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Gloria's Client: I Won't be D**ked Around

6/5/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was jock blocked from the Bev Hills Hotel for dressing like a man was overcome by emotion as she explained the humiliation of getting s**tcanned from the can.


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they actually weren't bad    

there's no way that's a chick

2337 days ago


She needs to take her man looking ass and get a job if I would of saw her in the womens bathroom I would of called for security QUICK stop trying to mllk some one out of cash looking like that. GET A JOB I know this is not the first womens bathroom you have been thrown out of are u trying to sue them all get a life ManOWoman.

2336 days ago


Edumacated: You should check your facts yourself, before you go off on your ignorant rants of misinformation. Although, I suspect that the facts are irrelevant to someone with bigoted and prejudicial values, like yourself.

Tanya was forced to prove that she was a woman to the BH Hotel, and it was not by showing the security staff her California Driver’s License.

Check out the link below. The BH Hotel has security tapes that will reveal the entire scene.

125. "73....Are you serious #67? You said, “If security had then (rightly) asked her to prove her gender by showing them her private parts, she would have sued for THAT.”

She IS SUING because they forced her to expose her parts, and she has every right to recover. Do you really believe that every time someone has an issue with the way that someone else appears, or has a question regarding a person’s gender, the person in question should be forced to drop their pants and expose their genitals? Do really believe that it is ok for the security staff to insult and humiliate a human being by referring to that human being as “IT”? ...

At the end of the day, it does not really matter what the people on this thread believe, because the answer to the above two questions is unequivocally NO, and the law in this country supports that answer.

YES, Gloria Alred is a kook, but this time she is correct, and this woman will recover in a lawsuit against the BH Hotel.

Posted at 6:38PM on Jun 5th 2008 by jess600


Jess, I suggest you try READING with a view to acquiring information before you embarrass yourself further with these clueless rants. NOWHERE in her statement does she claim she was asked to expose herself. She is claiming discrimination. Any suit will also likely include a claim of "intentional infliction of emotional distress." As a June 5 report on KTLA News states: "she claims she was "shocked and humiliated" when she was forced to leave the woman's bathroom and escorted off the hotel's premises, even though a friend confirmed to hotel security she was, in fact, a woman." So your claim that she was asked to show her private parts is COMPLETELY FALSE (see what happens when you THINK you know everything and instead reveal your ignorance?) At this stage, no one, INCLUDING YOU, knows exactly what transpired. You know only what Allred and her client have contended.
Posted at 3:02AM on Jun 6th 2008 by Edumacated

2336 days ago


ugh... separating genders in public restrooms... I guess it slightly help to avoid raping problems? but these days, lets not presume everybody is heterosexual. Most girls are slightly, moderately or obviously attracted towards other girls so the purpose of separating genders is starting to be questionable. I mean... yeah urinary things for man wont exist in a public (no gender) bathroom, their purpose would be removed... yet since we have cabinets hiding us from being exposed... no, I really don't see the purpose... I mean, if its dangerous to share women and man's bathroom, they could place a camera from an angle that allows to see what's happening directly on the other side of the cabinets...

1216 days ago
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