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Dr. Laura Fills Cheating Prescription?

6/7/2008 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. LauraThe super conservative radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger may put the smackdown on lazy parents, but some members of her yacht club are ready to lay down some smackin' on her!

Last weekend, Dr. Laura participated in a regatta run by the California Yacht Club. Sources tell us she accidentally sailed the wrong course because of a changed weather mark -- which gave her a 2nd place finish -- but she still refused to drop out of the race because it would hurt her chances of winning the competition! Maybe she was trying out for "Survivor."

Sources say Dr. Laura was competing in a series of races and anything less than second place would hurt her overall chances. They claim she initially would not hand over her title, but after many in the competition cried foul she reneged. For her part, Dr. Laura was never formally asked to withdraw from the race.

Dr. Laura's rep claims she withdrew from the race on her own, and she wasn't cheating -- it was a mistake, and she was happy to do the right thing.

Sailing is getting almost as cutthroat as shuffleboard!


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She is MAJOR-LEAGUE hypocrite who had an affair with a married man, changes religions whenever it suits her, and has the utter gall to judge other people's lives. I can't stand her! To those defending her, I say get your heads out of the sand, stop listening to Fox news, Rush Limburger, et al, and start thinking for yourselves!

2224 days ago


If any of you hateful people listened to her show you would know how much she cares about people ESPECIALLY children. I just don't understand some of you...

2224 days ago

Dr Laura Schlesinger    

[quote] 47. If any of you hateful people listened to her show you would know how much she cares about people ESPECIALLY children. I just don't understand some of you...

Posted at 10:52PM on Jun 7th 2008 by Kate [/quote]

Yes - Yes caring ESPECIALLY about "Children" is what keeps a person pure !

2224 days ago


her Truth about Dr. Laura and her true Family Values:

Officials confirmed Monday that the badly decomposed body of a woman found in her home last week was the estranged mother of conservative talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Reuters reports. According to a spokesman for the Los Angeles County coroner, the body of 77-year-old Yolanda Schlessinger was identified using an X-ray body comparison. An autopsy revealed she had been murdered, but the cause of death has not been established and could take a few weeks. Dr. Laura, who outraged the homesexual community two years ago by referring to gays and lesbians as "biological errors," issued a statement last week saying she was horrified by her mother's death. "My mother shut all her family out of her life over the years although we made several futile attempts to stay connected. May God rest her soul." Schlessinger has said that she and her mother had been estranged for 14 years.

2224 days ago


My mom and auntie made us listen to her. Derek was kinda cute but creepy.
I didn't know her mom was murdered. Is there a book about her whole life?
Many of us who grew up on her would like to know more. My friend was devastated
because her mom called her a slut like Dr. Laura would do. It was years before she got over that. We didn't
have to hear Dr. Laura after that, so it was good at our house.

2224 days ago


I hae listened to the show many times, for years i listened to it, in my car during the middle of the day, I enjoyed the show, and her comments

but learning what a holier than thou hypocrite she is, turns my stomach

if you are going to sit in judgement of other people should live your life at least a tad above the rest of us mortals, and make some attempt to practice what you preach
the mere fact that the lovely Dr had not talked to her mother for almost 20 yrs, is proof enough for me. to see she is worthless

all the extramarital affairs are also proof she is worthless

she is only human say? sure people have affairs...............but most of them dont go on the radio portraying themselves as some type of beacon of moral virtue like this bitch does

2224 days ago


She looks like Fred Phelps in Drag.

2224 days ago


What happened to Dr. Laura on the radio? Is she only on Xm now?
Sailing Anarchy explained more of what happened with the Regatta. Where is the link to the site?
I'd like to see her yellow speedboat, any pictures?

2224 days ago

yadda yadda    

As far as I know she's still on the air. She was Friday anyways. Thsoe saying us "haters" never listen or read her books, then you didn't read my comments. I have read her books and do listen for entertainment value only. I started off liking her but as the years go on she is becoming a mean hag. Her lack of compassion and respect for human kind is sad. She doesn't care about the children, she only cares about the big dollar she gets from book signings and spouting her hate on the air.

2224 days ago


That woman is a dishonest, hypocritical, ugly inside and out, self-righteous, cretin, who didn't speak to her own mother for years. The old woman died alone in her condo, when they found her body, it was decomposed. And Dr. Laura has the gall to criticize others.

2224 days ago


Her mother didn't just decompose for months, Liar Laura forgot her at the morgue.
WHEN IT WAS BROUGHT TO HER ATTENTION, Liar Laura gave another sappy academy performance.

2224 days ago


I used to listen to her too on occasion for entertainment, until our talk radio station changed formats years ago. She's the queen of "do as I say/scream, not as I do or did". She was as rude, judgmental, and condescending as they come to her callers.

Another poster said her son was gay. Is that really true? Oh my, I can only imagine the "I am my kid's mom" reaction.

2224 days ago


my3cent$ = I don't know what his sexual preferences would be. I knew friends of friends, who knew him from school.
They talked some mixed up stuff. Try a search. He or they are twisted, it will make your hair stand up and run. Did the Marines discharge him?

2224 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

How old is Dr Laura now? She looks 100. Haven't heard anything about her in years. She was dropped from the radio station in our town a long time ago. She was such a two-faced know-it-all. Haven't missed her at all.

2223 days ago


I want to thank all the sailors and TMZ.
I didn't know what this snake did to her own blood. I use to think she was good for laughs. No more.

Brit's pimplies are looking good next to the impostors empty eyes.

2223 days ago
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