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Jamie Lynn's Baby Will Grow Up in a Barn

6/5/2008 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is how they roll in Kentwood –- Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are getting geared up for their new arrival, and it looks like Casey is ready to put his feet up.

People reports that J & C got a bunch of furniture delivered to their new house, including a leather recliner, a leather sofa, and a king-size canopy bed. The nursery for the Spears rugrat also has in interesting color scheme: pink, brown, and "silver-green."

The best part? Their new property has a studio (which used to be a hair salon) – and a barn. Of course it does.

Papa Joe –- Selling Romo Like AshPete?

Yet again we learn that Joe Simpson will do anything to cash in on his lil' girls.

Us Weekly says that Joe asked Romo to ditch his agent and let him manage his career – oh, and by the way, Tony has a $67 mil contract with the Dallas Cowboys. And that's not all –- Joe apparently offered to sell the story of Jess and Tony's engagement and subsequent wedding to a magazine.

One little problem: they're not engaged yet.

If Only Paris Hilton Knew About This

With celeb DUI judge Michael Sauer off the bench for good, there's additional hope for celebs who are trying to stay on the right side of the law – and its name is Sobrietol.

It's a dietary supplement in powder form (no, not cocaine) that you mix with water, and its makers claim that it'll reduce your blood alcohol level – not to mention the hangover the next day. Plus all that redness that Asian folks get?

No word on how long it will take Sobrietol to put TMZ out of business.


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hot snot    

are Joe Simpson and his wife divorced? i think that TMZ should start writing more about Joe and his scandalous lifestyle that doesn't revolve around his daughters. do some DIGGING! Write stories that are embarassing for him, make him the paparazzi target, and start REALLY ruining HIS personal life. Then maybe he will back down about whoring out his daughters lives? I don't know...but i think that would be more fun to read about. The minister that drinks and is "satan" rather than what he portrays himself as?

2340 days ago


TMZ, you really need to back off us southerners. You are just pissed that Jaime Lynn has decided to leave the cracked out place of celebrity world and go somewhere that is normal and try to do the right things. She's seen the things that can happen to her if she stayed in that world by what everyone did to her sister. Leave her alone. So what, she has a barn, ohhh big deal.

As for Joe Simpson -------RUN TONY RUN. Just walk away from Jessica. Some things are just not worth it. You may truly have feelings for Jessica and ditto for her, but you will NEVER, EVER get rid of Joe Simpson until Jessica just walks away from her father. He will never stop. I'm just praying that his other daughter will walk away before his grandchild pays the ultimate price.

2340 days ago


Miss Hilton was not drunk. In CA the meter begins at .o8. Let's keep the facts straight. Paris was jailed for a mistake of the Court, regarding her drivers license. Some day that unjustice will be righted.

2340 days ago


Well, he is a good agent....

2340 days ago


Getting Judge Sour off the bench is like having a boil removed. He and his prejudiced evil treatment of Paris worked out to be a huge embarassment to our entire country. More and more people are coming to see what he did for what it was, prejudice and evil.

The Sheriff was just as bad but only because he is a weakling willing to be led around by a judge. He went along with keeping Paris for her entire 23 days. Then, a few months later said publicly that all prisoners are treated equally thus Michelle Rodriguez was let out after serving 10% (18 days) of her sentence. Her judge said she did not like it but admitted that once in the jail the sheriff rules.

During the 18 days that Paris was kept beyond what would have been fair and equal treatment:


2340 days ago


actually asians have a MUCH cheaper remedy. its called taking an antacid before your first drink. absolutely 100% solved. try it.

2340 days ago

Damn TMZ is stupid!    

About Jamie Lynne... the colors brown, pink, and "silver-green" (try a pastel type of green u dumb asses) are considered to be a spring time flower type of theme. And I think they are nice colors for a girl. As for the "barn" it's a damn outdoor storage you stupid &*^&^%!

2340 days ago


Hey TMZ and Harvey, every time you write about Paris you imply that she was jailed for being drunk or for a DUI. You know this is not true but you make this claim over and over again.

Harvey, she gave you a drawing she made while in the jail and thanked you for your "fair" treatment of her on TMZ.


2340 days ago


ok no wonder everyone hate paparazzi u guys r like stockers do u got a live and i really hate the guy thats says at the end of the show im a lawyer man get a life u a nobody nobody stars take drugs to get u out of their heads..

2340 days ago


TMZ needs to quit promoting stories that have not been proven. Jessica Simpson stated in a radio interview that the story about her Dad was not true. She also stated that Tony wanted to call US Weekly to set them straight and she told him not to bother that it would not help. You, just like other blogs - tend only to print part of statements that are made. TMZ only printed part of what Joe Simpson's response to these accusations are. He adamantly stated that he stays out of Jess's love life and also that he had never asked Tony to change agents. Too bad TMZ only prints malicious gossip. I thought when TMZ first came out you would stick to the truth, but you are just like all of these other blogs and gossip mags - you just print innuendo and gossip.

2340 days ago


Ever try Sobrietol moron? I take it religiously after a night of drinking and it works! There website shows police department labs who did testing and proved it works. It's huge here in California. Trust me, the stuff works like a charm!

2340 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

"No word on how long it will take Sobrietol to put TMZ out of business."

The sooner, the better.

2340 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

18. Good for them - raising a child in the country in a nice home that has a barn is preferable to raising it in TMZ-land, where people just act like barnyard animals (no offense to the real animals). Maybe, just maybe, this kid has a chance for a normal life.
Posted at 10:39AM on Jun 5th 2008 by Nan

Yep! As long as they keep arresting the paps.

2340 days ago


Pimp Daddy Joe Simpson is at it again he's after Tony's money I wonder if Tony is stupid enough to give it to him just to knock off some of that tail off of Jessica? Are you really that Stupid Tony???????

2340 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Sorry Dallas fans, you lose the lottery....and this is not Tony's only blunder....what about that fumble on the one yard line against Seattle two years ago?? They had that game won if it hadn't been for Tony! He's more stupid than Jessica...and besides, she said he told her that he likes her stupid!!! That way, he can understand what is being said! Tony Romo is a big loser with or without Jessica!! ha, ha, ha!!!!

2339 days ago
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