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Look Who's Eating

... Again

6/7/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While having a nice Scientolosnack in Studio City yesterday, Kirstie Alley proved that she can munch on whatever she wants and still look precious.

She'll have jaws of steel in no time.


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TMZ get a life and a clue.

Yes shame on her for EATING FOOD! How dare she eat anything ever. I mean really cant she just live on air?? WTH

Go after a REAL story. I mean isnt Paris smiling or britney walking?

2295 days ago

Ms S    

She better hope her diet cramp works. If it doesn't work Jenny Craig is not going to give her another free ride. A LIVID MESS!!!!

2295 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Way TOO many thetans! She better hurry up and ask Tom Cruise for help! He's the ONLY one that can help, don'tcha know! Kirstie, you better hurry up and pay up to go another level in your cult, looks like your azz is about to BUST. What a fat cow, all that work dropping the weight just to gain it back. LOL And I thought scientology was supposed to be the answer for everything! hahahaaaaa!!!

2295 days ago


Double dare anyone to pour BB-Q sauce on their arm while Kirstie is feeding.

2295 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

I'm guessing Valerie Bertinelli is laughing her f'ing azz off! How funny, such sweet, sweet justice.

2295 days ago


I think if there are any celebrities that read these posts, they should all carry a sign that says Harvey Levin is a homosexual and then maybe the TMZ paps will leave them alone.

2295 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

that cow kirstie is not going to start her own diet plan. she is and has been fat for a long time. even when she did jenny, she was still fat! that belly dance on oprah made me want to hurl.

and yes, i think the earthquake in china was just caused by kirstie stampeding through the countryside.

jenny should be glad to be rid of her. and take queen latifa with you. i like the queen, but she's just as fat as she has always been. and no way does chemically treated prepackaged food make you a healthier person.

2295 days ago


you freak when they are heavy, and you freak if they are to slim. I'd like to know what TMZ is a perfect weight and size so they leave these people alone. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!

2295 days ago


I suppose all the criticism is brought on by HER !!! She CHOSE to become a spokes person for a major diet company. They PAID HER to do something alot of us struggle with on a daily basis. Her meals were probably for free...I'll bet they even had some sort of trainer working with her. She went all public with her "look at me" attitude....she came out in a bathing suit on Oprah for christs sake. SHE went public with her weight issues and invited public scrutiny of herself by being on TV ads, programs, etc for Jenny Craig. The word here is PUBLIC people!!!!! Her "look at me" attitude goes both ways!!

2295 days ago


Aww leave Kirstie alone!! There's nothing wrong with her!! People eat..*garp* even overweight ones!! Get a life TMZ!

2295 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

TMZ please quit posting pics of disgusting fat pigs....Kristie should be asmamed. Take her CHILDREN AWAY FROM HER! I have never understood how this "woman" became a celebrity in the first place...she wasn't even cute when she was a normal weight ...then she had that sham marriage to Parker Stevenson....

She always has food on her chin... I eard once that she and Rumer Willis got into a fist fight over a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

2295 days ago

john johnson    

mr levine, why don't you invite that fat pig to YOUR place for dinner

2295 days ago


There are starving people in the world, why is she eating more than her share?

2295 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Kirstie makes me sick! Whoever said take her children away is right. She should have her mouth sewn shut so she can't eat or talk. Digusting pig.

2295 days ago


leave her alone, so what if she's over weight, at least she doesn't look like a plastic blow up doll. Not everyone wants to be a size 0. I think she's a very beautiful woman.

2295 days ago
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