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Pres. Bush -- Ruins Everything He Touches

6/8/2008 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was just a matter of time.
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The 152-year-old Texas Governor's mansion, where Bush once rested his head, sustained serious damage as a four-alarm fire set the mansion ablaze at 2 AM CST this morning.

100 firefighters fought the blaze -- no one was home at the time of the fire.

UPDATE: Fire investigators say the blaze was intentionally set, but there's no indication it was intended as a direct threat to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.


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"Susan.i think that 0 is actually your IQ.Unless you are ultra rich(bushes base,you know the "have mores")how can you say our country is better now than 7yrs ago?Every aspect of our country is on the wrong track,no matter what fox news tells you."

Of course Dave B, you do what most leftist loons do. You take what I said and change it to what you want. I'm by no means rich, in fact I'm poor, very poor. But that is not Bush's fault. It was my choice in taking a lower paying job. AND I take no government handouts to help me.

Did I say the country is better that it was 7 years ago?? But since you brought it up, we are safer than we were 7 years ago, and you can thank the president for that. What is happening with our economy is not all the presidents fault, the democrats have a major hand in that. The ran on 'change' 2 years ago, just to get their asses in office, promising to bring the gas prices down, and all other promises. What have they done?? Tell me?????

And it amazes me that people who are loons expect that anyone that disagrees with them is a "fox news lover". Well, I will say I watch Fox news, but I also get my FACTS from other sources. But not the liberal networks, who are in the tank for screwing up this world, and not telling the truth. If you people would stop getting your "news" from people like Keith Olberman, and Chis Matthews, you might see what is really happening in the world. But I doubt that will happen, since you immediately thought I had an IQ of 0 because my comments don't agree with yours. You could never be open minded enough to hear other opinions.

You probably believe in Al Gores "Global Warming" and I'm sure you have drank the Obama kool-aid.

2263 days ago

Over It Already    


2263 days ago


Perry's perpatrator ~ It really saddens me that a fellow Texan could be as ignorant as you. Here is a litle Texas history for you dumbass................the Govenor's mansion in Austin (our state capitol) was way past due for a remodel update. The Perry's moved into another home while the remodel/update was taking place. Yes, this is something that HAD to be done. You see, the Govenor of Texas lives in the Govenors mansion and if it is not avaiable then another home is given until the Govenors mansion is ready! This is not something that just happens in Texas you moron. Every state has a home that the Govenor lives in while he/she is in office. Stop whining about your tax dollars! It is what it is!

2263 days ago


I respect the office of the President;regardless of who is in there. TMZ does not have to use any skills or expertise when they continually make money off President Bush or Brittany Spears, Mel Gibson, John Travolta, etc.

Show some class and don't resort to the other low class remarks that are made.

2263 days ago


Oh lighten up, Jennypoo...I was mocking the previous entry who wished Bush was in it when the fire occurred. My point was liberal a$$holes are quick to dole out personal attacks on Pres. Bush but if you throw it back at them they all have act like disrespect to babies.

2263 days ago

L Bush    

You are all winey and mean. There's a fire in Texas and it's GB's fault and you all wish he were in the fire. The love of my life is fighting for all of you, he believes in what he is doing and knows he could sacrifice his life for it. Support the troops that fight for you and respect the president, even if you don't like him. Have you forgotten 9-11?

2262 days ago


Bush was the last one to live there,maybe it was a statement

2262 days ago

Patriot 123    

W. Bush obviously left something hidden there, and had someone burn it down to destroy the evidence. He and his friends are just tying up loose ends before they take off with all of our countries money in their pockets.

2261 days ago

Big Bear    

Bush saved us from Eye wrack and the new clear weapons. We are proud of you George!!!

2261 days ago


everyone needs to lay off president bush. probably 90% of the people who hate him don't even know why, they just let the media and everyone else make their opinions for them...and they are telling them to hate the president. may God have mercy on this country.

2261 days ago
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