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Gerard Butler Hates Life ... Fans Too!

6/7/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard Butler says he hasn't been on Robertson in months -- and after he brutally dissed his fans yesterday, he probably won't ever come back.


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@ Wendy BTW your an Idiot!

2267 days ago


I think he was very gracious considering the ways those vultures treated him. Sure he's good looking, but so are a million other men. Women, show some class...not trash!

2267 days ago


i thinj gerry was being pretty cool in his being mobbed by all those cameras and questions. hey didn't didn't give anyone the finger like he ususally does when he is pissed. we had many smiles out of him. if he doesn't want to have to pic taken with someone, its his right. lets just be happy that we have wonder footage of him. too look at. dd

2266 days ago


Those chicks were f u c k i n g retarded, the bleach has gotten to their brains. I would have acted the same way. We have celebrities on a daily basis in my hometown walking down main street. The difference is - none of us locals harass them and touch them unless they say its ok. We definitely don't stalk them either!

2266 days ago


I think he was very gracious and I am embarrassed for those people/fans who made those comments, albeit complimentary......, show low class.

Gerard, you're still my Hero. And a gracious gentleman.

2266 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

AWWWWKKKWWAARRRD!!!! His boobies looked yummy through the whole thing though.

2266 days ago


The woman who said nice ass actually grabbed his arm, then the blonde ran up behind him and put her hands on him too. How creepy that weirdo chicks are running up and pawing him. Must be nasty since they're not at all in his league.

2266 days ago

Green Is Good    

Those girls were RUDE. Plain and simple. The ass comment was out of order.

As for being on Robertson's, so what?

2266 days ago

Ly SB    

How vocês they can to say that Gerard Butler, that is an actor who loves its fans, hates the same ones?
For what it is seen in the video, IT is being disrespected, is not maltreating nobody.
The face does not have right nor to lunch in peace! It, beyond being pretty, already proved that he is a good actor, and wanted for its fans. It likes its fans YES. They respect it! It is a human being.

2266 days ago


How could you possibly get "he hates life, fans too" from this video? I'm scared for the man. Idiot people.

2266 days ago


Ok...first off..your razzi people need to not be so rude and second..if someone says a comment like that to a celebrity you need to back them up and ask them how they would feel if someone said they had a nice butt. No wonder he did not want to take a picture with them. ITS HIS PRIVACY..NOT YOURS!!!

2266 days ago


That is a nonsense! First: it never knew that Gerard Butler has treated some fan badly; Second: the fact of being actor of a certain people not to invade its privacy.
Exactly when it was here in Rio De Janeiro, it he was tired for the constant trips and until a little annoying for the problems that the team had in the airport, Gerard was likeable and accessible with the fans and the press.
I am rebelled by its lack of respect. You are with problems to produce quality news articles, or she does not know to work? Or you are treating the Gerard thus for it to be an excellent person and talent actor, even so is not American?
I wait that you learn to respect the people and to also work.

2266 days ago

Lucy Coelho    

Gerry is one of a few actors who really treats her fans with kindness, love and respect. In all his interviews he says he admires his fans, and we can see it on his attitudes. But, of course, everybody likes to be respected - and those girls didn't respect him.
Those people were so rude with him, he've got embarassed of course, it's a strange situation for anyone. I'm from Brazil and even far away, I know he is a very good guy, with a gold heart. How can a person thing something different of this? Just a person with a poor spirit, with a froozen heart and an ill nature can tell those lies. Just to finish my comment: Gerry is a gentleman with his true fans and with all people who deserve respect - he is a funny guy, he is very cool, handsome, an excellent actor (the best in my opinion), he loves his life and his fans - and I love him a lot!!!

2266 days ago


Bring forth Butler aside from um ator exceptional that's a man sweet , amiable um real gentleman! He too is humane AND the people you should approached lo aged one little over sutileza AND homage! He swims in the world he goes delete the concept as the fãs they have from it , in case that the one we will love as of do you really mean it like him deserves being beloved AND respected!

2266 days ago


Why does Tmz hates Gerard Butler so much? He's the best so stop making stupid stories about him!

2266 days ago
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