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Bill's Wife -- Kid CaddyWhacker?

6/9/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bill Murray isn't the only Murray who gets lit and lets it out on the kids -- allegedly.

Murray's wife Jennifer Butler-Murray was pinched by the po-po in South Carolina on March 17 after allegedly getting drunk -- and then violent with her kids, according to a report filed with the Sullivan's Island Police. A witness caught Jennifer yelling at one of the couple's kids, and the cop who cornered her wrote that she was "very impaired."

Butler-Murray's been blabbing in a divorce filing that Bill was addicted to booze and drugs, abused, abandoned, and once said she was "lucky he didn't kill her."


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He's Boring now    

OH Ok I get it now...they're both a couple of drunks trying to go through the motions of life and living and are making it harder for themselves and everyone around them, including those they love because they are big time drinkers.

Well Duh folks, when you're half in the bag, everything gets harder and you will yell at and berate spouses and matter how famous you are, how funny you are, how much money you have, or what address you have.

Even mr funnyman himself is really tears of a clown inside and the booze and drugs only make the sadness and desperation grow even more---see Murrays best friend John Belushi's outcome.

Mrs. Murray is no saint either, nor a sinner----they're just both drunks and the good news is there is a way out.

but until than, have fun cause this is going to get good and interesting as these boozers battle it out in public.

2329 days ago


I can just picture her in a bathrobe with hair rollers,
and Bill whathisface wearing a wife beater and holding a beer.

2329 days ago


always 2 sides to every story

2329 days ago


I guess Bill is hoping to share some of his embarressment by exposing his wife.

2329 days ago


ok first you say "cadywhacker" in your headline. then you say she was "violent with her kids" in the story. now, i'm definitely against drunken yelling at children, but, i'm also against blatant lying in "journalism". you clearly lead us to believe she physically abused them but then the police just say "yelling". tmz, i have to ask. are you stupid? or just totally immoral?

2329 days ago


I really would like to think that Bill is not a wife-beater. I grew up loving his movies....I mean, come on, What About Bob is a classic and it just wouldn't be the same knowing he's a alcoholic brute.

2329 days ago


Funny, I grew up hating his movies because he came across as an alcoholic brute.
Selfish, snarky, mean and unfunny sum up most of his characters.

2329 days ago


Mrs. Murray, you really need to make sure "your side of the street" is clean before critizing someone elses!

2329 days ago


The kids don't stand a chance.

2329 days ago


That's giving alcoholics a bad rap. I'm an alcoholic and I NEVER hit my wife or yell at my kids when I'm drinking. Who's to say that alcohol had anything to do with it anyway? Do sober people never hit each other or yell at their kids?

2329 days ago


since when is yelling at your kids child abuse???????

2329 days ago


Wow, how sad for these kids. I had an ex who was an alcoholic, and abuse does indeed come in all forms and formats in a relationship. Sometimes words can be much more abusive than a hand, as the sting of a hand can go away, but words last a lifetime.

2329 days ago


I'm an alcoholic too. I've never hit or yelled at anyone. I also have the biggest a-hole of a neighbor and he never touches alcohol. Why draw an automatic coorelation between the two?

2328 days ago


Another vicious public divorce. They should think about the impact on the children. I am so disappointed, I use to love Bill.

2326 days ago


I think I need a drink

2313 days ago

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