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Jim's Voice Doesn't Carrey Over Loud Chick

6/5/2008 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rubber face Jim Carrey and girlfriend Jenny McCarthy put on yet another event for Autism yesterday in Washington, D.C. - this time to rid vaccines of bad toxins. Finally, someone who's taking a stand against immunizations.

Normally, J.C. would be the loudest voice at a rally, but this woman with the megaphone didn't even give Jim or his ass a chance to speak. She neither was nice nor polite, but at least she wasn't funny.


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what is wrong with all of you .look at the post .it is not about autism/ awareness/ it's about friging JC being upstaged and not being able to lime light his manic/ depressive/freaky self
none of this is honorable you really think he cares ... he's stooping someone with a kid w/needs ..a real man does not need this kind of publicity he takes care of business thru quiet dedication ... this is a friging photo opp.'s pathetic hollywood publicity ....should have been at The Ivy

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uuuuhhh, and i hate that guy that pretends to be the doting loving father/father figure that doesn't know a child well enougth or what to do with them in public so puts them on their shoulders like some personal conqure from the urban jungles to save the dasmal in distress....... yyyuuuuccckkkk
know that #

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Ehehe, that's great form my video collection, so i downloaded it with Netvideohunter.

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Curtesy of the freedom of information act

This is from an Email, from an FDA officer to another FDA officer
" were afraid the public will precieve us asleep at the switch for decades for allowing this dangerous compound to remain in the vaccines" This was read at a congressional hearing

another one from the CDC, This was not rocket science, this was 9th grade math how could this have happened
that was said after adding the micrograms up. It seems they had a Oh!! SH##T moment. Or how about this one

from a CDC, officer how could the FDA approve a preservitive with out knowing how much mercury it contains

the answer to that is, they did not approve it, it was grandfathered in by the FDA

When congressman Burton asked Dr.Egan of the center for biologics CBER for short , Why there has not been any research
done since 1929 on the safety of Thimerosal and the only research was done on 22 men dieing of mendengitis and they
all died and we dont know if it's safe or not Dr. Egan freaked out, he became catatonic his eyes were as big as saucers he could not speak it took two women from health and human services on both sides of him escorting him out of the hearing. I assume he reacted the way he did because on his watch we lost a generation of children, that doe's make one kinda speechless

You still think these people know what their doing ?????

Something I wrote responding to an article, They knew that Thimerosal was neither efficacious nor safe in 1948 Dr. Morton of the Department of Bacteriology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Dr. North of the Philadelphia General Hospital, and Mr. Engley of Camp Detrick under a grant from the Council of Pharmacy and Chemistry, American Medical Association have published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This was when drugs came in little white boxes, no hype no pay offs and Dr's, Scientist, senators and Congressman's, journalist had impeccable integrity. See today's headlines on Merck ! and ghost written research signed off by crooked well known physicians. Seems every month we hear of a drug that's killing or maiming Americans that was OK ed ! by the FDA. and we are worried about our financial agency's, Senators and Congressman calling for their dismantling. Where are they in this important issue Oh! I know most are in the pockets of pharma. you see if it's a campaign contribution it can't be a bribe, so they think. Remember the flu shots that were bad, thimerosal did not work then and that was the easiest bacterial contaminant to kill, it could not even do the job. And looking at this, we now know why , as there research was showing us it was worthless and dangerous It is clear from this research supported by a grant from the American Medical Association that Thimerosal is neither efficacious nor safe, and should be removed as a preservative in prescription biologics and pharmaceutical products, as well as from topical over-the-counter products such as Butt-Balm that have Thimerosal present in their formulations as an active ingredient. There was an interim plan in the 80's to get rid of thimerosal this came out at Congressman Burtons hearing on thimerosal. Dr. Engley was reported as saying on an KOMU article that "if they had followed through on our 82 report the vaccines would have been freed of thimerosal and all this autism they tell me would not have occurred" THEY DESTROYED OUR CHILDREN FOR NO BENEFIT NOT TO MENTION BEING WARNED BY Dr. Engley and other Scientist with integrity. This is their findings of toxicity "We found thimerosal is toxic down to a level that is almost unbelievable. Down to 1.10, maybe 100 nanograms...a millionth of a gram and that is about as toxic as you can get," he said." But the FDA, and the CDC did not listen 200 PPB is liquid toxic waste the chidren from the 90's, some received 32,500 Parts Per Billion at one setting on one day. And people, do not think we need to change to the vaccine schedule and we wonder what happened to the kids!! Meet "Dr. Frank Engley he is a retired chairman and professor of Microbiology at the University of Missouri. He served on various committees and panels and has consulted for the CDC, NASA, the FDA, and EPA. He did some of the first research on the toxicity of thimerosal. ** It should be noted that this article was published in the January 1948 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association ## It should be noted that this article was published in 1950 in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences " we will end this only when we take this out of the hands of the psycologist and put it in the hands of DR's who are better able to treat the body of these very sick children
Please remember this, all this bad news is only on one toxin then there is formaldahyde remember katrina trailers the CDC
tried to destroy the CDC scientist that said there i

2300 days ago


More on Dr. Frank Engley a real Hero and a medical pioneer who in his words "if they had followed through on our 82 report the vaccines would have been freed of thimerosal and all this autism they tell me would not have occurred"


Dr. Egan of CBER was asked one question before he went catatonic , Congressman Burton said you had a interim plan in the 80's to get rid of thimerosal why did the CDC not do it he smuggly said I was not there then you would have to ask someone who was, This angers me because my son was given this garbage in the 90's

These people if you can call them that, deserve prison for life for this is far worse than TREASON
as far as I know it is a federal crime to poison a child !!!!

This is the man and his credentials who the CDC says we are supposed to ignore

It was mentioned earlier that Dr. Frank Engley studied thimerosal as far back as 1942. Dr. Engley is responsible for the 4 year School of Medicine at the University of Missouri. He has consulted for the CDC, IOM, NASA, FDA, EPA, CIA, AAMI, USP, Armed Forces Epidemiological boards, Army, Navy, Air Force as well as Director of research grants and training grants for NIH. Engley Served on the Council of the NIH Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and a consultant on many Epidemiological Boards too many to list.
Dr. Engley has been a visiting Professor in over 40 foreign countries medical schools. He has produced films, written text books, Laboratory Manuals, over 100 publications, served on editorial boards for numerous scientific journals and periodicals, including four American, two British and one German. Engley is certified by the American Board of Micro Biology and served as the Chair of the Laboratory of American Public Health Association. He has been listed in American Men and Women of Science, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Education, Who’s Who among Consultants and Who’s Who in the World.
His toxicity studies of mercurials in human tissue culture revealed the mercurials were extremely toxic for human cells and the Thimerosal -- the most active, toxic down to the nanogram. The amounts of mercury have gone down but vaccines still have 100 times that amount when they are in preservative free and reduced thimerosal vaccines

2300 days ago


Jenny MacCarthy's vulva inspired Merck to make Gardisil.

2300 days ago


some of you guys make fun of the agoney that these kid's and parents are going through
you do know, you will acount for every idle word you ever spoke or in your case wrote, to
God almighty I assure you that day will be very BAD !!!!!!!!!!

some of you might want to know, a child with Autism was walking on a railroad track the train ran him down
because he did not know what danger was

Maybe some of you Bas##rds can get a laugh out of this that defend poison in childrens vacc.s

2300 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Ain't no poisons in vaccines! Just devastated and frustrated parents looking to blame
everything except genetics. By the way: What kind of parents let their child wander around
outside when the child does not have the cognitive ability to recognize a train as being deadly?

2300 days ago


Why the hell can't people understand that autism predates these vaccines?

2300 days ago


68 may God have mercy on your soul, if you have one left that is.

2300 days ago

Clyde Frog    

It's ironic that Jim Carrey is is trying to make everyone more aware of the sufferings of people with autism, since he made his career out of making fun of them.

2300 days ago

Ya Think    

Joe, what is wrong with you? Are you going to have a stroke or something? Hayley is SO right -- autism predates vaccines by centuries. There were ancient tales of fairies who came in the night and stole the souls of children, leaving nothing but the empty shells. That was how they explained autism in prior centuries. There were no vaccines back then, but there was autism. It's hard for parents to accept that the child they prayed for and put all their future dreams on isn't perfect, and it's natural to want to blame something -- ANYTHING -- for that. But it makes as much sense to blame the air we breathe with all its pollutants, the food and water we ingest with all its additives and preservatives and the clothing we wear with all its chemical treatments as it does to blame vaccines. As another person said, why not blame the mass amounts of medications that people take these days? Another thought -- nowadays, every expectant mother undergoes a battery of ultrasound tests when she's pregnant. Every single developing fetus is exposed to pounding ultrasound waves. Maybe the ultrasounds are the cause of the autism? Those ultrasound waves beating against the developing brain and spinal column could interfere with normal development, thereby causing neurodevelopmental issues, correct? Hey -- it seems to make about as much sense as vaccines causing autism. Maybe someone should ask Jenny how many ultrasounds she had when she was pregnant...

2300 days ago

J Browne    

This is all so frightening. My daughter turns 1 this month and here in Dubai they give them the MMR at 1 along with chicken pox, oral polio, etc. I am losing sleep over this. A friend just told me they are also finding a link in depression of expectant mothers and autism?! This is a very heated debate but my heart and prayers are to all of the families dealing with this

2300 days ago

Oh please...    

This may be cynical but I think this may be a last ditch attempt to revive his tanked career. Now horrified baby-boomers (like Carrey) will flock to his films saying; "Finally our savoir." "Believing" it was vaccines that caused the problem is completely different from knowing. Carrey has always appeared imbalanced IMHO but, as a man from that generation it would probably be too much for him to admit that the problem comes from his chromosomes and nothing else.

2300 days ago

Oh please...    


2300 days ago
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