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Gloria's Client: I Won't be D**ked Around

6/5/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was jock blocked from the Bev Hills Hotel for dressing like a man was overcome by emotion as she explained the humiliation of getting s**tcanned from the can.


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Hey Gloria, It is a man you giant ASS!

Hey Lady Looks Like a Dude, Get real and stay out of my bathroom!

2296 days ago


I would have called security and told them "it" was in the wrong restroom too !!! If you're going to wear a some cleavage!!!

2296 days ago

Woulda coulda shouda    

It's simple: If you are going to dress like the opposite sex and try your best to look like the opppsite sex, then use the other bathroom, moron! Pop a squat in the men's bathroom for God's sake! And don't even get me started on the race card! It's old..... I hope the judge laughs in "ITS" face! As for Gloria Allred, as mentioned by another person who commented, she is an ambulance chaser no doubt! She needs to be disbarred for bringing such humility to the justice system (not that it's not a joke already).

2296 days ago


well all she has to do, is start using the mens room:)
men dont care what you look like, you could be the most feminine woman or Pamela Anderson and no man is going to kick you out of the bathroom.
Problem solved!

2296 days ago


OMG. If you are dressing like a man because you want to LOOK like a man (and this one obviously does), then don't be surprised when something like this happens! I am a woman, and if I saw a man or what LOOKS like a man, walking into a women's restroom, I would LOSE IT. She would have been out of there.

The hotel did the right thing. You are completely free to express yourself, but when it comes down to sensitive things like this, the public has the right to draw the line.

Buy a dress, lady.

2296 days ago


Gloria makes more people cry than Babara Walters.

2296 days ago

Todd Lee    

PLEASE GIMME A BREAK!!! just another piece of s!@# trying to milk money outta a compnay. he/she said "this was the worst night of my life" OH POOR BABY!!! i bet he/she is tramatized for her entire life..YEAH RIGHT!!!..i hope a judge and a jury doesn't fall for this crap and throws this ouuta court, this is ridicious. he/she went into a restroom and was asked to leave because she looks, acts, dresses, talks like a man...WOW!! BIG SURPRISE.

2296 days ago


I wonder what Gloria would have done if she would have been using the bathroom when this person walked in. I'll bet SHE would have been the one calling security.

2296 days ago


How is security going to keep the bathrooms safe?
Rapist, molester, wacko?
Hey if you look like a man, sound like a man, and dress like a man what do you expect?
Its like screaming fire in a crowded movie theatre. This gender bender scared a lot of women.
Safety first, nuts last.

2296 days ago


It's a MAN, baby!

2296 days ago


One more thing, has Gloria even checked to make sure that this really is a female?? Sure looks like a man to me. I definitely wouldn't take "it's" word for it.

2296 days ago


You are all jerks. I feel sorry for the woman and she has every right to dress the way she wants and not be humiliated. The cruelty in this world amazes me.

2296 days ago

Me, myself and I    

19. We need to create a 3rd bathroom for the inbetween people!

Posted at 5:17PM on Jun 5th 2008 by laura bush


Well, some places already have "family" restrooms that both sexes can and do use. However, I think they were mainly installed so that the daddies wouldn't have to take their little girls to the men's room, - where urinals are not generally enclosed in stalls.

I do think that if "she" had shown the security guards valid ID that proved she was a female, the security guards should have apologized to her and left.

2296 days ago


Oh come on now...Gloria as gone way too far now defending this one. What a bunch of BS this man is pulling!

2296 days ago


That outfit that tranny is wearing would be enought to make me cry. If in fact you are a woman dress like a woman dummy.
And Gloria my God find a better class of dimwits to represent!

2296 days ago
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