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Nicole Richie:

Don't Drop that Latte!

6/8/2008 7:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie took baby Harlow and a fresh cup of hot Starbucks out for a stroll yesterday.

At least she wasn't pushing the stroller into oncoming traffic.


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The only thing I have to say IS look how hot it is outside, you can tell this by the way she is dressed, and at least TWO blankets over that baby. I hope the poor thing doesn't get brain damage or heat stroke from getting too hot! And yes she does look good, better than a long time. I just hope she isn't the vulgar ho that she used to be. Pictures don't tell everything!

2306 days ago


someone call child protective services immediately...there is a mother strolling her baby with a cup in her hand!!!
and the blakets are covering the baby from the sun, not on top of her, calm down people, nicole seems to have the baby thing under control (much to all of you hater's dismay) so just relax.

2306 days ago


Are you really serious TMZ? Reeeeaaaallllyyyyy stretching for those page views huh? Ohh no, someone walking with a baby and a hot cup o'joe..... Stop the presses!!!! Like no one has ever walked their baby while drinking coffee.

Should I go outside with my camera and take pictures of that also! How about paying for pictures that actually are worth getting paid for instead of just point and click with a slap happy egocentric message splattered as its headline.

Keep living the life though! You wanted it! Fat, Lazy, Annoying and gets no Respect (for obvious reasons, you should send your photogs to school and learn how to question someone). Where can I sign up.........

2306 days ago

Rap sucks    

Hey it might be water instead of coffee haha,jesus get something healthier but for nicole coffee's good.........oh watch out the cup will fall!

2306 days ago


She and Joel sure made a cute little girl, and they seem to be great parents. Way to go!

2306 days ago


I hate to tell ya but the blanket thing is normal for this area. not sure why ( I never did the blanket thing with my kids) but the women out in seem to think thier kids will freeze if they arent dressed like eskimos! Every morning I go out for my run and pass people wearing warm coats and cats like its supposed to be snowing or something... And here I am sweating in shorts and a t-shirt.. go figure.

2306 days ago


I am so proud of NIcole. I know some people that for them, having a baby made their life so much better, and I think she is one of those people. She has really made a turn-around. Way to go Nicole!

2306 days ago


She probably has the blanket over the baby to protect if from annoying papparazzi

2306 days ago


She look absolutely beautiful and healthy. There's nothing bad anyone can possibly say about this cute picture.

2306 days ago


A diseased whore and her bastard baby is news?

2306 days ago


You put blankets over the STROLLER to create shade for the baby. Otherwise it might burn in the sun. It's called common sense, people, I highly recommend it.

2306 days ago


The bigger story is that she actually CAN walk, push a stroller, and hold a cup of coffee........all at the same time!! Is she chewing gum? That would make things a little tough.

2306 days ago


Religious people make me sick !

Always pointing the fingers at others when you are the biggest disease-carrying whores yourselves.


2306 days ago


Joel is way to hot for this sneaky bony ass druggie. Whatever does he see in her?

2306 days ago


TMS you have to be kinding me? This is your story? What the F*** this is sad on your part, WOW walking with a cup of coffee, has anyoe done that at TMZ?

2306 days ago
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