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Jim's Voice Doesn't Carrey Over Loud Chick

6/5/2008 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rubber face Jim Carrey and girlfriend Jenny McCarthy put on yet another event for Autism yesterday in Washington, D.C. - this time to rid vaccines of bad toxins. Finally, someone who's taking a stand against immunizations.

Normally, J.C. would be the loudest voice at a rally, but this woman with the megaphone didn't even give Jim or his ass a chance to speak. She neither was nice nor polite, but at least she wasn't funny.


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I was there at the rally and it was wonderful. I am not against vaccines at all but I am against the mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, fetal bovine serum, monkey kidney cells, aborted fetal cells and tons of other horrible ingredients that they put into those vaccinations. My son was vaccine injured and had I looked up the ingredients I would have never allowed it. His doctor said there were no side effects and that anything I heard about mercury in shots harming children hadn't been proven. He was a doctor, I believed he knew. I should have trusted my instincts.

What he didn't tell me is that the drug companies themselves actually pay for those studies and their representatives are the ones bringing the information to them in the medical journals that they are making along with the comps of expensive dinners and vacations. Yes drug reps are allowed to do this. That TIME magazine article, a sham. The woman who wrote it took all of her findings from the drug companies and not independent scientific research.

The drug companies say they've taken the mercury out but it has been proven that it is still in 11 shots and there are still trace amounts in the shots that they claimed to have removed all of it. If you want your child to have the option of the toxic shots over the green shot with no toxins, by all means have at it, you are the parent and you decide their fate. All I want is for the information to be out there and for there to be another option for those of us who's children have compromised immune systems. One size does not fit all. People are different and what may help one, may harm another. Give us a choice! My child should not be an acceptable casualty so that others may live. Children are not a bottomless pit that you can dump all these chemicals into and not think that something bad will not happen. If it has not happened to your child, consider yourself lucky but also empathetic for your fellow man, woman and child. I would fight for you.

2296 days ago


Well, you know if Pharma cured any disease, they would lose money. Once it's cured, it doesn't come back!

So yeah, any of the pills they push have more side effects to them than good. And they cure nothing!
They only take away the symptoms of whatever is wrong with you.

Bottom line... if they cure you, you won't continue taking their pills, you won't continue paying the big bucks for pills you don't need, so they LOSE money. Simple economics.

2296 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I do want to add that I am very sorry for all of you who have written that you have autistic children or grandchildren. That is a very heavy cross to bear and I applaud you and pray that you may be granted all the strength you need to keep on keeping on. Maybe they'll discover a cure or at least an improved treatment for autism soon. I hope so for the sake of all those children and adults who are autistic and the families who take care of them.

Go Sox

2296 days ago

Dawn Crim    

Please explain the following:

The CDC tells us that 36,000 people die each year from the flu (in order to try to mandate yet another vaccine and of course sell more too). Yet, their MOST RECENT statistics showed that they only reported 1,806 deaths in 2005 (the majority in the elderly). IN previous years, it was even less. CAN YOU EXPLAIN THAT?

The CDC tells us that 20,000 babies contract congenital rubella each year. Yet, ONE YEAR BEFORE the vaccine came on the market, they only reported 14 cases in 1968 of Congenital Rubella Syndrome. There were even less in previous years. CAN YOU EXPLAIN THAT?? I URGE EVERYONE TO RESEARCH ALL OF THEM!!

How about the SV40 Virus? Can you explain why just 6 mo. ago the CDC mentioned nothing of U.S. Citizens receiving this contaminated polio vaccine? Very recently, they changed their story and stated that millions received it. Despite the fact that the virus causes cancer in lab animals, there is no proof yet that it does in humans. I just spoke with a mother whose young child just tested positive for it. How some 50 years later? Why, the cancer causing virus is being transferred genetically of course! So, whether you vaccinate or not, your own future generations will be affected thanks to these lunatics.

Why do doctors not practice informed consent with vaccines? Why do they only tell you about "fussiness" or inflammation at the injection site? Do doctors know that the brain has a separate immune system? Do they know what happens to it during and after vaccination?
Why do the majority of doctors not report reactions to VAERS? Why do doctors not read the vaccine literature for each and every vaccine? They don't because two different hospitals almost killed me and my baby last year due to their "lack of knowledge" involving vaccines. I now have hearing damage, my child has vision damage and I won't go into the rest of my living hell either. IT IS ALL VACCINE RELATED!! Why do doctors not inform you of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?

Why are we told that formaldehyde is toxic in the air, but it is safe to inject it? Remember the FEMA trailers? My infant received AT LEAST 300 MICROGRAMS OF IT WITH THREE VACCINES!

Why is there still mercury in the "mercury free vaccines"? Why are we lied to? Yes, it is still there because there is NO WAY to remove it 100% because it binds with other agents in the manufacturing process! How many trace shots will trigger Autism? An independent lab tested 4 mercury free vials and THEY ALL HAD MERCURY! Why are we now getting many prescription drugs from China (uninspected too). Oh, I forgot our government poisoned China's children with mercury laced vaccines. Prior to 1999, Autism was unheard of there, they began buying U.S. vaccines, and by 2005 they reported 1.8 million cases! Wasn't it in 2006 that they poisoned our pets, children and food?? Hmmm....

Why hasn't there been a study on the vaccinated/unvaccinated yet? Why aren't doctors aware of Japan's recent findings on the vaccine/autism link? Why aren't doctors aware of the recent release of the infant primate study (vaccines/autism)?

Why is there a disclaimer on every vaccine that states the following: Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, and Impairment of Fertility: No studies have been done. They don't know if they cause cancer, alter our DNA, or impair our fertility - YET THEY ARE QUITE SAFE??!! (page 7 to view ex. of new warning)

I could go on and on....

2296 days ago


There is no causal link between vaccinations or any item in vaccinations. Denmark removed the supposed harmful ingredients from their vaccines in 1992 and yet Denmark's rate of Autism has increased at the same level as the United States.
Autism has increased for TWO reasons.

1. Autism is now actually recognized. In addition, autism "sprectrum" has increased. Other diseases like Asperger's are now classified as Autism Sprectrum.

2. The rates of Autism increases by 900% when the older the parents are older than 34. The average age of a new parent has risen by 5 years during the last 20 years. The average age of a new parent obviously includes all of the teenage parents. Age of the parents is NOT the only precursor of Autism but its role has become more clear during the last 10 years.

Jenny, Please do your research before you make any medical claims.

2296 days ago

Melissa is crazy!!    

breezyme, I feel your pain, my 5 year old son has autism and is non-verbal as well. I think Jenny means well, however a GFCF diet did not help my guy, nor do I think vaccines caused his autism. He has been different from the day he was born. All 3 of my kids had all thier vaccines, and only 1 has autism. Hang in there!!!

2296 days ago


My daugther is Autistic and I do not believe vaccines caused her condition. All of these people who believe in conspiracy throries sound like a bunch of fools to me. The idiots in the green shirts should focus their energies on the care that their children will require in adulthood instead of whining about these freakin' vaccines. NOT ALL MOTHERS BLAME VACCINES!!!!

2296 days ago

Dawn Crim    

Anyone that knows anything about the Denmark study knows that there were some SERIOUS FLAWS in that study.....which is actually why the Autims rates still rose. Please do your homework on that study. The "facts" surrounding the Denmark study may be found in the Vaccine Safety Manual by Neil Z. Miller. Anything printed in "peer-reviewed" medical journals is a waste of time.

Nobody answered any of my questions on post #108? Come on! I'm ready and waiting for answers!

2296 days ago

Dawn Crim    

Wendy, I'm sorry about your ordeal. Quite actually, the Rally was about "recovery" too - something that the medical professionals refuse to believe - that there is hope for people who have autistic children.

2296 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

In the argument of autism caused by vaccine, do you people consider the Archives of General Psychiatry a trustworthy peer-reviewed journal? If so then check out the Jan 2008 issue

2296 days ago

Ya Think    

Do most of you realize that things like Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity Disorder are included in the big umbrella of "Autism Spectrum Disorders"? That explains a lot of the reason why 1 in 150 children are now diagnosed with some form of autism. If the experts had not decided to include ADD and ADHD in the Autism Disorders, and had instead turned it into it's own syndrome, we never would be seeing the increase in autism that we're allegedly seeing today.

Personally, I think this ADD and ADHD diagnosis is nothing but a load of manure. Kids have always been hyperactive. Kids have always had short attention spans. For heaven's sake, isn't that what being a kid is all about? Part of being a kid and learning to be an adult is learning how to control yourself, but somewhere along the lines the educators got lazy and frustrated with having to deal with children's energy. They found that it's easier to turn them into Stepford zombies with ritalin and other drugs than it is to put a little more effort into finding ways to channel the energy of a boisterous student. As a result, we're now seeing something like 3 out of every 10 students being drugged and 1 in every 150 being labeled as "autistic". How many are really autistic, and how many of them are hyperactive kids with short attention spans? Think about it...

2295 days ago


My son is Autistic and I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to know WHY. I live in the NOW and appreciate and love him for the unique individual he is. With that being said until we have answers I don't see the wrong in wanting to know what the cause is. I respect another parents rights to not want to know and therefore kindly ask to not judge me for wanting to know.

2292 days ago


Thimerosal was removed from vaccines in 1997. If people, especially celebrities and politicians, would do their homework, they'd stop fighting an irrelevant battle!

2266 days ago
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