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Teacher -- Hot for Hogan?

6/6/2008 6:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The suspect in one of Florida's most notorious teacher sex cases has written a letter to Nick Hogan in jail.
Click to read the letter!
Cops say 29-year-old former teacher Stephanie Ragusa tried to pass the note to Nicky, but was intercepted before it reached him (a copy was eventually delivered).The letter was "not sexual in nature" (darn) -- it essentially encouraged him to keep his chin up. What, is she looking for a date?

Ragusa has pleaded not guilty to having sex with several teenagers while she was a teacher at a local Florida middle school. While she sits in jail awaiting trial, she's been barred from contacting any of her alleged victims.

She's apparently still able to reach out to other teenage boys.


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no way!! another italian from florida?

2276 days ago


zzzzzzzzzzzzz.........................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... boring

2276 days ago


This woman has the writing of a fourth grader! My God, I would hate to see what her IQ is.....
Send her to jail to learn to write like an adult!

2276 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

You've got to hand it to Tampa Bay; the really know how to take surreal to a new level. You have a 17 year-old spoiled brat crying to mommy and daddy that the Pinellas jail is worst than Gitmo being befriended by the insane perpetually smiling child molester of Hillsborough county.

Does everyone remember the victory tag line at the end of every Super Bowl game; "I'm going to Disney World (Land?)" With these two they can say, "We're going to the Caliente Resort." Caliente is the huge ritzy Tampa nudist resort (visited by Paris Hilton) that has been in the news recently after it turned out that weekend parties there have resulted in sexual excess not seen since the orgies of ancient Rome. Needless to say the resort's Charter was suspended by the American Association of Nude Recreation over in Kissimmee.

2276 days ago


ANYTHING to bring the attention to themselves.GAGS! LETS see,aging,geriatric ~HULK~who bangs girls his daughters age,then,mommy HULK who trys to out do daddy with a lil TOYBOY,then,NICK(the prick)who disables his friend and blames HIM(as does the HULK tribe)..........Brooke,well,YA know,HO..........................?

2276 days ago


hmmm wonder how linda feels when a older woman is wanting to hang with her teenage son and give him advice,thats what happens when you are out with the rest of the inmates,remember charlie,19 years old,how's it feel mrs.bollea

2276 days ago

Big Bear    

What is wrong with a 29 year old teacher wanting to date teenage boys?? The lady may have a really high sex drive and need robust teenage company. I guess when boys reach 18 they are just too old for the little teacher.

2276 days ago


Years from now when he is out of jail and has his license back I hope he takes her for a ride.

2276 days ago


Two white trash losers--they deserve each other.

2276 days ago


i'd do her

2276 days ago

a Dutch guy    

I'll be clear about it: both need to be punished and learn their lessons. Both are behaving stupid and not responsibly. Having said that, a lot of people here (but NOT ALL) are stupid themselves in my personal opinion.

First of all, she's not a pedophile. She likes boys of the age of 15 or so, not 12 year old kids or younger. This means that the correct term for this is ephebophilia. You can't blame boys of that age (or even earlier) for wanting sex with their 'hot' (female) teacher or at least fantasizing about it. It's normal at that age. Of course she should have known better and therefore not have slept with these boys, since it is not socially accepted in your culture and thus she needs to be punished.

Second, she might have a childish handwriting, but that is not a crime in any way. Maybe it does say something about her character, but most of you (if not all) are not experts on this. My girlfriend has a terrible handwriting, but she really isn't the type to be a docter.

Third, what if she really sympathizes with Nick Hogan, not wanting to get him into her bed or anything? Maybe she does, but most people blindly follow the author's line 'Teacher -- Hot for Hogan?' without thinking themselves.

I'm not a fan of Hogan or Ragusa, really. If they need to be punished, they should be. But there are far more important things than this crap. Like the environment (the USA is one of the biggest contributors to the world's polution, along with China), a failing economy due to an unneccessary war (where were those weapons of mass-destruction?) and bad credit. Just to name a few. So stop b*llsh*tting and start to use your own minds (that is, if you're capable of doing so). GET A LIFE!

2276 days ago


Shes sick but it was a nice letter

2276 days ago


Wow, after reading this letter, I have a completely new outlook on teachers having sex with their prepubsensent students. Afterall, they are just regular people, like the rest of us...except they have sex with boys who haven't gotten to high school.
Seriously, what kind of person doesn't understand why "society" has turned on them because of their actions. HELLO!!! Maybe, lady, it's because it's unacceptable in our culture to HAVE SEX WITH LITTLE BOYS!

p.s. I love TMZ!

2276 days ago


Why do you go to college to become a teacher, get the opportunity to work in your career and then blow it all for a few minutes of sex? Our teachers are suppose to be educated thinkers. What happened to the thinking?

2275 days ago


I am in shock! A teacher wrote that note??? I know children who can write better than that! Someone should check her teaching credentials! This is the writing of a college educated person??? She writes like a child not an adult!!!I am just relieved that she will no longer be in the classroom.

2275 days ago
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