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Divorce Does a Body Good

6/4/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If this is what divorce does to a woman ... Elizabeth Taylor needs to take some lessons.

Just weeks after kicking her allegedly philandering hubby to the curb, Shania Twain, sans wedding ring, shows off the goods. Looking fantastic -- the ultimate revenge.


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Ya Think    

So, Mandy -- you say: Mutt's sound was getting old. Shania is a music icon now and a brand name, she could re invent herself and make the music she wants to now.In fact the rumors are that Shania was disageeing with Mutt on the new direction of the album when they went into studio last year. So Mutt may be the greatest producer of alltime but Shania is now one of the richest and biggest music act of alltime and does what she wants. It is time to shania to be more sociable and not live that reclusive mutt lane lifestyle anymore.

I wonder if Def Leppard, AC/DC, Bryan Adams and all the other acts that Mutt made think the same way? I doubt it. Now Shania thinks she knows it all and she's too good to live the "reclusive mutt lan[g]e lifestyle anymore"? What a joke. She's free, white and over 21. She could have made the decision to come back to the States years ago, but she LOVED the reclusive lifestyle. She loved taking the money and running to the Alps. I hope her new CD flops. Her previous ones would have had it not been for the musical connections that Mutt brought to the table. He used his marketing genius to turn her into a superstar. She can reinvent herself but his connections are gone now. Let's see what happens now. She's old by entertainment standards. She's second fiddle to the Carrie Underwoods and Kellie Picklers. Even Garth Brooks couldn't recreate the strangle hold that he once had on the music industry -- what makes Shania think she's got the power to do what he couldn't?

2296 days ago


Now you are sounding really stupid Connection Mutt had lmao!!!!! Yeah when she first started he helped with connection but Shania has all the connection in the world now. You are so foolish.
Shania after14 years of recording and being one of the biggest acts in the world has more connection all over the world than all of Nashville.
Mutt Lange controls nothing anymore.Shania calls her own shots with her own connections.
You are sounding like a really stupid person.
As for the other new acts in country music that you mentioned? I really don't think Shania gives a hoot, Shania is global and known worldwide., the other acts are little country bumkins who don't have one tenth of Shania star power or connections or money. Garth Brooks also needs the country music industry, Shania never needed it because she has fans in pop worldwide.
And thanks fo the huge laugh actually calling the biggest selling country female of alltime second fiddle lmao!!!
The second Shania releases new music she will get all the attention worldwide and it will sell more in its first week than most can in a year.
Like get a serious reality check, it isn't 1993 and Shania isnt' just starting out lol!!!
It is 2008 and she is the richest and most successful act of the last decade. She has all the connections and talent she needs. She doesn't need Mutt Lange anymore because Shania calls all the shots now just like she kicked him to the curb for cheating.

2296 days ago


Shania's always sucked, did she kill your dog or something? I find it sad and slightly alarming for you to hate someone so badly-that you don't even know! Seriously what is the matter with you?

And oh yes, because she moved to Switzerland she's anti-US? What?? I think you must be unstable. I don't have thoughts on Shania one way or another, but your posts are alarming and unreasonable.

2296 days ago


I agree with Mandy.
Shania has all the money,power and connections now on her own to do whatever she wants in music or life.
You people bashing Shania need a life.
She is rich,successful,beautiful and talented and has the world at her feet.
Any producer in the world would jump at the chance to work with a huge name like Shania but I hope Shania produces her own music, she knows every aspect of producing now and has worked for 14 years in the studio with Mutt lange.
but Mandy is 100% correct, Shania holds all the cards. I am looking forward to her new project.

2296 days ago


I have always said the same thing about her being pregnant or not .....never one photo of her.....I think she adopted, don't ever think she was pregnant. She is not the only person to loose their parents, other have done so. siblings have stepped in to raise the younger ones, but don't get the recognititon since they are not "famous"......I know what it's like to loose a Mom I was only two and older sisters had to step in to help so my father could work. Granted she lost both parents but so have other families suffered the same fate. Never been a Shania fan and she needs to get over her self.....and agree if skin and bones is what you like have at it......

2296 days ago

A. Reichen    

She has cokehead skinny legs. Wouldn't be surprised if she were snorting her way to a fabulous figure like 99% of celebs do.

2296 days ago


Reichen, you are one really slanderous liar.
Shania is the cleanest living celeb of alltime.
She doesn't smoke,drink or do drugs and keeps fit.
Shania is also a vegetarian.

It amazes me at the jealous people around here who just spout off lies.
Shania is a woman who leads by example and has led the classiest and cleanest lifestyle of anyone.

2296 days ago


I thought she was "devasted" Doesn't look it to me

2296 days ago


She still has her ring on.

2296 days ago

Ya Think    

Yes, Eileen is one of the richest, top-earning acts in the past decade. UH-HUH! Forbes lists the top ten earners in country music:

1: Toby Keith
2: Rascal Flatts
3: Tim McGraw
4: Kenny Chesney
5: Brooks & Dunn
6: Brad Paisley
7: Faith Hill [tie]
7: Keith Urban [tie]
8: George Strait
9: Alan Jackson

Maybe Forbes missed Eileen. I'm sure she fits in there somewhere between Julio Iglesias Jr. and Gretchen Wilson. @@

2296 days ago


#52, thanks for showing how really dumb and ignorant you are lmao!!!!
That list is for 2007 year and Shana is on hiatus and didn't make music last year lmao!!!!!

Shania is already worth 450 million on her name alone, much more than those tiny acts on that last.
In fact Shania made more in on year in 2003 than everyone on that list has in their lifetime lmao!!!!

Your jealousy is really laughable, time to get a life loser.

2296 days ago


Shania always sucked, are you just born really immature or looking for a fight?
What does that forbes list have to do with Shania?
That list is country acts who worked last year.
Shania has been on hiatus for a years because she has more money than all of those acts put together.
As for career net worth, Shania Twain is estimated worth over 450 million on her name alone according to many sources.
She has sold over 80 million cd's worldwdide,gets royalities on all he massive songs worldwide,her tours gross hundreds of millions of dollars.
So basically Shania is one of the richest acts in all of music and doesn't need to work every again.

2296 days ago


Guys, just ingnore that clown who is bashing Shania.
Any idiot knows that list is only for country acts who worked last year.
Shania has more money in her pocket than those others have in their bank accounts.
I just read people magazine that said Shania is worth 450 million dollars alone.
I think this idiot bashing Shania is jealous Shania is a global icon with more money and success than all of Nashville put together.

2296 days ago


Hey #52, I believe that list is for active country artists in 2007.
It as nothing to do with how much they are worth, it is only which country artists who were active last year made the most money.
Shania Twain has not been active for 4 years because she has more than enough money to live like a queen 3000 lifetimes over and never work again.
So Shania's bank account is bigger than all of those on that lis combined.

Next time you try and make a point at least know what you are talking about.
It is time for you to go, you look like a real fool.

2296 days ago


#53 I know, #52 is such a moron. lol!!

Maybe Shania could lend Nashville a few hundred million so they can get a decent looking building in down town nashville lol!
Nashville is suh a hicktown
Shania has beautiful mansions in Switzerland,New Zealand,Canada, the Carribean and so many other places.

2296 days ago
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