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Jamie Lynn's Baby Will Grow Up in a Barn

6/5/2008 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is how they roll in Kentwood –- Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are getting geared up for their new arrival, and it looks like Casey is ready to put his feet up.

People reports that J & C got a bunch of furniture delivered to their new house, including a leather recliner, a leather sofa, and a king-size canopy bed. The nursery for the Spears rugrat also has in interesting color scheme: pink, brown, and "silver-green."

The best part? Their new property has a studio (which used to be a hair salon) – and a barn. Of course it does.

Papa Joe –- Selling Romo Like AshPete?

Yet again we learn that Joe Simpson will do anything to cash in on his lil' girls.

Us Weekly says that Joe asked Romo to ditch his agent and let him manage his career – oh, and by the way, Tony has a $67 mil contract with the Dallas Cowboys. And that's not all –- Joe apparently offered to sell the story of Jess and Tony's engagement and subsequent wedding to a magazine.

One little problem: they're not engaged yet.

If Only Paris Hilton Knew About This

With celeb DUI judge Michael Sauer off the bench for good, there's additional hope for celebs who are trying to stay on the right side of the law – and its name is Sobrietol.

It's a dietary supplement in powder form (no, not cocaine) that you mix with water, and its makers claim that it'll reduce your blood alcohol level – not to mention the hangover the next day. Plus all that redness that Asian folks get?

No word on how long it will take Sobrietol to put TMZ out of business.


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Lenn K.    

Run Tony as fast as you can. This pimp will not stop. He's a freak and you'll be under the spell if you stay. Look at Jessica.

2331 days ago

Im just sayin'...    

what is wrong with Jamie Lynn's (the unwed pregnant teen) house? so what if it has a barn? It sounds nice. Quit crying that they wont give you a real story and move on.

2331 days ago


Check your links, TMZ. I wasn't aware that Sobrietol had anything to do with Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo.

2331 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

" .... the Spears rugrat ... " .... "... will grow up in a barn ... " Morning tmz.

2331 days ago


While you're checking links, darling TMZ updater, proofread.
"(which used to a hair salon)"

Editing might be a little above and beyond your abilities, though. It's ok. We totally understand.

2331 days ago


Seriously TMZ give it a rest with the Jamie Lynn snide comments! You're just pissed because you don't have Britney news anymore so you take it out on her. You just look stupid.

And yes, proofreading would be nice.

2331 days ago


Joe only made 20K a year before he started using his daughters. Now he is living large.

Something that really stood out to me was during Jessica's show newlyweds she goes on a big shopping spree and her mom looks impatient, bored and annoyed at how much Jess spends. It was obvious Tina was there to hand over the credit card and pay the bill. No doubt it was Jessica’s money but why was Tina in charge of it? Jessica was a grown woman that was married.

I wonder if Jess even knows how much of what she earned went into Papa's pocket.

2331 days ago


Joe Simpson needs to find a hobby and stay OUT of Tony Romos business. No wonder Jessica is divorced! Sounds like she can thank her dad for that!

TMZ..................your continuous jabs at Jamie Lynn are getting old. It is time to close that chapter and move on to more deserving souls!

2331 days ago


Joe Simpson is creeeeeeeeeepy!

2331 days ago


Tony should tell Jess it is eithier him or her Dad. Joe is a very disturbed person.

2331 days ago

Illinois person    

What is Tony Romo thinking when he's hanging out w/this family? The father is a want-to-be celebrity whore. These Simpson's will bring Tony down faster than anyone on the defense. I agree, he better run (and fast) if it's not already too late. For now, he is way too good for that moron Jessica but it won't be long before he is just one of them. Besides, doesn't he know his girlfriend is the most hated person in all of Texas? Beyond that she's also as dumb as a box of rocks. Speaking of, get yours off w/someone other than her T.R. Run man, run!

2331 days ago


Good for them - raising a child in the country in a nice home that has a barn is preferable to raising it in TMZ-land, where people just act like barnyard animals (no offense to the real animals). Maybe, just maybe, this kid has a chance for a normal life.

2331 days ago

forever daisy    

Dear TMZ and who ever else it may concern… enough with the southern cracks! If Jaime Lynn wants to stay in Kentwood and raise her baby in a barn good for her, it’s a hell of a lot better than raising that child in Hollywood or some other “tinsel” town. The only thing that child (the baby that is… it’s too late for Jaime Lynn) the only thing that baby needs is a mega-mom as opposed to a mega-star. It appears that Jaime Lynn (for whatever reason) is at home surrounded by her and Casey’s family during this time WHERE SHE NEEDS TO BE. They are young… we all make mistakes… Jaime Lynn has made a lot of money to live off of comfortably in Kentwood given its economic cost of life in comparison to, say, Los Angeles. Casey might even have a chance to make something of himself by them staying there. And that baby will have (hopefully) a community with at least some positive influences in it’s life to help raise it. I’ve been to the “high side” of LA, Miami, and New York… they are nice places to visit, but I’ll take the Carolina coast any day, and the barn outside my door that my children can play in.

2331 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Sobrietol is a total scam. It was tested by the police and featured on the evening news. It's nothing but a total rip-off. So why is TMZ giving it such a feature after it was showned NOT to work? A little pay-ola maybe? Hmmm. . . . There's a fine line between "produce placement" and pay to play. People have gone to prison for that stuff. I'll tell ya what.

2331 days ago


I have two words to say to TMZ about Jamie Lynn and to Tony Romo about the Simpson clan.... MOVE ON!

2331 days ago
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