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Milo and Hayden Make a "Heroes" Sandwich

6/8/2008 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If the trailer's a rockin' ...


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They are so cute together :)

2297 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I love Milo from his Gilmore Girls days and am glad he has a new hit show with Heroes. Hayden seems like a great young lady. One with talent and worldly concerns. They are cute together!

2297 days ago

Me in DC    

They are so cute together! I feel that this picture was set up as a publicity stunt however! She is looking right into the camera!

2297 days ago


Why are you all of a sudden posting Hayden things again TMZ? I remember when you would post the most random and unnecessary things just to have a Hayden post. You guys better not start up with that again. Because I like Hayden but you guys over do it.

2297 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Heroes must have begun production again for the fall so you will start seeing alot more of Hayden now that she is back at work!

2297 days ago

Make It Right!!    

and just because she happened to see the camera just when the foto was being taken, doesn't make it a publicity stunt. Being on a hit show like "Heroes" make them sought after actors, number 1. The fact that they are dating, makes them all the more desirable to photograph together. From what I have seen of them in the past, they have tried to keep their relationship low profile for the media so I don't see them as staging a photo-op now. They don't need to. However, reports of their "relationship" may be greatly exaggerated as they are hugging in a way that you hug a friend who you haven't seen in while your show was on hiatus from filming for the summer! So...who knows!! I don't think they have officially confirmed or denied a relationship.

2297 days ago


They are dating. Milo confirmed it on two radio shows in the U,K when they were at the Baftas. They're so cute together! And I'm glad they're both back on set filming :)

2297 days ago


They are cute together...BUT Hayden should protect her heart. I dated a guy who was 30 when I was 20 and he dumped me when I turned 23 for a 18 year old...and he dumped HER when she was 22! The guy gets older and older and his girlfriends get younger and younger. Now that I'm almost 30 and studied psychology, I feel it's better to wait to date much older guys until you're 25-27...because that's when the rationality/planning/consequences part of the brain becomes fully developed. So, it's actually kind of creepy that a 30 year old would want to be with a 20 year when they're at completely different developmental stages, When you're 20 you're innocent, discovering adulthood for the first time, and at 30 you basically become the person you are going to be for the rest of your life. Statisticly it's very rare that those ages grow together long term, ie) think Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. Plus research also showes that those type of guys are more of an "emotional mess" than other guys their age. Again, think how insecure and impatient Nick got with Jessica. He belittled her and her intelligence when really she didn't get the chance to learn and grow at her own pace. Though, one positve thing for her was karma in the name of Tony Romo!!

2297 days ago


^^ I don't think that "when you're 20 you're innocent and discovering adulthood for the first time", applies to everyone. People's life experiences may have them not be innocent and discovering adulthood even before they are 20.

2297 days ago

john in toronto    

Why does the public buy into photos like these. I went to High School with Hayden in Toronto and I hate to break it to people but he likes boys... not girls. Its very easy to make people / press in hollywood believe you like girls... you find a woman to " hang " out with or you get one of your girl " friends " to have your photo taken with ( friends being the word ) and then you call up a couple of wire outlets like say TMZ or any number of celeb paparazzi and say Im going to be here at this time and place with so and so...and you do what you do best in Hollywood you act !

People.... look at how many hollywood celebs are actually out of the closet.... major celebs and compare that with all the boys you knew in highschool in your drama class or art class who are now gay and think to yourself... hmmmm the numbers just dont seem to add up. I will say one thing though. Hayden is a great kisser... and I would know.

2297 days ago

Lily B    

You went to school with Hayden in Toronto? And HE likes boys? You're very confused. Hayden is a girl and attended school in New York. MILO the boy and went to school in California.

Get your facts straight if you're going to talk trash.

2297 days ago


When the heck is Heroes coming back on?

2297 days ago

Lily B    

Milo went to school in California. Hayden went to school in New York. Neither is Canadian.

2297 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Good for you people for nailing someone on their BS. That post didn't even know that Hayden was THE GIRL!

2297 days ago


"I went to High School with Hayden in Toronto and I hate to break it to people but he likes boys... not girls."

LOL this guy doesnt even know which is the girl and which is the boy and tries to start rumors :D

2296 days ago
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