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Look Who's Eating

... Again

6/7/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While having a nice Scientolosnack in Studio City yesterday, Kirstie Alley proved that she can munch on whatever she wants and still look precious.

She'll have jaws of steel in no time.


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interested canadian    

come on kristy,take a deep breath and focus. dont let jerks and problems make you gain.remember how good you felt at your low weight.for nobody but yourself!

2327 days ago

Dick Lick    

Let's seer a photo of Harvey eating something, sorry, I mean someone!

2326 days ago


Saying She Kirstie too fat doesn't mean you hate her. SHE thinks she's too fat, or she wouldn't always be trying different diets.

2326 days ago

dom fox    

Fat old bitch, she ruined her career by being a fat pig. Only other fat ugly cows defend her. Love TMZ!!

2326 days ago


#8....Food. Start avoiding it today!!

2326 days ago

Bob Booie    

rumor has it kristie ate the real life jenny criag for dinner

2326 days ago


Kristy is a beautiful women. I hope she can get this under control a bit. She seems un happy. I hope she can get her life back. I really hate to seem someone get so heavy its not healthy for her.

2326 days ago


leave her alone, she's a great person & mother , give her a break

2326 days ago


There are more important things in life than how much someone weighs

i too have been guilty of making snide remarks , albeit not out loud...........about others weight
life is too short................those of you shallow younger individuals will learn as you grow older what is importan in life.................and its not the persons appearance.............if its ok to make fun of others who do not look the way you want them to look..............what happens if you are in an accident someday, and get horribly burned etc.....................I suppose then you would be crying about how mean and unfair it is for others to judge you by your appearance...............after all they dont know you on the inside right>?

so next time you want to make mean comments about someone elses appearance...............think about what is important in life................whats really important

is it just the way people look?
if that is your attitude, you have a lot to learn about life

2326 days ago


too funny

2326 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

You think that's precious? Not:(

2326 days ago


WTF is wrong with people ........I am sure the paps are helping her feel better about herself .....her self esteem must be skyrocketing through the roof right now!!!!!!! Give the woman a break!

2326 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Granny and others defending Kristie...

she is NOT beautiful...she is FAT... you CANNOT be BOTH..

sorry for the caps but I wanted to make sure you B!TCHES heard me.

2326 days ago


Oh crap Kristie, you can't be happy and it isn't healthy. Don't give up on yourself. Remember how good you felt on Oprah? Start dancing it off again girl, you can do it!

2326 days ago


if tmz didnt cover the best and the worst of people whos lifes goal is to be photographed and to be seen(its their sole purpose;their career.)there are hundreds of others willing to take up the cause. kirstie knows what she is doing,she is being seen and being talked about.lilo,b.s,hogans they all crave attention and we give it to them en mass(myself included)by visiting sites like this.human nature!like watching a train wreck in slo mo. these people want this!if it wasnt for me wanting to see janices gravity enhanced ass flab where would they be?oh yea theyd just be your next door neighbour. how boring! i take great comfort in knowing that no matter how bad off i might be i dont have paps photographing my untimely dimise.

2326 days ago
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