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Cashis' Lil' Girl -- Mama Hit Me!

6/5/2008 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CashisTMZ has learned that the baby mama of O.C. rapper Cashis is being investigated for allegedly hitting their little girl.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the young daughter of Cashis (real name: Ramone Johnson) told her elementary school nurse a few days back that her mom had hit her with a broomstick.

Sources tell us that there was a mark on the girl's arm that confirmed her story. The Orange County sheriff's office has interviewed the mother, who claims the broomstick incident was an accident. Her response to one question was...the girl ran into the broomstick. Sure...

Story developing...


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no surprise

2294 days ago


What a piece of work the 2 parents are. Do the child a favor now and take her away from those abusers. Very sad.

2294 days ago


So many kids are abused and never tell. Good for this little girl for having the courage to speak up.

2294 days ago


I know - Lets beat the crap out of the mom with the same broomstick. An I for an I.

2294 days ago


It's an eye for an eye rachel

2294 days ago


Why don't we wait and see what happened before we pass judgment. If you're over 40 then your parents hit you at some point in time and I think you'd be less apt to pass judgment. If the kid was wailed upon that's a different story.
Please don't freak on me but the adage spare the rod spoil the child comes to mind. For me it was the wooden spoon. I say that come out of the drawer and I turned into an olympic sprinter.

2294 days ago


Rachel, I agree! Take that child out of that home and give her to a loving family where the parents are not referred to as, "baby mama" and "baby daddy"!

2294 days ago


Yes, I know it is an eye for a eye. Trying to shorten up my typing. As for Whammo, come on, are you serious? The child goes to the school nurse with marks on her body from a BROOMSTICK. This is clearly abuse. Oh, I guess your pretty well adjuste because your an olympic sprinter and you were hit. So, what EXACTLY were you running from? A SPOON perhaps? Somebody step in and save this girl NOW.

2294 days ago


Whamo #6

It's illegal to hit a child with anything but an open hand across the bottom. I hope you don't have kids.

2294 days ago


Broomstick ~ You sound like a real "prize" and I pray you don't have children!

2294 days ago


broomstck is just looking for some attention.

2294 days ago


Don't be so quick to judge. I have 3 kids. One is really accident prone. Once she ran up behind me when I was opening a door and it slammed into her forehead. Another time I was taking a soup can out of the cabinet and she walked up behind me as I turned and the can smacked her in the mouth. She just always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I've come to expect her to always be underfoot.

2294 days ago


Does she then go to the school nurse and say you beat her? Your long winded reply doesn't appky to this topic.

2294 days ago

Brandy S    

Question is where has the father been from the beginning? Vicious cycles! Men wake the F*** up and be there for your children IN THE HOUSEHOLD NOT OUTSIDE!!!!!!!

2294 days ago


Use your hand or a belt

Use your fist when they turn 15

Use a broom to sweep him/her out of the house when turn 18

Use a broomstick only to keep him/her out when trying to return home

2294 days ago
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