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Brody Rubs One Out

6/6/2008 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is what Brody Jenner does all day long.


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Ted~you talk too much, by the way. Preach on. Your boring everyone.

2332 days ago


I'd do her

2332 days ago


I just remembered is out for the summer! Colleges, High School, Jr. High etc.... So, I guess all the "little boy's" will be spewing their immature comments as well as getting off at the site of a nice looking woman!

Don't you boy's have chores to do before mommie gets home from work!

2332 days ago


M'kay "TMZ needs a reality check", we'll see you tomorrow! (That's right, you know you will be here hatin' haters)

2332 days ago


Isnt HE the one usually in that bent over position taking it up the a**?

2332 days ago



2332 days ago


44. Ted~you talk too much, by the way. Preach on. Your boring everyone.

Posted at 4:38PM on Jun 6th 2008 by ilovecelebritycrap

If you think your offending me your wrong, your words mean nothing to me. It's obvious you are all kinds of pisssed off though. I come to this site to knock you down a notch or two I really do laugh outloud. you seem to think your anger and despair is something I feel... wrong again. Fact is yesterday I slammed you so far in the ground you probably beat your wife and kids afterwards. Oh wait what am I thinking.. you have to be at the most 16 years old... Nonetheless

So keep barfing your hate and people like me will continue to turn the mirror right back to you. It's no torture to come here, It's fun! And wow you have made 3 comments (or more) about me today so I must be getting to you!

Oh and don't confuse my comments with preaching, I only tell the truth, religion has nothing to do with it.

2332 days ago

Always amused    

How does this guy pay his billls/entertainment? Bruce? What a mess he got into, smart someone said, hmmm. Guess everyone has any opinion. Maybe smart but stupid decision. Bruce does not get the hint those women do not want him around!!!I I feel sorry for him.

2332 days ago



Say, anybody hear they are writing a script for Spider-Man 4?

2332 days ago


blahblahblah, I'm not even reading your BORING posts. ATTENTION ALL TMZ POSTERS: Ted here is trying to make everyone in here a better person, everyone listen up to his ramblings! We come here to laugh and have a good time, (yep, even at other peoples expense), but TEd here says that's bad, and we should all be nice and dance around rainbows and hug. Thanks Ted, thanks for caring! Pus.

2332 days ago


Thanks for the link TMZhires!

2332 days ago


He's so dumb-- he has his last name tattooed on him just in case he forgets it.

2332 days ago

patsy ramsey    

all you fat housewives can learn from this woman. she is how woman is supposed to look. extremely sexy.

2332 days ago


Posted at 5:06PM on Jun 6th 2008 by ilovecelebritycrap

Come on man don't lie to people here know your reading every word probably 2 or 3 times. If you were truly ignoring me you would not post that you were..

It's working folks.. I am getting to him, right now he's angry and insulted, but that's OK he needed a taste of his own hate. Now he will try to justify his hate as "oh were just having fun" then he will lash out at me somemore. Then when he realise it has no effect on me, except to turn it back on him. Something in his real life will happen and this will come back to him and he will tie it all together and BAM! he will get it!

2332 days ago


There he is again folks!!! Trying to make everyone nice. YOU ARE BORING EVERYONE Ted, like I say, if you don't have anything mean to say, don't say anything at all.
P.S. I'm a girl, but you are definately the pu*sy.

2332 days ago
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