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Jamie Lynn's Baby Will Grow Up in a Barn

6/5/2008 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is how they roll in Kentwood –- Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are getting geared up for their new arrival, and it looks like Casey is ready to put his feet up.

People reports that J & C got a bunch of furniture delivered to their new house, including a leather recliner, a leather sofa, and a king-size canopy bed. The nursery for the Spears rugrat also has in interesting color scheme: pink, brown, and "silver-green."

The best part? Their new property has a studio (which used to be a hair salon) – and a barn. Of course it does.

Papa Joe –- Selling Romo Like AshPete?

Yet again we learn that Joe Simpson will do anything to cash in on his lil' girls.

Us Weekly says that Joe asked Romo to ditch his agent and let him manage his career – oh, and by the way, Tony has a $67 mil contract with the Dallas Cowboys. And that's not all –- Joe apparently offered to sell the story of Jess and Tony's engagement and subsequent wedding to a magazine.

One little problem: they're not engaged yet.

If Only Paris Hilton Knew About This

With celeb DUI judge Michael Sauer off the bench for good, there's additional hope for celebs who are trying to stay on the right side of the law – and its name is Sobrietol.

It's a dietary supplement in powder form (no, not cocaine) that you mix with water, and its makers claim that it'll reduce your blood alcohol level – not to mention the hangover the next day. Plus all that redness that Asian folks get?

No word on how long it will take Sobrietol to put TMZ out of business.


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2298 days ago


HAHAHAHA!! Your a genius!!

2298 days ago


In an attempt to make some humor at Jamie Lynn's expense you have failed again, as you usually do.

2298 days ago


"..redness that Asian folk get." Another racist comment on TMZ!

2298 days ago

Louisiana Gal    

I wish every one would stop making fun of the south this is a good place to be. It's quiet and not that bad of place. If Jamie Lynn wants to have [her] baby here she should. Only because she is a young celeb it don't mean anything, She is a person that has feelings.Yes she is young but every one makes mistakes and a baby is not a mistake. The timing might be a mistake but the soul inside is not.Good Luck Jamie I say .

And as for as Jessica is concernd who cares about her money. If her father is taking her money that is not our problem. She needs to open her eyes and notice .And the pictures of her mom being upset as Jessica shoped who would not be upset having to stand there for hours having to wait and watch someone try on clothes and spend $100's on clothes they don't need.

2298 days ago


Joe Simpson has some seriously extra large b***s to even entertain such an idea about Tony much less say it out loud! What a freaking pompous ass he is.

2298 days ago


i think jami-lynn is adorable. she looks alot like a young britney in that picture... and i've seen thier new home and property, i think it's cool. ;-)

2298 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Why are you bashing southerners? Trust me Harvey... your life ain't all that grand.

2298 days ago


Jessica-say goodbye to Tony...

2298 days ago


Joe Simpson has already alienated most of his "old" friends in Dallas...............If he keeps F in with Tony, he will have the state of Texas on his heels!

Leave well enough alone Joe!

2298 days ago


Why does TMZ feel a need to perpetuate Southern stereotypes? Your comments are so mean spirited. There was a time when I preferred this site for entertainment news but that's no longer true. I am capable of forming my own opinions and don't need or appreciate your low rent, "mean girl" comments!! You aren't edgy and are BULLIES!

2298 days ago


I would probably say the judges moronic and inconsistent rulings is why he is no longer there. I don't know where this judge was educated at but he really lacked common sense more than anything.

2298 days ago

ME not you    

How long will it take Sobrietal to put TMZ out of business? Not soon enough!

I'm sick of this site, written by 19-year-olds who think every has-been sex and drug joke in the world is hilariously funny and that the world revolves around the cellulite of a perfectly normal-size woman.

Now let's add to that the racist Asian remark about slanty eyes in the Sobrietal story. Hmmm, TMZ sure does love to call out every dumb drunk "celebrity" who utters the N word out loud but hatred against Asians and women? No problem!

Goodbye forever TMZ, you're nothing but a bunch of no-talent stalkers and Harvey's supposed law degree is probably printed in Crayola. Ugh, you guys make me ill.

2298 days ago


alright.. quit with the stupid "barn/country" comments. Many people in the United States actually ENJOY living in the country and having a barn.. I guess that whole American dream is lost out in LA LA land. Wake up and realize your website isn't just read by city folk.

2298 days ago


TMZ, what is wrong with you? Obviously a pack of talentless, jealous stalkers with nothing better to do than to find ways to trash celebs. That idiotic article makes it seem that there is something wrong with the fact there is a barn and studio on Jamie Lynn's new property. That is the beauty of having a nice big piece of property in a rural town - you have the room and a good use for barns and other outbuildings. Sounds like a fun, healthy place to raise a child, although I am not condoning 16 year old mothers by any means.

Joe Simpson is the epitome of a Parasitic Papa. I don't know how jessica can have a shred of respect for him, but then she has proven she isnt the sharpest pencil in the box. If Tony really likes jessica (though I cannot imagine why), he needs to put his foot down and tell the Parasite to BACK OFF and not give in an inch to this creep.

2298 days ago
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