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Dr. Laura Fills Cheating Prescription?

6/7/2008 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. LauraThe super conservative radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger may put the smackdown on lazy parents, but some members of her yacht club are ready to lay down some smackin' on her!

Last weekend, Dr. Laura participated in a regatta run by the California Yacht Club. Sources tell us she accidentally sailed the wrong course because of a changed weather mark -- which gave her a 2nd place finish -- but she still refused to drop out of the race because it would hurt her chances of winning the competition! Maybe she was trying out for "Survivor."

Sources say Dr. Laura was competing in a series of races and anything less than second place would hurt her overall chances. They claim she initially would not hand over her title, but after many in the competition cried foul she reneged. For her part, Dr. Laura was never formally asked to withdraw from the race.

Dr. Laura's rep claims she withdrew from the race on her own, and she wasn't cheating -- it was a mistake, and she was happy to do the right thing.

Sailing is getting almost as cutthroat as shuffleboard!


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She's a ridiculous hag and she'll burn in hell for the hate she's promoted here on earth.

2330 days ago



The original "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO," two-faced b!tch.

2330 days ago


For someone who makes a career of calling people stupid
She needs to get out of denial and get over it

2330 days ago


Well you know you don't ALWAYS have to "play the game" in order to be the coach. It sure helps but knowing the right thing to do and telling people and doing it yourself aren't always about the same thing.

2330 days ago


Yet another lying cheating conservative whore.

2330 days ago


Kate (#1) - That's exactly what I was going to say! This old bag has always done whatever she wants, then she acts self-righteous and makes money at it.

2330 days ago


She is one psychotic bitch who has ruined many lives. She's not even a psychiatrist. Why in the WORLD anyone with at least one firing neuron listen to this poor excuse for a life form is beyond me.

2330 days ago

I call Shotgun    

LEAVE DR. LAURA ALONE!!!......*cry sob sniffle* WHY CAN'T YOU LEAVE DR, LAURA ALOoooOoOOONE?!?!?!?

Obama SUCKS!

2330 days ago

Democrats are evil    

We all know why people hate this woman so much. Because she tells it like it is and the truth is something that idiots never want to hear. If she is competitive and made a mistake running the wrong course, then 2nd place it is. I give her every right to protest it. We all want to be the best. But she will never get any slack from her opponents because of who she is. Do the right thing. Children FIRST. Think of others before you think of yourself. She gives GREAT advice but if you don't want to listen to her, fine don't. Be a selfish twit, work two jobs and send your kids to preschool, kill your unborn child because abortion is so much easier. She is a conservative and democrats just hate her because she makes sense and they don't want to hear it. That's why your a democrat you dumb ass. You are everything she is not. You have every right to be miserable and looked down upon by God just like she has every right to share what I consider is her proper perspective in life. Evil always opposes good.

2330 days ago



2330 days ago

Ms S    

What is it a epidemic of women who want to be first at everything. Dr. Laura better be glad that boat didn't capsize and bring her ass down period.

2330 days ago


My Goodness ! The unattractive picture of Dr. Laura, the highly suspect story of which I would bet my house is full half truths, the ignorant, classless, back biting, cursing, spitting, ill raised, demon spawns commenting above who are not worthy to clean her boots....... I venture to say they have probably not read one of her books. A BOOK? ANY BOOK?? NAHHHHHH.


2330 days ago

BOEING 787    

It is no suprise that her listeners will defend her. She spent her radio career condemning
and damming others instead of giving advice that may help. Dr. Laura Schlesinger has a
history of hypocrisy and misinformation. She is just another example of do as I say not as
I do, and btw her ratings have been shrinking for a couple of years. I'm sure she still will
have a career. She has been the leading figure damming gays even if she can't hide the
fact that her own son is gay and even serves or has served in the military. To her supporters
ignorance is bliss and good enough for them.

2330 days ago


If you guys would get off your fat, slobby asses in front of your computers and get out and do half the things this woman can do I would listen to what you say. But, you just hate, just to hate and this woman has more respect than you ever will. Keep on crying crybabies. Wahhhhhhhhhhh

2330 days ago

yadda yadda    

I have read her books, just got done reading proper care of feeding of husband finally. I am a stay at home mom, don't believe you should be anything but. But I still hate this women! And the more I read of hers and listen to her show I know she started of with good intentions but she is nothing more then a know it all bitch. She complains about couples not finding couple time and having family baby-sit for them but to her it's a sin if you are a single parent and find a baby sitter for your own personal me time. She is crazy and need to pull her head out of her self righteous a$$ and realize her bitter and angry lies she spews to who ever can't think for themselves is nothing more then her attempt to feel better about herself since she is evil and a sad excuse for a human being.

2330 days ago
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