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Gloria's Client: I Won't be D**ked Around

6/5/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was jock blocked from the Bev Hills Hotel for dressing like a man was overcome by emotion as she explained the humiliation of getting s**tcanned from the can.


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Is it just the photo or does this "chick" have facial hair? I'd be running straight to security if "she" came into the ladies room, especially at a posh place like that... like everyone's saying, want to be treated like a dude, dress like a dude. Hotel security had every right to demand that "she" proved she was female - they are protecting their clientele.

Seriously, Gloria Allred, this is what you are stooping to? What happened to her mission to bring down Rob Lowe?

2274 days ago


"Expecially" is pronounced "Especially" and "Ax" should be "Ask". Learn. To. Speak. I'd be FREAKED OUT to see her in the ladies room with me. But you can tell by her voice that she IS a woman.

2274 days ago


I honestly believe that IT was faking to be choked up and only started the faux tears after IT had difficulty in reading her lawyer's prepared statement. She got all choked up in order to disguise her lack of edJEWkashun.

2274 days ago


Once again, the issue here is not whether or not this woman should have been in the woman’s restroom.

The issue is the way that she was treated after the security staff confronted her about her gender.

Are you serious #67? You said, “If security had then (rightly) asked her to prove her gender by showing them her private parts, she would have sued for THAT.”

She IS SUING because they forced her to expose her parts, and she has every right to recover. Do you really believe that every time someone has an issue with the way that someone else appears, or has a question regarding a person’s gender, the person in question should be forced to drop their pants and expose their genitals? Do really believe that it is ok for the security staff to insult and humiliate a human being by referring to that human being as “IT”?

At the end of the day, it does not really matter what the people on this thread believe, because the answer to the above two questions is unequivocally NO, and the law in this country supports that answer.

YES, Gloria Alred is a kook, but this time she id correct, and this woman will recover in a lawsuit against the BH Hotel.


2274 days ago



I just read the transcript that TMZ has a link to.

This episode occured September 27th, 2007!

...and IT is still crying about IT?

Quit IT.

2274 days ago


If you dressed like that & I had seen you I would also think our a dude. C'mon even your actionss & demeanor are too guy like. You want to act like you have a penis , then go to that bathroom .

2274 days ago


SO gross!!! You want to dress/look like a dude & then get pissed at people for thinking you look like a dude...??? wtf?

2274 days ago


Are these people nuts?

She clearly wants people to think she is a man..she dresses and does
all she can to look like a man...then she tries to sue because people
believe she is a man and that upsets her? Is she sane????

I think it's nothing but a set up and rort.

Gloria Allred...this is the worst case I have ever heard of.

2274 days ago


Amen #64! Anyone think it's strange that it happened at the Bev Hills Hotel??? I smell a set up - no different than staging a slip and fall. Gloria Allred should be disbarred. I swear, between her & the ACLU, any freak can have a lawsuit. Maybe the other patrons should sue for having to look at "her" while dining.

2274 days ago


Another frivolous lawsuit in Los Angeles. What a big surprise. This person looks like a man and I don't blame the security officers for doing their job.

2274 days ago


IT has to read what happen to herself? That drama wouldn't pass an elementry acting class. What did IT expect them to do to her? That lawyer lost its marbles for holding court on the street

2274 days ago


Look, I'm gay. I've seen every drag queen out there and I fully understand the trans-gender process. But what the heck is this "girl" going into the womans restroom looking like a man? Holy crap! If I were a woman I would have dialed 911. Why isn't he/she dressed like a woman or if not, at least advise a staff member of your personal situation?!!

2274 days ago

jen newman    

now why the hell would anyone who dresses like this think that anyone would think he/she is female? Is it possible that this person is in the midst of becoming transgendered? This can be the only reason for the appearance that I know of. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you look that much like a man,. you must know it before you go out anywhere. This person is obviously not stable and Gloria Allred looks more stupid than usual chasing these ridiculous cases! What a circus... Th person was obviously looking for trouble. Just look at the outfit. Why would he be in the Beverlyt Hills Hotel anyway if not to create some trouble? And why in the world would the pretty girl next to him have anything to do with him especially in public? Sounds like a publicity stunt to me.......

Jen Newman

2274 days ago


Lord. Gloria Allred really cracks me up. Where does she find these people? That lady is constant entertainment.. much better than Prince Von A-hole.

Sorry but that looks like a dude and if I was in the bathroom and someone came in looking like a big, beefy dude -- I would be scared as hell and complain to management ... and expect management to get that person out of the women's restroom.

There is NO case here, Gloria. Get back to the Rob Lowe's ex-nanny -- that's where you might make a buck.

2274 days ago


If the shoe fits! This woman was obviously looking for something like this to happen. Pleeeeaaassse what woman dresses to look purposely like a man. She doesnt dress like a man she dresses up to be a man! Obviously security thought IT was a man. 100% of the general public would - she looks exactly like a man. She has no case and Gloria you are such a washed yup media ehore hack job lawyer. The bar should take back your license.

2274 days ago
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