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Boston Fans Try to Jock Block Kobe

6/5/2008 11:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you really want to piss off Kobe Bryant, click here!
Kobe Bryant
A Boston Celtics fan is ripping a page from the Tony Parker how-not-to-play book, by creating cutouts of Vanessa Curry, the former Lakers cheerleader Bryant reportedly hooked up with. Kobe denies the alleged misdeed and has fired off a legal letter to the website that spread the rumor.

Anywho, at tonight's game, Boston fans are gonna hold up lots of pics of Vanessa. Will it distract Kobe? We're thinkin' ... he's used to it.

Stay tuned!

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No Avatar


Whatever they do.... KOBE wants this one TOO MUCH. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

2333 days ago


I think its halarious that those fans have to stoop so low. What doesn't break Kobe, only makes him stronger, and a BETTER player...so BRING IT!

2333 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Kobe needs to buy more jewelry.

2333 days ago

laker fan    

Naturally the Boston fans are scared to be playing the Lakers that they have to resort to such tactics. They have no faith in their own team to actually beat the Lakers on the basketball court. But then again, if my team almost lost to the Atlanta Haws, I would be nervous too!

2333 days ago


Doesn't matta.

KOBE AKA MVP is gonna KILL 'EM!!!!!

2333 days ago


I heard Kobe Bryant is a rapist.

2333 days ago


Wow - This is really teaching kids good sportsmanship. Where do you draw the line? Think about his wife. Keep it in the courthouse not the court.

2333 days ago


i say go celtics and so what if they try to distract kobe with the picture. it's called trying to get an edge. the laker fans would do the same thing so i wouldn't call the boston fans classless, beat la celts

2333 days ago

Boston Killer    

Celtics team suck and they do need all the help and what ever they can come up with to win. They barely got by the Hawks who would be a 12th seed in the West. Barely got by LeBron who had nobody in his team. Got lucky with Detroit which they tacticly injured Rip Hamilton who was destroying them. So this actually makes sense that Boston fans have to get involve and use stupid non-basketball tactics to win. Maybe you should Video Tape the Lakers practice to win...Boston is use to that anyway. Guess it is asking too much from Celtics fans to just be noisy and cheery and be a true fan of the game.

2333 days ago

Anya sucks    

City of Champions, people. CITY OF CHAMPIONS! Boston teams are the best. Everyone else is just haters.

2333 days ago


HAHAHAHA....LMAF are you serious,,,,you are so ridiculous, yeah the celtics injured hamilton-he hurt his arm trying to put garnet in a headlock dumba$$ hahaha, you should be educated before you go making dumb assumption. keep on the defense LA, you are going down. without kobe, there would be no LA...at least Boston is a complete team-obviously a better team, i mean we do have home court advatage because WE HAD A BETTER RECORD THAN LA AND ANYONE ELSE THIS SEASON SUCKAS!!!! keep hating boston, it just reminds it's fans that oh yeah, once again we are ON TOP woot!!!!!

2333 days ago


I'm a Boston fan, and I think it's totally disrespectful. Especially when his wife and (kids, does he have kids?) are there. I know we all may hate the Lakers, but cmonnn, get a life. There are better ways to "disrupt" a player, or at least attempt to disrupt a player.

Kobe's life is his own, and if allegations are true obviously it's wrong. But, there's nothing we can do about it, nothing is going to stop Kobe from being a sensational player.

Anyways, I'll leave with this, go celtics! =)

2333 days ago


To the haters that keep saying "celts barely got by Atlanta blah blah blah"... I don't think you understand that playoff basketball is a completely different atmosphere.

Educated sports fans would actually understand that.

truthfully, i think the la-boston matchup is even... and the series could go either way. im rooting for the celts, and hope they can come up with a way to contain kobe.. even if it means he gets 25 points. just keep him below 30 haha

and yes, boston has some pretty damn ignorant fans. but boston is not the only city. trust me, there are PLENTY of fans from all around the country that can get as ignorant and obnoxious as ever. even as a boston fan, i think some cross the line.

but the only reason why boston gets all the hating and headlines is because our teams are better than yours ;-)

2333 days ago


We need to tet a pro wrestler in there to drop kick Kobe.

And then put salt in his eyes.

Bring the guy from Haloween III in to rip off his arms and throw them into the audience.

Then throw a bunch of pirahanas on his legs o they can eat up all that muscle.

Then throw the remainder into a blender with some smoothie mix and pass it around to a Satanic Cult.


2333 days ago


i think this is very funny. i'd like to see the picture of his wife with the cut-outs surrounding her

2333 days ago
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