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Nicole Richie:

Don't Drop that Latte!

6/8/2008 7:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie took baby Harlow and a fresh cup of hot Starbucks out for a stroll yesterday.

At least she wasn't pushing the stroller into oncoming traffic.


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OMG does TMZ have nothing better to write about?? whats wrong with her drinking a cup of coffee and walking with her daughter??? geez How is this news...??? Im actually feeling bad for alot of celebs.... i mean, they cant fart with out people making a huge deal of it...

2294 days ago


This is so lame. She is walking her child and the cup is not anywhere near spilling on her baby. Give it a break and get some real news.....

2294 days ago


Why would she push her stroller into oncoming traffic? What does being out for a walk have to do with her DUI arrest? A little harsh TMZ.

2294 days ago


This is just a media pose, as she was posted yesterday her true self, PARTY GROUPIE, so what is the solution. Drag the poor baby out for photo opportunity, to try to impress that "yeah, see I am a good mom". She looks hurried, more concerned about her coffee. I see through this fake presentation, and KNOW it won't be too much longer before the TRUE Nicole remains, and it will be somehow Joel's fault.

2294 days ago


She's really filling up those landfills.....doesn't she have three cups a day? Get a re-usable cup, moron!! I bet there are some overpriced designer ones for you.

2294 days ago


can Harlow even breathe under all those blankets??????

2294 days ago

citizen of the LA county    

That celebuspawntard N. R., should be in jail for the many illegal criminal charges against her.
Funny how everyone seems to forget about her serious criminal driving and drug possession charges.
All you idiots talk about is her tit size and how beautiful blah blah blah she is.
Nicole is strolling her get out of jail card - not her baby.
Wake up all you people who support this fellon, she only got knocked up to avoid serving any time.
She was probably high on crack or cocaine when the child was concieved.
Poor kid, to have that as a mommy.
That child should be put in state protective custody, and Nicole in jail.

2294 days ago



2294 days ago


I'm more concerned about gangs roaming Los Angeles. Especially Latino gang members killing innocent Black teens. And you're bitching and moaning over Nicole Richie? There is more going on in Los Angeles to worry over and not Nicole Richie.. Idiot

2294 days ago


Leave her alone! You don't see a lot of celebrity moms out with their babies, she is always walking her baby, she pushes the stroller, not the nanny! Good for you Nichole!

2294 days ago


you know i'm not a fan of Nicole, but you ppl bashing her need to get a freaking life. Hell at least she is doing better than britney is and not HALF carrying HALF dropping her daughter. In a rush? how the hell you do get that from one ONE picture? And the hell with you tmz since when is it a crime to have coffee while out with your kid? Next you'll be ripping on her for not breastfeeding. And for anyone who doesn't know better that kid is probably nice and cool with the blankets over her car seat. She is not being smothered.

And if IF nicole was on drugs while pregnant that baby would not have been born full term. Do you know who rare and damn near impossible it is for a drug baby to be born full term? Of course you don't you have nothing better to do with your lives than to shoot down someone getting theirs back on track.

2293 days ago


All of you people who are commenting on the coffee and blankets obviously don't have kids. The stroller has an umbrella and the blankets are clearly sitting on that and not the baby. As for her carrying the coffee; the baby is in no danger unless she purposly throws the coffee on it. Unless your a parent keep your stupid comments to yourself.

2293 days ago


Ummmmm Andrea it is Tuesday not sunday. Look at a calander.

2292 days ago
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