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Sharon Moo Goo Gai Banned by Shanghai Fest

6/4/2008 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like the closest Sharon Stone is going to get to China anytime soon is Mr. Chow.

The smacklash against Sharon for her idiotic "karma" comment continues, as the Shanghai International Film Fest -- one of the major confabs on the film scene -- said that Stone isn't welcome at this year's event. And she won't be invited back soon, a festival rep said today.

Of course, that might be because she's unlikely to make a film that'll get into that -- or any festival. Dior China and the country's largest movie chain have also punished her for Karmagate -- for the record, Sharon has apologized for the remark.


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Ms. Sharon Stone shouldn't be judging anyone about rights violations-she may care about Tibet, but she has proved time and time again that she cares nothing for the suffering of animals. By wearing fur and brooches made out of rat feet Sharon Stone has proved her self to be a cold, hard bitch with bad taste. Hate her!

2310 days ago


She was Right about China. She was not being "politically correct", that's her sin. China sucks and everyone knows it.

2310 days ago

A Nagai    

#24 Who is that "Jim" idiot in this forum? This moron is accussing the Chinese government for not helping the earthquake victims and called "the Country of Tibet." Dude, did you just smoke something or you are just released from prison and did not know anything other there while you were inside your cell being gangraped by other inmates? I just came back from China with the Red Cross Relief Team. We went into the region where the earthquake hit the hardest and witnessed the first hand how the Chinese military and rescue workers are working around clock to save lives! I saw a lot of the Chinese soldiers only sleep for 2 or 3 hours a day and spend the rest of the time to dig up to see if any survivors are still there. I also know that some Chinese soldiers and rescue workers have lost their lives while saving the victims. The latest news is a military is missing with 4 military personnel and 15 wounded victims on board. Jim, if that's your real name, you should be ashamed for smearing those who are risking their lives to save the victims while you are sitting your lazy racist ass here to talk "sh-t!"

2310 days ago

A Nagai    

To #31 "everclear" To you, "China sucks and everyone knows it." Just to let your ignorant racist ass to know, the Chinese government is the one that purchases most of the US bonds because the US government does not have money and needs to borrow money from outside. If the Chinese government did not purchase the US bonds with the very low interest rate that the US Dept of Treasury offers, then our economy will hit the bottom immediately, we all will have to pay at least $10 a gallon on gas, the food prices will go 10 times higher and many more people will lose jobs here in America. I am a Financial Analyst at the US Dept of Treasury and think I am qualified to make this comment. Several months ago, the Wall Street was losing 200 to 400 points a day for almost a week because there was a rumor that the Chinese was going to sell some of the bonds and my boss Mr. Paulsen had to go to China to get the assurance that they were not planning to sell any US bonds in order to stabliize the Wall Street or the US economy could have went into recession several months ago. If you think China sucks, you probably should not stay in America because the American economy depends on China, the US government needs to borrow money from China, your unemployment welfare checks are the money from China as well! Everclear, which country sucks my man?

2310 days ago


I wonder if this is why Sharon is selling her house for a loss.

2310 days ago


I do not know if Sharon Stone reads this but I want to give her my kudos. I do not think that she had any mean intent with what was said and I have to agree with what she said. I think she is right that we should learn from this. And be kind to those even when we do not like their idealogoy. I know that it is hard for people to accept other peoples belief systems. I also know that most of the postings on here are trying to make this politcal faux pa about inteligence or race, when in fact all sharon stone was saying is that when we put bad energy out there it comes back to us. Unfortunately that bad energy is not going to put itself on a hold because there are children in the building. Karma doesn't wait for you to be alone.
Maybe China is just mad at her because the turth hurts.
The fact is that we all need to be nicer to people.
That doesn't mean that we are not intitled to our opinions, but we should respect those opinions of others.

Dalai Lying Lama, your comparision of the Dali Lama to Saddam Hussain is ridiculous and moronic, but it is your opinion and I respect that. You have the right to be an idiot.
I do not know why so many people have to make cruel statement about Stone's acting ability or lack there of , but she does have a point. Don't be a wicked witch or a house may just fall on you.

2310 days ago


So to comment #34... If you are so qualified to make this comment why use a suedo name?

And what would be the weight ratio of rice to bombs... How much rice do we, (American Government) give away for free in comparision to the amount of bombs that we sell to compinsate the income loss?

I do not know where you have been but we are in a recession with or without china selling our bonds.

And when you make a comment about someones welfare check, because you do not like their comment it discredits you and makes you sound like an arse!

2310 days ago


The Dalai Lama is the one of the biggest terrorists in world history, the Indian police just arrested 5 of Dalai Lama's top officials yesterday in India for trying to commit terrorist acts. One of the is the head of the Tibetan Youth Congress, the most radical terrorist group under the Dalai Lama's exile government. Oh, just in case if you did not know, over half of the members of the exile government are members of the Tibetan Youth Congress. Just about a month ago, they were telling the reporters in Italy that they are training suicide bombers to kill innocent tourists in Tibet in the near future. Just open your eyes and learn to see how many innocent people have been murdered by the Dalai Lama and then I will be happy to have a conversation with you. He is pretending to be a religious figure in the West but all the Asians know his true color. It seems like you do not study and do research too much my friend. Have an open heart and study or you will only sound like an ignorant like Sharon Stone.

2310 days ago



2310 days ago


Idiots like "AL GOREs VAGINA"just shows us how moronic the Americans are. If all Chinese are Communists, does it all Americans are members of the KKK?

2310 days ago


Sharon Stone was scheduled to sign contract for a big production movie called "Mermaid Island" this week but the producers have decided to FIRE her ass because her "karma" crap!!! The producers think that her comment was very inappropriate and offensive so they cannot offer her the main character job. I don't know about you, I will buy tickets to watch this movie for sure! I don't know who the director is but it is wrriten by the same writer(s) of Titanic so I think it should be good.

2310 days ago


Folks, this obviously is not the porn star's first offense, she was calling the Germans "You naughty little Germans. Naughty, nasty little Germans." in 2007. Read the article here: this seems like I was right that this racist crack moron does drugs too all the time!,2933,251762,00...

2310 days ago


5. the only reason she apologized is because it started to affect her 'bottom line', that is the pocketbook.
Posted at 9:13AM on Jun 4th 2008 by Marie

Sharon Stone didn't really apologize. She wrote a somewhat regretful but not overly apologetic explanation. Dior re-wrote it to make it into an abject apology. It was Dior who was looking after the bottom line, not Stone. She disputed the distortion of her words by Dior:

Here's a quote from that article:

> Early last week, Ms. Stone said, she received a call from Sidney Toledano, the
> chief executive of Dior, which hired the actress for beauty advertisements in
> 2005. “I talked to Sidney and I said: ‘Let’s get serious here. You guys know me
> very well. I’m not going to apologize. I’m certainly not going to apologize for
> something that isn’t real and true — not for face creams.’ ”

Here's another quote:

> It was only after reviewing the video in her home toward the end of the
> interview that it seemed to dawn on Ms. Stone why her comments had caused
> such an uproar. “I had absolutely no intention of saying that, which I did say,”
> she said, “and now, looking at it on the tape, I look like a complete ding-dong.”

I'm neither trying to condemn nor excuse Stone's statements. I just want to clarify the issue of her "apology".

2309 days ago


17. Who cares about China They are our enemy. Rise up and join the revilution! Its comming
Posted at 10:38AM on Jun 4th 2008 by Nuke em & we own em

You are mega-ignorant.

Do you realize that our "enemy" China is propping up the U.S. economy these days? They have loaned us more than 1.5 TRILLION dollars. That works out to more than 5,000 dollars that every man, woman, and child in the U.S. owes to the Chinese. And this amount keeps increasing. China is continuing to loan the U.S. more than one billion dollars PER DAY.

The reason for why China is doing this is to keep our economy running so that we will continue to buy their products. If we were to nuke and destroy China (and it's highly doubtful that we could even come close to succeeding at this; but that's a different topic), the flow of money from China to the U.S. would stop, and our country would go into an economic tailspin that would make the current recession look like a party.

Did you ever stop to think about why President Bush, who is so big on his war-mongering and his "axis of evil" type talk, is p@ssyfooting around the issue of the Chinese crackdown in Tibet? It's because he is desperate to kiss the ass of the Chinese because he knows how dependent the U.S. is on China's continuing economic support.

China is much stronger than you think, and the U.S. is much weaker.

2309 days ago


For the Chinese to assert that it's a worthy cause for them to have taken over Tibet and to continue to crack down on the tibetan efforts for independence is like the U.S. asserting that it was an equally worthy cause to conquer the Native Americans or to have enslaved Africans.

No matter what kind of government the Tibetans have had in the past, and no matter what kinds of governments the various Native American and African nations had in the past, neither the Chinese nor the U.S. are justified in their imperialistic efforts to subjugate those peoples and to destroy their culture.

Ever since Chairman Mao initiated his Imperialistic invasion of Tibet in 1959, China has sent more and more ethnic Chinese (the most prominent group of these often being called "Han Chinese") into the area, in exactly the same way that the U.S. sent American settlers into Native American lands as part of their own efforts at Imperialistic Conquest.

Chairman Mao's pretext for this invasion was that the Tibetans lived under a system that they called "Feudal Serfdom", and they needed to be liberated. This parallels the American justification for the systematic destruction of the Native American nations under the pretext that these people were "heathens" and "savages" that needed to be civilized, and the justification by millions of Americans for keeping Africans under the yoke of slavery because they were somehow less than human.

The fact of the earthquake in China and the resulting tragic loss of life has nothing to do with Chinese Imperialistic policies towards Tibet, nor does it have anything to do with China's systematic destruction of the Tibetan culture. Innocent Chinese were not receiving any kind of "karmic punishment" for the despicable sins of the Chinese, any more than the people of New Orleans were being punished by God for the despicable destruction of the Native American nations by the U.S., or for the centuries of slavery that millions of Americans willingly promoted for so long.

The statements made by Sharon Stone were therefore idiotic and unfair, and the Chinese people have a right to be angry and deeply offended by what she said.

On the other hand, none of this excuses China's despicable policies towards Tibet nor the systematic destruction of the Tibetan culture by the Chinese Imperialists.

2309 days ago
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