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Spike to Clint:

'We're Not on a Plantation!'

6/7/2008 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Director Spike Lee has done what no one thought would ever happen. He's brought back Dirty Harry!

After complaints from Spike Lee claiming that Clint Eastwood didn't include black soldiers in his two Iwo Jima films, Eastwood decided to come back on the controversial director with some words of his own saying, " A guy like him should shut his face."

Lee then further fueled the drama fire saying, "First of all, the man is not my father and we're not on a plantation either. He's a great director ... I didn't personally attack him. And a comment like "A guy like that should shut his face," come on Clint, come on. He sounds like an angry old man right there."

Missing your afternoon nap would make you cranky too!


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Spike is just an idiot regardless of his race. This isn't the first time he's opened his mouth and shoved a foot in it. He's free to say what the heck he wants but what was he trying to start? The only thing he has done is make myself look like a damn fool.

2265 days ago


The only nonsense thinking people are tired of is your racist tirade back to Africa speech.

Spike made these remarks all by himself not all black people. Spike started this argument w/ Eastwood not all black people.
This is about Spike and not about Obama. Obama is not and never was a Muslim. So for thinking people do the legitimate rsearch yourself and ignore the fools.

By the way Mr. tired of, Mr. Eastwood's wife would be included in your back to Africa tirade as her father is a black man.

2265 days ago


What is Spike bringing this subject up for anyway? It is gratuitous.
By the way, I was really looking forward to the film version of 'Clockers' one of the best New Jersey ghetto books of all time. Spike ruined it and made it a cartoon.

2265 days ago


is this the coming presidential election, race card, that is why obama no!

2265 days ago


@ little spikey lee=RACIST

Good points and light years beyond some of the childish racist drivel that preceded it.

Bottom line: Spike, if it isn't historically accurate, do as Clint says and shut your pie-hole. The plantation comment was childish and unnecessary and you KNOW your wouldn't have said it to a fellow black man, so NOW who's the racist? Quit making us look bad. Some of these idiots (*cough*sickofnonsense*cough) are actually dumb enough to believe ALL blacks support your beliefs and think similarly to you.

2265 days ago


P.S. if you're on here WHINING about reverse racism and COMPLAINING about inequities to whites, you're NO BETTER than SPIKE, SHARPTON, or any of the people YOU whine so much about. Here's an idea.... EVERYONE GROW UP and stop whining. Our nation is slowly being taken over by the east because immigrants are busy innovating and building up their worth while blacks and whites still sit around throwing little race pebbles at each other.

2265 days ago


Of course Spike was attacking Clint personally. He's implying Clint is racist by not exaggerating the contribution of blacks on Iwo Jima. He wouldn't be happy unless Clint had the Tuskegee Airmen raising the flag. I'm sick of Spike and his race card.. which is all he seems to have to play

2265 days ago


Why does it have to be a black thing?
There are so many famous people out there that have to say crazy sh!t about this person, that person is racist, they said this, they did this?
Black people can say racist things about white people all the time, then pull the race card and makes a big issue our of nothing!
But white people on the other hand........
Can't even dare to do something minor without being accused of being racist.
Im sure Jesse Jackson will be making a big issue out of this! (that is if he hasnt yet-)

2265 days ago


Spud Lee should shut his face.

2265 days ago


"17. So why did Clint not show black soldiers in both movies? Why could'nt he just answer the accusation instead of berating the man?"

He DID answer the question. There were no black people involved in the flag raising at Iwo Jima which the film is all about.

and what the hell is REVERSE racism? It's racism, period.

2265 days ago


Hey Lee! That will be Mr. Eastwood To You

2265 days ago


I think what Spike Lee was pointing out is natural for him. He is a black man who cares about black people's issues. The first thing he is going to notice about a historical anything is "are black people being portrayed and how". Thats who he is. There is nothing wrong with that. People have their areas of expertise and interest. So his commet is not surprising. He asks, "why there are no black soldiers being portrayed?" To white people this might seem a meaningless point, but if you are black and you are watching this movie with your child, its kind of awkward when there are no black people portrayed. White people, if you cant relate, picture what it would feel like to only watch Spike Lee movies. It would be a little awkward.... We need someone like Lee who is willing to take the heat for asking questions that shouldnt need to be asked. Lastly, Clint is a jerk for not admitting he was (at least subcoinsiously) being racially exclusive by not at least including som black extras to represent acurately the contribution of black soliders in American Wars.

2265 days ago


Spike Lee is a bigot, and always will be one. Eastwood wanted the film to look real. At Two Jima, you did not have a black person involved with the flag. Lee only wants to create problems. Too bad, he does not place some of that energy into films, that everyone wants to see. This article with TMZ has comments that are leaning toward Spike Lee instead of netural reporting. Eastwood is a great Actor and Director, and Spike Lee has not even reached to that point of success as Eastwood.

2265 days ago


This would only be a big deal if a talented African American were disturbed by this, but Spike Lee isn't happy unless he's trying to play off white guilt. Plantation? Are you serious? Clint has made culturally diverse films, and done so with the premise in mind that they were historically accurate. Spike has made movies casting Denzel playing they role of Angry Black Man No. 1, and to his credit, has never said anything about his own movies making African Americans seem like angry, self-serving shills. He is a sad blow hard who should join with other useless blow hards like Rev Al who do nothing but take black people down a road of shame and sadness. Spike, you weren't a slave, you weren't raised on a plantation, and no one is out to get you. I'm Native American, and my people have been S'd on more than anyone in this country, we don't continually cry and whine and aren't on the news everyday as you try to ploy off another races guilt. The Japanese in this country were totally S'd on for years, ever here of a prison interment camp, that was recent buddy. I don't hear George Takei crying about how white people take him down everyday. Do something about it, make an important movie, and do one that is accurate. Malcom X, you should be ashamed at that horrible piece of historically inaccurate claptrap.

2265 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Spike Lee is the Guy who Fueled the Nation of Islam in the 90,s with his movie Malcom X . He has numerous fights with others directors like Woody Allen telling him about the same thing he told Clint and he used the same Plantation line on the Bill/ Hillary Clinton , maybe , Spike Lee needs to take a Special Class on Tolerance or Angry Management.

2265 days ago
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