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Sharon Moo Goo Gai Banned by Shanghai Fest

6/4/2008 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like the closest Sharon Stone is going to get to China anytime soon is Mr. Chow.

The smacklash against Sharon for her idiotic "karma" comment continues, as the Shanghai International Film Fest -- one of the major confabs on the film scene -- said that Stone isn't welcome at this year's event. And she won't be invited back soon, a festival rep said today.

Of course, that might be because she's unlikely to make a film that'll get into that -- or any festival. Dior China and the country's largest movie chain have also punished her for Karmagate -- for the record, Sharon has apologized for the remark.


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Sharon needs to be banned in more places than just Shanghai.

2341 days ago


In this episode we find Karma and Sharon running into each other, and then...

2341 days ago

Nuke em & we own em    

Who cares about China They are our enemy. Rise up and join the revilution! Its comming

2341 days ago


Why did she even bother apologizing, she obviously meant what she said. People said the same thing about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina, wonder if she agreed with that as well. That's just plain ignorant and insensitive.

2341 days ago

Green Is Good    

Here's the actual quote, courtesy of ABC news:

"I'm not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don't think anyone should be unkind to anyone else," Stone said Thursday during a Cannes Film Festival red-carpet interview with Hong Kong's Cable Entertainment News. "And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you're not nice that the bad things happen to you?"

She shouldn't have made the comment, but she's just an self-involved actress, not a country's leader like Queen Elizabeth II, or Prime Minister Hon. Helen Clark, (New Zealand).

2341 days ago


At one time or another our current "country" definition had been occupied by someone else.
Please read some history before you yell "FREE TIBET."
If it's not the chinese gov, they are still raising sheeps.
To the same logic of "Free Tibet!".... the American Indians should said "Free America" and all europeans should go back to Europe and leave America back to the Indians.
You guys are all idots that skip history class.
Just want to find the next hip thing to go out and do a "demonistration" ...that's all you are good at.

2341 days ago


Interesting to see so many defending communist China and it's policy of exterminating innocent people in the guise of political prisoners.
Also interesting to see people's naivity concerning the Hindu term "karma", which is taken very seriously by an entire, and huge religious sect. Your offensive language and religious bigotry towards them is undeniable.

I salute Sharon Stone, for being a person with an open and free mind, as opposed to those here who believe in nothing past the tips of their own noses.

2341 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Who the hell cares what the friggin Chinese have to say. Why should anyone give a rats ass. The Chinese have said a hell of alot of nasty things about the USA. They can go screw themselves.

2341 days ago


Harvey, why do you keep describing her comments as "idiotic?" I think she has a very legitimate point. If you've been reading the real news laterly, the Chinese government has sent in police in riot gear to take away grieving parents of hundreds of children who were killed when their school crushed them to death---because the building was built not up to code (like there's any of kind of "code" in China). The history of this regime (and other regimes before it) show that the Chinese government to not value human life. Why would they? A BILLION people live there and basically all look the same so they are interchangable. And, yes, the Chinese government has been brutal to the country of Tibet and its outcast leader. They want the freedom to practice their religion in the way they want---which is not what the government wants. Now can you prove that all that suffering implemented upon Tibet created bad karma and then the earthquake? No, not as a fact, but can you see how a country that does not value human life and human existance is in such a state of diaster when a major earthquake strikes? They did little to help the survivors, didn't even really try to find people buried under the rubble so just waited for them to die and delivered little or no food, water, rations to the people affected. Now they are arresting the parents of dead children. I say Sharon Store has a valid point. It's just a tragedy that so many people, including so many children died at the hands of such an inept and cruel government.

2341 days ago


Why does actors/actress thinks they are above others? The comment Sharon Stone made about China is ridiculous. We have so many going on here in the United States also. Do we call that karma, too? I wish people will pray for the victims instead of making some rude comments.

2341 days ago


Why does everyone hate Sharon Stone? She asked a dumb question, "Is this Karma?" As I understand it, Karma is a Hindu concept, so why are the Chinese so upset about it? They have a whole lot more to be concerned about than Sharon Stone's inane musings on their situation.

2341 days ago


This is sad....

More than 68,000 people dead, because of this 'Karma' thing? What kind of 'Karma" is this?

May be Dalai Lama? and Sharon Stone are saying these innocent people are guilty of some kinf of crime?

2341 days ago


hahahahaha...stupid ass-bag...tried to jump on the "Karma" bandwagon and got bitch slapped. What an uneducated piece of Hollywood garbage

2341 days ago


Sharon, don't talk, just stick to the movies where you show the world your whisker biscuit...actually, never mind, that would have been ok 15 years ago...but not now - keep it in your pants!!

2341 days ago

A Nagai    

News Reporter: Did you hear know about the typhoon in New Orleans?

Stone: Of cause I have. You know, it's very interesting about that since first, I'm not happy about the way USA treats the Iraqis because I think anyone should not be unkind to anyone else. And so I am being very concerned the election of the next president, because we had not being nice to Saddam Hussein, who is a good friend of mine. And Katrina typhoon ,and all the stuff happened, and I thought, is that Karma? When you’re not nice that the bad things happen. And then I got a letter from the Iraqi Foundation that they want to go and be helpful. This made me cry. And they asked me if I will write a quote to that, and I said I would that it was a big lesson to me, that sometimes you have to learn to put your face down and be a dog to the person who aren't nice to you. And that is a big lesson to me.

2341 days ago
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