen a thousand lifetimes over and never record again.
Rich acts like Shania only make music now for the love of music and for the passion of it.
I never understood why people are so jealous of this classy woman just because she is so rich.

2270 days ago
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