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Nick Won't Be Able to Drop the Soap Anymore

6/5/2008 7:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick HoganNick Hogan has finally gotten his wish -- kinda.

He's not going home to Mama, but Nicky Boy just got transferred out of his solitary cell and will be in a cell with three other juveniles ... and a TV.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ the transfer was made as a result of "ongoing assessments of inmate situations."

Story developing ...


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What goes around will come around, Harvey    

234. if the hogans sued tmz or any other media outlet, they don't have a leg to stand on...they knew they were being recorded and also nick's in an adult jail. so any media/law enforcement can request tapes from any inmate. there's actually more tapes, on nancy grace she played a few new tapes...and i'm glad!! now we ALL get to see what the hogans are really like~
Posted at 10:44AM on Jun 6th 2008 by carol

I totally agree.

And it's worth repeating that anyone can get a hold of jailhouse tapes in Florida. They are considered to be part of the public record in that state, just like booking photos, court decisions, etc. And since they are part of the public record, they are available to anyone who requests them under the Freedom of Information Act. If you're a U.S. citizen, all you have to do is go to the appropriate government office there, fill out some forms, pay a fee, and you'll have your own recording of your favorite inmate talking on the phone.

Since the Hogans are threatening to sue the Sheriff if any more tapes of Nick are released, the Sheriff is not releasing any more recordings of Nick until there is some sort of legal ruling on the matter. But this is a temporary restriction. I'm sure that in other jurisdictions (or maybe even in Pinellas County for different prisoners), it's still perfectly legal for any of us who are U.S. citizens to obtain jailhouse recordings.

2331 days ago


Who ever wrote this "If at anytime the Hogans had stood up and Terry and Linda had said, 'our son is responsible for this tragic accident. We know that there were times we should have been stricter with him about racing and drinking, but we failed to act responsibly and we are truly sorry to Nick for failing him and teaching him that he could drive irresponsibly, and especially to John and the Graziano family. John didn't deserve such a horrible outcome and we are sincerely sorry that the actions of our family have resulted in his lifelong impairment. We are willing to step up and pay all medical bills and will do what we can to help the family in the midst of this tragedy. We know no amount of money can make John whole, but we will do what is necessary to help his family. In addition, we have taken away Nick's cars, and we will no longer support his illegal racing. He will be getting a job to help pay for John's medical bills and he will work with law enforcement and youth groups to highlight the tragedies of racing and drinking.." should be hired by the Hogan family and not only write all their PR but should also serve as the spiritual advisor to the entire family. However, I doubt if you could actually stop Kulk's pseudo-spiritual karma concepts of God's vengeful hand upon us.

2331 days ago


Thank you Brooke for posting the link to your message board. I used that to take the opportunity to let you and VH1 know exactly what I think : that I am boycotting everything Hogan/Bollea.

2331 days ago


This is the most shallow, vapid bunch of douches Ive EVER seen!! And Im sure somebody just paid off the mortgage
on their house...getting little hulky to a cell with a t.v. & 3 other teen criminals to "hang" with....when he turns 18, doesnt
he go into general population??? maybe they'll make a man of him there!! somebody should...his parents apparently cant,
& his mother making that "crying" noise during the phone call!!?? what the hell was that? does she know how stupid she
what a bunch of leeches...........................and they're not even good looking....

2331 days ago

april's butch girlfriend    

we gotta remember, the judge didn't put nick with other inmates, the sheriff of the jail did. what the judge did was SENTENCE nick, as far as which cell he goes into, etc. that's up to the facility. but i agree that i think the sheriff caved in a little cuz of this ridiculous lawsuit by the hogans. i mean, now nick has to shower and use the toilet with other inmates, in solitary he basically had a private studio apt. nobody could look inside, nobody could bother him..i mean how dumb is this family?

2331 days ago

april's butch girlfriend    

yeah, thanks for posting that link!! i gave my two cents on that little tramp's board...i'm all for a vh1 boycott if they do this show!

2331 days ago


hulk hogan is going to be on live this Tues w/Larry King. Should be interesting to see how they try to spin what they said on these tapes.

2331 days ago


This is hilarious -- He thought he was going to get to go home by squawking and bitching. Instead, they're just transitioning him into gen pop (where he'll tossed into on his 18th b-day next month) a little ahead of schedule. LOLOLOLOLOL!

2330 days ago


Hey, confused, you said John was to blame for getting in the car in the first place, but as I said in another thread, John was only guilty of making a bad decision, but Nick BROKE THE LAW. First of all, he's a minor who broke the law by drinking in the first place, then he broke the law by drinking and driving. So, again, John made a bad decision, but NICK broke the law. Put the blame where it belongs; in the lap of the offender!

2329 days ago


give me some of that ass, can i get an amen? boy butt, boy butt.

2325 days ago
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