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Candy Spelling: What a Slot!

6/5/2008 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling's mom just hit the jackpot -- again.

TMZ Vegas spies tell us over the weekend, Candy was playing the high limit slots (up to $1,000 a pull) at the Bellagio Hotel when she robbed the one-armed bandit to the tune of $180,000.

Exactly one year ago, Candy -- whose fortune is estimated at $600 mil -- won $200,000 at -- yes, the Bellagio. And yes, on the slots. She was up $350,000 at one point but couldn't walk away.

But wait, there's more. Days after her 2007 jackpot, she held a charity raffle and won a car.

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Holyfield Goes Belly Up

Evander Holyfield made over $200 mil in the ring ... and probably another 10 grand or so on "Dancing with the Stars." So shocker -- seems he's broke.
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Evander's home has gone into foreclosure and it's going on the auction block. On the home front, he's being sued for allegedly defaulting on a $650,000 landscaping bill. And, baby mama Toi Jenese Irvin is taking him to court for $6 grand in back child support.

Evander's rep was mum.

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Brangelina Done in By Star Magazine

Turns out Miss "I'm a lawyer" Jones ain't the only Star that's full of crap these days.
Angelina Jolie
According to the cover of the latest Star Magazine, Brad Pitt and his peeps "panicked" after Angelina "collapsed" on a beach in France. Problem is -- it just ain't true.

A series of photos taken at exactly the same time on the same day show she was juuuust fine, playing with the kids and having grand old time. In fact, Brad and U2's The Edge are just helping her up off the beach ... like gentlemen should do with preggy women.

By the way, Star makes this sound like it just happened -- these pics were taken a month ago. Their rep says they stand by their story -- and that the snap in question was taken May 21.

Boston Fans Try to Jock Block Kobe

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Kobe Bryant
A Boston Celtics fan is ripping a page from the Tony Parker how-not-to-play book, by creating cutouts of Vanessa Curry, the former Lakers cheerleader Bryant reportedly hooked up with. Kobe denies the alleged misdeed and has fired off a legal letter to the website that spread the rumor.

Anywho, at tonight's game, Boston fans are gonna hold up lots of pics of Vanessa. Will it distract Kobe? We're thinkin'....he's used to it.

Stay tuned!

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No Avatar


Fed Up    

TMZ is a terrible organization. MILF? Are you serious? Are you people 12-year-old boys? If you're going to annoy the crap out of all celebrities about their MOLES, CELLULITE, HEALTH PROBLEMS......leave their kids out of it. You are ruining a generation of children here just because their parents are famous. As I'm flipping through channels and come across your show, I often wonder what would happen if you took most of your staff out to the beach and put them in a bathing suit....I'm sure the cellulite and other skin flaws would abound. I hope someone does that to some of your people someday....oh, wait a minute....your staff is too idiotic to actually be stalked by the paparazzi....stalkers.

2301 days ago


If people didn't pay attention TMZ would have NO audience. End of story.

2301 days ago



2301 days ago


I hate TMZ. This site and your show are so sleazy. You are just if not worse then the National Enquirer. You guys should get a life and let people (celebrities) live their lifes. How cares about who has skin blemishes and cellulite or who just won the jackpot, GET A LIFE. I am most interested in finding the cheapest gasoline station and you people are discussing stupid things like comparing the lovely Sara J. Parker Broderick Bueller to a horse and nonesense like that. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. I don't even watch your show. I think it is so stupid how you are just standing like idiots in an office discussing and critizising actors and singers. You should get lessons like the wonderfull educated staff at Entertainment Tonight. They do thier celebrity topics with class. The staff at TMZ are idiots and should go to college or some sort of training before being allowed to do whatever they are suppose to be doing. GET REAL, we have a nation in crises.

2301 days ago


So sad, and so ugly, And specially from someone like Harvey Levin who has been in the closet for so many years, I guess the limelight is a drug even for you. Report on celebs thats fine but why so ugly?? Just imagine someone showing off your dirty laundry with boy friend Andy, how would you feel? And how would Andy feel. I dont watch your show unless it happen to be on the channel when I turn the TV on, I'll change the channel very quickly, its very degrading and so childish, well most of your staff is rather juvenile.........then again you like them young.............Get some style and morals for God sake. Be a man not a pathetic National Enquire lookalike......

2300 days ago


The Spelling story is just sickening. When others harp on the fact that Brad and Angelina aren't doing enough to save the world these filthy rich pigs do nothing! I recall Tori once claiming while growing up they had a staff of 100 servants, waiting hand and foot and probably whipping their butts too. Wish people would demand more out of them as well.

2299 days ago

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