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Baller Baby Daddy Says He's Brokeass Mountain

6/9/2008 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Chicago Bull Jason Caffey is in some seriously deep doo doo for allegedly stiffing one of his ten kids -- yes, ten -- out of child support.

A Georgia judge initially ordered Caffey to the clink in 2007 after he got $100K behind in support payments to Lorunda Brown, the mother of one of his sons. That order was subsequently put on hold when the baller cried broke and filed for bankruptcy.

Brown's lawyer now wants to know, penny by penny, where all of Caffey's jack went -- including the $35 million that he made in his last NBA contract.

BTW, Caffey had those ten kids with eight women. That's King Baby Daddy to you.

Caffey's lawyer said they'll be there at this week's hearing to deal with the case.

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Hey seriously you are an idiot,have you seen the news lately?Ed Mcmahon,you know an old WHITE guy,is about to lose his home cause he's broke.Shocker Alert,it happens to white people too.

2306 days ago


I doubt anyone still ignorant and uneducated enough to call total strangers "monkeys" is taking care of anyone. A lot of people whine because their lives are miserable and it makes them feel big to slam others. Trust me, even with a dozen kids, Caffey could still crush a pitiful little mad at the world racist with his wallet and HIS tax dollars probably do more for this country than a little skinhead Burger King salary.

2306 days ago


my apologizes;

time to stand corrected.

8 DIFFERENT women !

trust there are folks living in the
bible belt that NEVER even slept
with 8 woman their ENTIRE lives;

2306 days ago


How many bastard kids does Ed McMahon have? and have much in 'Reparations" is he asking for?

2306 days ago


And you would think that all it would have taken is a snip here and there and he wouldn't be in this very funny predictament. I'm sure he wishes for the good doctor to take care of his thingy majiggy now!

2306 days ago


When are these professional athletes ever going to learn to wear a condom. There are a lot of women out there that know if they get pregnant, it means an easy paycheck for 18 years, and sometimes more.

These guys are so damn stupid. They only think with their penises.

2306 days ago


HE IS DOOOOMED...If I were his Baby Mama and he owed me that much money after making $32 million in the NBA he'd wouldnt be able to hold another basketball!!! Use protection...and I bet all his baby mamas are fast ass groupies..."ooooh a basketball player let me get with that" sometimes they get what they deserve..

2306 days ago


Actually, I bet all of the mothers of these childran are educated, smart and sexy ladies. KIDDING!!! We all know that they're fat, smelly morons who will lay down with anything at all.

2306 days ago


I don't know how many bastard kids Mcmahon has,but if he does have some,he'll just do what most white people do,give them some money,and hope it goes away,you know like Catholic priests

2306 days ago


That's why the NBA needs to make 4 years of college MANDATORY. And these college programs need to quit babying these athletes. Impovershed PARENTS need to quit taking the lazy way out and encourage your kid to excel at more than sports. The "no money" excuse is lame. There are free libraries in every neighborhood. No, problem is, like a lot of these hood rat baby mamas, all these parents see are dollar signs.

2306 days ago


OK, double post NOT my fault. TMZ, can you please catch up on your email links?

2306 days ago



yeah giving them money and hoping they'll go away is much btter than the Flava Flav method. Give them no money and hope they'll go away. Then yell at them while you're hanging out with Brigette Neilson.

2306 days ago

Vintage '51    

Thank you # 10 (That this black woman's opinion)- simple enough solution!If you don't want the responsibility of offspring then prevent it from happening by using permanent birth control.Quit bringing unwanted, unloved, neglected children into this society for everyone else to have to care for. Try being responsible for once in your life.Ignorance is no excuse. He should be forced to have a vasectomy and then he can go dribble his balls whereever he wants to.

2306 days ago


He doesn't need to get anything. Why should these trashy so-called mothers get a free pass? They could get there tubes tied/cut too ya know. And they COULD refuse to put out if a condom isn't used. Somehow, I'm thinking they got just what they desired. I'm tired of these chicks with dollar signs in their eyes "accidentally" getting knocked up and then it's all the guys fault. For all you know, she could have ten kids herself by different fathers. For some women, this is becoming a career choice. He's wrong, but quit calling for only his castration. Rip the childbearing capability out of some of these undeserving females too.

2306 days ago


Sport figures are NOT role models.

2306 days ago
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